Getting Organized

I’ve spent the past few months figuring out ways of getting more organized, and I realized a huge part of getting (and staying) organized is buying the right products that help to keep you on track! Some of my favorite purchases are these fridge organizers (also bout several more of these containers for the pantry), these drawer dividers, these bins for my girls’ closets, and specific ‘to-do’ notepads (click through the options, they are all different!). I need organizers for my bathroom (these for drawersthis for under the sink), our craft coset (thinking these tubsthese bins), and I’m sure many more places…but starting there so I don’t get overwhelmed ;).

I know, this is not the most amazing or beautiful fridge pic you’ve ever seen. BUT I did not shop for this post, and this is exactly what my fridge looks like at the moment (aka…it’s not staged)! Pretty good for me…much better than it looked before the bins arrived ;). I like to clean my fridge out once/week to get rid of anything past the expiration, and throw out any leftovers that didn’t get eaten. This is the best (and easiest, takes 5 min/week!) way to keep your fridge clean, up to date, and easily accessible! I like to meal plan 3-4 days at a time, so I don’t keep a ton in my fridge. I find that when I try to plan for a full week, our family plans change, and food goes to waste, so I keep it to 3-4 days max.

I love these little notepads – I ordered the meal planning version as well! I love a hand written to-do list, and these are organized and easy to use!

What I’m using to get organized…