1. Will y’all give some styling tips for leopard sneakers? Just bought a pair but can’t tell what’s casual, what’s dressy…just don’t want to look a mess.
I like to wear mine with my Spanx faux leather leggings (the moto or regular), jeans with a sweater (any color!), an all black look (moto jacket, tee, skinny jeans – so chic!), a casual jumpsuit like this one, or a chambray top with jeans. They’re so versatile!

2. I just had my first baby 1 week ago and already planning a 3-4 day trip with her early in December. I travel a lot for work so airports and planes are not daunting to me but traveling with a newborn is something completely new!  Wanted your opinion on minimal supplies and things needed while traveling on a plane with a 6 week old for a weekend trip since I often see you both traveling with your kids and it seems Meggan traveled pretty early with Camden! It would only be about an hour flight but can’t imagine driving 6 hours each way with a newborn!
They’re so easy to fly with at that age! Our suggestions are: an extra outfit (blow outs on a plane aren’t fun), a couple plastic bags (in case of blow out lol and dirty diapers), diapers, wipes, burp cloth, changing pad, paci, hand sanitizer, pacifier wipes, bottles or nursing cover. Also, it’s super easy to wear your baby in the seat at this age (they might make you take her out during takeoff/landing)! I have this travel bag for my carseat and this one for my stroller – I don’t recommend the basic red bags because they rip easily (unless your bring a crappy stroller you don’t care about!).

3. Can you please share where y’all sell furniture and home decor? I sell all of my clothes on Poshmark and have really great luck with that. But I have no idea how to sell furniture!
Brooke: We sold our last house fully furnished, and the people who bought it wanted everything down to the mirrors and art on the walls, so I haven’t really sold anything piece by piece in a while. But, I used to sell everything on Craigslist when we lived in California. Price it right, take good photos, and don’t let people come to your home – those are my tips ;).
Meggan: I’ve only sold things on Craigslist as well! And while we’re on the subject, I’m about to list this West Elm marble + brass mirror and this wall art from Anthropologie (love them but we don’t have a place for them in our new house – ugh). Please email me if you’re in Dallas and interested!

4. I’m 27 and newly engaged, and I feel like a lot of my friends are in very different stages in their lives (very single, seriously dating, or just ended a long relationship). Being one of the first to get engaged has been difficult for my single friends to be involved in planning and excited for me. Did either of you feel this way when you got engaged, pregnant, etc? I’m sure this is normal, but it’s hard!
 I totally understand! I was 23 when I got engaged, one of the first of my friend group, and a lot of my best friends lived in different parts of the country. Since we were all so spread out, it was hard to do any planning/prep with my them, but everyone traveled across the country for my wedding and it was SO much fun! I wouldn’t put too much pressure on your friends (esp since they don’t really understand what you’re going through), just ask them if they want to help with certain things like dress shopping, or ask their opinions on anything you’re questioning (flowers, etc). But, I don’t think you should feel bummed about it! I’m sure they are excited for you, but to be totally honest nobody will be as excited about your wedding as you are and that’s okay! As the day gets closer, and things like showers/bach party start to get planned, I’m sure they will get more excited and involved! Congrats babe! xx
Meggan: When I got pregnant my friends (and I) we’re still in the going out/party phase and babies were on no ones mind! My friends were definitely excited and SO supportive but they definitely had no clue what I was going through. I would say just try to include them in process/planning (esp dress shopping and the bach party!!) and hopefully they will get more excited for you!

5. I’ve been on the hunt for a few years now for a classic faux fur coat. I feel like I’ve looked at a few of the regular places (ASOS, H&M, Nordstrom, J.Crew, etc.) I’d be looking to spend about $200 and below. Can you include some different options of ones you both like?
Some faux fur options we are loving around $200: onetwothree, and four (a little over $200, but it’s stunning and looks like Max Mara!).

6. I just finished your Fall Neutrals post and I LOVE your black tote Brooke! I’ve been on the hunt for a good tote for YEARS now and I feel like no one is making them any more. Do you mind sharing where the one in this post is from? Also, if you (or Meggan!) have recos for tote bags that would be amazing! I’m not too picky on it needing a zipper or even the price at this point. I am dead set on it having a long enough strap drop that it will fit over a winter coat. I’m in Chicago and travel to NYC often for work and the season for a thick/puffy coat is quickly approaching. I find that at least a 9” strap drop is needed in order for the bag to fit comfortably on my shoulder in winter coat.
We both have it! It’s the Belmont tote from Leatherology and it’s soo good! The strap is 10″ too so it should be good for puffy coats.

7. No offense to other bloggers! Let me just start by saying that. BUT you guys definitely started the “Q&A Series” type of post, and now it seems like EVERYONE is doing it. I’ve also noticed you guys post something, then a lot of other bloggers post the same thing later. How do you guys feel about that? I would be so annoyed. I’m annoyed for you!
Lol! Don’t be annoyed for us, it’s fine! We don’t really have an opinion on this subject, but in bloggers’ defense, sometimes people end up doing/wearing the same thing without even realizing it so that could definitely be the case! Also, there are times when we see something on another blogger and have to have it! But on the flip side, we like to give credit to the person we first saw it on, and for some reason bloggers (not all!) have a hard time doing that sometimes ;). As far as the Q&A, every blogger gets a lot of questions for sure from their online fam, so that’s probably just natural progression to move it to the blog as a series like #coffeetalk. None the less, thanks for the support! 🙂 xx

8. My younger sister is due literally any minute with her first baby. She is the first one to have a baby out of our generation, so the whole family is super excited! I’m wondering what would be a nice gift to get her (or her/ her hubby) for Christmas this year. I figure that most people will be getting them things for the baby. However I’d like to get something for my niece and something for them that they can appreciate as new parents, but isn’t necessarily for the baby.
Maybe get them something they can do together – a gift card for a cooking class, tickets to a concert, a bottle of wine + gift card to their favorite restaurant. They will appreciate a date night more than anything (at least we would ;)!).

9. I’m sure you’re familiar with it, but I’m wondering if either of you have the Senreve Maestra bag? If so would you mind doing a review? If not what are you thoughts, would you consider getting it?
Neither of us have that bag, but it’s gorgeous and we have seen it on several bloggers and in person! If you love it, it’s definitely a great bag to get. Love that you can wear it multiple ways! The sand color is stunning! A couple of our friends did a review on it here and here!

10. I’m looking for a leopard coat. What are the best ones you’ve seen?
Love this one (Brooke has it – see it on here), this onethis one, and this one!

11. I love your #coffeetalk posts! I know you ladies mentioned you like/prefer getting non-outfit questions to mix it up so here’s one! How long does it take you to actually write a #coffeetalk post? It seems like so much work! It takes me like 4 hours to find an outfit for vacation lol, so I can only imagine!
It takes FOREVER! Lol just kidding. But, it definitely does take a long time from start to finish – about 10+ hours of work goes into each #coffeetalk post. And yes, we love getting fun/different questions to mix it up, thank you!

12. Any website recommendations for fall/winter sweaters besides Nordstrom or Revolve? I live in Florida but will be going on a trip up north in a few weeks and need some warm clothes. Feel free to link some cute options as well.
H&M, Mango (love this one and this one!), Shopbop, ASOS, River Island, and Club Monaco are good places to look!

13. I’m in a 20’s theme wedding that’s being held at a speakeasy and we get to pick our own dresses. Any ideas?!
How fun! Some dresses that would be good: onetwothree, and four.

14. I am looking for something to wear for family pictures next month (in Texas). We are wearing jewel tones! Any ideas?
We did a post on what to wear for family photos you can see here! A couple other jewel tone options for you here, here, and here (with a cardigan over).

15. Heading to Disney World at the beginning of December with 3 kids and looking for cute/casual outfits to wear. Help please :)
Comfy dresses with sneakers is your best bet! You could always bring a denim jacket in case you need! Some options that are super comfy herehere, and here! Or you can always go for an athliesure look with comfy leggings, a tee and a denim jacket around your waist!
A comfortable jumpsuit like this one or this one with a denim jacket or moto would be cute too! And of course Mickey ears when you get there ;) Have fun mama!

16. Was hoping to get some recommendations on dresses for my baby shower. I’m having 2, one is a brunch with family and one is a housewarming/shower with friends. I’ll be 33-34 weeks at the time of the events. Would like day and a night time option I don’t mind body con dresses either and budget is under $300 for each dress.
For daytime: This is amazing (watch the video!), and this one would be great with a fun cardigan. And for nighttime: this onethis one, or this one.

17. I am looking for some inexpensive white booties with a block heel. Any ideas where to look?
Yes! Found a few pairs here, here, and here!

18. I am going to a black tie optional wedding in Minnesota in November (brrr!). I would love something long with long sleeves. Any suggestions? Budget is under $300.
Yes burrr! Some long sleeve options: this classic off-the-shoulder, this pleated gown (so pretty – look at the review pictures), this lace dress, or this velvet one.

19. We have an Ikea Malm chest of drawers I’ve been wanting to redo for foreverrrrr and I just bought these handles for it. Any thoughts how what color I should paint the dresser?!
We would do either a charcoal gray or a lighter gray like Revere Pewter (see it on cabinets here).

20. Can you share those coffee order ideas from Starbucks on here? I screenshotted one of them but I think there was more that I missed! I need to spice up my coffee routine!! Lol.
We saved them to our highlights so you can always check there when you need some inspo! But a few of them are skinny cinnamon dolce latte, London fog, pumpkin spice chai tea, salted caramel white mocha with half the pumps, hot peach tranquility, maple pecan latte with half the pumps, coconut milk latte with 1 honey packet and cinnamon powder, and a flat white with coconut milk.

Please leave your questions for next week below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx