1. Finally invested in a pair of black over the knee boots but now that I have them I can’t seem to find anything to wear them with!? Help please:)
You can wear them so many ways! Some ways we like to wear ours are with jeans and a sweater or tee (here & here), a sweater dress (here, here, & here), a fun mini dress, and jeans with a poncho!

2. How do you manage to have your houses so clean and straighten up every day? It always looks so perfect on Instastory.
Ha! I hope you saw the instastories I posted in response to this ;). My house gets SO messy on the weekends, and I just let it go until Monday. I’d rather be spending time with my family than cleaning. However, during the week I do like to have it look and stay clean, but I’m not a naturally super clean person. Here’s a post I wrote on my tips/tricks to keeping a decently clean, clutter-free (or just out of sight lol) home! I still follow all of these “rules,” and my kids are responsible for cleaning up their spaces.
Meggan: I wouldn’t say my house is so clean everyday but I’m definitely a natural tidy person (I get this from my mom!). I try not to let things pile up, put laundry away as soon as it’s done (definitely have those moments where I keep things in the dryer for a week and keep clicking refresh though lol), keep toys in the play room, try not to collect clutter (this is why I’ve cut down my Target trips lol), and of course have a junk drawer where I can throw crap I don’t know what to do with ;) I also think making your bed really sets the tone for the day!

3. I don’t know if I am making this up in my head, but lately it seems as if there are so many cliques in the blogging world. I know you two stay out of it but I guess I am just wondering, are there cliques and is there drama with blogging?
Hmm honestly we have no idea haha! We know a lot of bloggers hang out and go on trips but not sure if there’s drama or not. I guess you could say we’re boring ;)

4. Do either of you use an under eye concealer that you love? I am having a hard time finding something that provides good coverage without looking too caked on.
Meggan: I’ve been using the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye concealer for years and love it! It’s not cakey and blends easily. I rub a little between my fingers to warm it up and then blend it with a beauty blender (it’s pretty thick so you just need a little bit). And the tube seriously lasts forever.
Brooke: I also love Bye Bye Undereye, Shape TapeNARS, and Mary Kay. These are my top 4!

5. Meggan- What are you planning to pack in your hospital bag for yourself? Also since the gender is a surprise what outfits for the little one are you planning to bring? Did you also buy a boy and girl special outfit too? We are due with our first in March here in MN and also don’t know the gender.
I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about packing – I just got a ping of anxiety lol! For me I’ll bring my blanket, pillow, socks, pajamas, a comfy outfit (even though with Cam I pretty much stayed in the gown the whole time), Yeti tumbler, camera, phone charger, and toiletries. I’m planning on bringing some gender neutral outfits for the baby as well as boy/girl options. My SIL gave me a bunch of my nieces bows so I’m set with those :)

6. I have very oily hair. Brooke, I believe you’ve mentioned having this problem, too. Would love to know if you’ve found any shampoos or products that work well? I have such a hard time!
Yes! My hair gets oily immediately after I dry it! It never used to be like this, but after having Avery it has been so oily :(. Livin’ on coffee and dry shampoo over here! When I asked last week, so many people recommended a charcoal shampoo & using colder water when washing your hair (I like it boiling hot, eek!). I picked up the Pantene charcoal shampoo & conditioner at Target, and honestly I’m shocked after trying it this week! *PS – someone sent me a DM & said if you buy the shampoo and conditioner this week at Target you’ll get a $5 gift card ;). I’m on day 3 now and still haven’t touched my bottle of dry shampoo! I normally use dry shampoo immediately after drying my hair, it’s crazy! A lot of you messaged me and also said you’re obsessed with this shampoo! So excited, thanks for all the recommendations!

7. I love your blog….It stands out from all others. I also like your recommendation of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers. For some reason they both feel more “REAL” to me than other sites. Many sites that I used to like are more a platform to promote sponsored items. I just do not feel as connected to them any more…..Do you have any more recommendations of sites that you follow?
Thank you! Most blogs/bloggers we know (obviously including ourselves) participate in sponsored posts because it’s how we keep our blogs running/stay in business! We are pretty picky about our sponsored posts, and turn down quite a few – if they aren’t a fit for us/our audience, we aren’t interested. This is a topic for an entire post alone, but just wanted to shed a little light on sponsored posts. But we get it, it’s not fun to go to a blog and ONLY see sponsored content. Some of our favorite blogs (actual websites, not just insta) are: Sivan Ayla (good mix of lifestyle & fashion/beauty), Natalie (lifestyle & amazing recipes!), Lunchpails & Lipstick (shopping and fitness!), Studio McGee (for interior design), The Skinny Confidential (funny, lifestyle), Everyday Pursuits (lifestyle, travel), and Brooklyn Blonde (lifestyle, fashion).

8. We need a new rug for our living room. We have a cognac leather couch and chair, white marble top coffee table and dark floors. Any recommendations for that color scheme/look?
Something with blue tones in it would compliment those colors really well! Rugs we love – onetwothree, and four!

9. Do y’all have any recommendations for a coat for colder Dallas days? Don’t need something super heavy duty in Texas but a nicer one I could wear out or to work under $250 would be perfect!!
I just got this coat in brown and think it would be perfect for wearing to work or out! A few other options are this wool topcoat, this overcoat, and this teddy coat.

10. Meggan – I recall you talking about Trunk Club saying that while some people really like it, it wasn’t for you. I am wanting to move to Chicago early in 2019 and I want to start applying for sales positions. I currently work in tech which I don’t mind if I find the right company to work for, but have thought more about finding roles in industries I have more passion for, such as fashion and design. Do you have any advice on companies or roles to look into?
If you like sales you might really like Trunk Club – the reason it wasn’t really for me is because I’m terrible at sales! And I honestly have no clue about what other fashion/design jobs are available in Chicago right now, sorry! TC was the only one I had ever applied to.

11. I have a style question for you. When you wear above the ankle booties, do you prefer to tuck your skinnies inside or do you cuff them so it sits right above the booties?
If they’re really skinny I leave them tucked in but if they look loose I like to cuff – if that makes sense? lol
Brooke: Yes, I usually wear super skinny jeans with above the ankle boots so I can tuck them! But agree with Meggan, if the bottoms look baggy, I will cuff them.

12. My husband I just finished building a house and are starting to purchase pieces for it slowly. The interior style is something along the lines of coastal meets a very modernized farmhouse look. We just purchased this bed for our master bedroom and I’m hoping you two can suggest some kind of dresser/console for the space. Wanting to avoid the typical clunky, traditional/boring dresser set look. Open to style, material, number of drawers, etc. My only musts are to keep it under 42″ high and ideally under $800!
This one is gorgeous and would look great with your bed, but it’s a little over your budget. Sorry, had to include because it’s so good! A few more options that we love – this onethis one, and this one.

13. Can you provide some cute recommendations for a “work sweater?” I’d love a great standby to throw on when I get cold… which is always. Something loose that I could throw over anything.
Yes – love this one, this one (have it and it’s so cozy!), and this one!

14. Any tips on must-pack items for a beach honeymoon? We are going to Mexico in November.
We were pretty much in our suits and coverups the whole time so I packed a ton of those + outfits for night. Some cute things you could pack are this maxi dress, this coverup, this set, these sandals, this dress, and this hat! And some odds & ends I packed were my ice roller, double sided tape, sunscreen, Yetis for the beach, and petals/sticky bra.

15. I’m going to a cocktail wedding in November and I’m having the hardest time trying to find a dress! I’d love budget friendly recommendations please.
Some budget friendly cocktail dresses: here, here, here, and here!

16. I am looking for a gift for my sister in law for her 30th birthday next month. Max budget is $350 and I’m open to any and all ideas you may have.
Wow, you’re such a great SIL! Some gifts we love under $350 – this ringthis necklace (you could get her initial), this beltthis card case, or a massage/spa day…you could wrap the gift certificate with a pretty candle!

17. I’m on the hunt for a backpack I could use for work. I work in a corporate setting and sometimes take day trips where all I need is my laptop and a toiletry bag. I’d like a backpack that’s functional and spacious, but also cute and professional. I’m having trouble finding anything, and would love if you guys had any suggestions! Budget is $150 or less ideally.
This leather one
is cute and looks spacious, love this Calpak one, this one is classic, and this one looks good too!

18. We have a retirement party coming up and the guests have to dress up in Havana Style (Cuban). Are there any dresses you girls can recommend?
Something bright and floral would be perfect! We love this dressthis one, and this one!

19. What are some fall activities to do near NYC area? Maybe a day-trip somewhere? My first fall in the city & it’s my favorite season!
Visit a pumpkin patch or check out the fall foliage! Both of these sites have great roundups of places to go! Have fun, fall is the BEST!

20. I recently moved from Southern California to New York and now that I’m experiencing real weather changes (it doesn’t venture far from 70 degrees at home!) my skin is is dry & flaky! Exfoliating doesn’t seem to be helping much. What are your best cold weather skin tips?!
Use warm water instead of super hot water in the shower/on your face as much as you can. I know, it sucks, but it helps a ton! This overnight treatment is my favorite for dry winter skin, it’s SO moisturizing, your skin will wake up glowing (get 20% off with code SOMEWHERELATELY)! I put it on after using this facial oil! For your body, my favorite lotion for super dry skin is this one from Gold Bond!
For your body, have you tried dry brushing? It’s supposed to help shed dead skin so that might be beneficial. And for your face, I highly recommend this face mask – it’s sooo hydrating!

21. I recently bought this skirt in the beige color (midnight toker), but it’s significantly darker in person than on the website. I need help on how to style it for date night. I live in the northeast so temps are dropping!
You could wear it with an oversized sweater like this one or this one, a pretty blouse like this one or this one, or a fun bodysuit! Heeled booties or midi boots (these are my current favorites) would look so good!

22. My husband and I are doing our first married anniversary pictures in November. We live in Cleveland so it’ll definitely be fall and cool. I’m looking for a long sleeved or sleeved dress I can wear outside and feel pretty! Under $100 would be greatly appreciated!!
Love this sweater dress (see it on here), this maxi dressthis bodycon dress, this mini dress, and this sweater dress.

23. Do you have any great first date outfit suggestions? I’m in my late twenties, live in NYC and haven’t dated in a while…I’d love a few outfit suggestions that will give me a lot of confidence but won’t send across the wrong message.
Coated denim with a pretty blouse or bodysuit, and heels or boots! Some coated denim options are here, here, and here. Top options here, here, and here!

24. We are doing a couples trip to NYC the 2nd week of November and would love some ideas on things we must do, restaurant recommendations, and any tips you have! Some of us have been before, but some will be first timers.
I’m putting together a NYC guide right now and it will be up next week! Check back for it, I’ll be including my favorite restaurants, places, and hotels!

25. Any advice on making friends in your 30’s?
Not going to lie, it can be hard to make friends when you’re out of college/in the real world! But, I feel like I’ve made some of the best friends in the past year, so that’s the good news! I’ve met friends through work, through my kids, my husband’s friends’ wives, Bumble BFF (if you haven’t tried this one you should!), and by moving to a new neighborhood! I think you have to get a little out of your comfort zone and make the first move! You don’t have anything to lose by going out on a limb and asking someone to go out for coffee/a drink/a playdate (if you have kids). You’re not going to be best friends with everyone you meet, but it’s so nice once you feel like you have a network to communicate/make plans with. I lived in NY for 3 years before I made any new friends and was pretty depressed about it, but I never wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I worked from home and had a toddler who wasn’t in school yet. I could have easily met some moms at the music class we went to, but I’m pretty shy and always felt awkward, so I never made an attempt lol. But…I regret that bc I felt like I spent 3 years totally lonely in the friend department! Once I finally decided to talk to people and reach out, I was/am so much happier!
Meggan: I’m also pretty shy and it’s hard for me to get out of my comfort zone – I love all the tips Brooke listed. We’ve made friends a lot of the same ways but I want to add that my husband and I have made some good friends from joining the Iowa Alum club in Dallas! I’ve also been meaning to look into my sorority alum program because I’ve heard a lot of people make good friends through there.

26. I’m looking for a hooded jacket, fleece/teddy bear/sherpa-like. Preferably a zip up, something really comfy.
This one looks so comfy and meets all of your requirements, also love this one, this one, and this one – but these don’t have hoods.

27. How did you both know you were ready for baby #2?
I’m not someone that can do back to back babies so I wanted to wait until Camden was at an age where he’s self sufficient (as much as a 3 year old can be). Cam’s potty trained, we have more room now, got our dog, and have a pretty good routine down so it just felt like it was time to add to our little family! I don’t think we’ll wait as long for baby #3 because I literally don’t remember anything from Cam being a baby. My husband and I were laughing last night because I asked if babies where onsies under all their clothes and then we were trying to figure out what it’s going to sleep in. I feel like this is my first child lol.
Brooke: I had kind of a rough first pregnancy because I was soooo sick. After I had Sophia, I was not ready to be pregnant again because I was so nervous about how I would take care of her if I felt as sick as I did when I was pregnant with her. Similar to Meggan, once Sophia turned 2, I felt like she could do a lot of things on her own, and I knew I didn’t want them to be too far apart in age, so I felt like I was ready.

28. I’m a new-ish follower. Love following your home related posts (fashion, too!). Did you recently move? It seems like you are both doing a lot of renovations and furniture shopping?
We both moved at the beginning of the year and are still doing some renovations and decorating (feels like it’s never ending!). Meggan moved to a larger house, and Brooke sold her last house fully furnished which is why you see us doing a lot of furniture shopping lately.

You can leave your questions for next week below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx