Tips For Buying Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

We have a lot of repeat FAQ’s including: What color is your nail polish? How do you curl your hair? And, where can I get that bag? We still need to do our handbag collection Q&A that you guys asked for (sorry we haven’t done that yet!), but you know we love our bags! Bags are one of three closet essentials we will splurge on without buyer’s remorse (shoes and outerwear being the other two). Another request we get a lot is to share where to buy authentic, pre-owned designer bags. While we usually purchase our handbags new, I recently shopped eBay to score a pre-loved LV duffle, and wanted to share my experience.
Did you know eBay has an entire section dedicated to Authenticated Luxury Handbags? This is amazing because the bags in this section are expert-verified, and eBay guaranteed. I love this – you will never have to worry about getting scammed when purchasing a pre-owned bag! eBay also has the largest assortment of pre-owned LV bags! I didn’t realize this, but after checking out their selection, I was shocked. You can literally find any LV bag in any condition, it’s amazing! You can set the price range which is my favorite feature, because you immediately see what bags fit within your budget (and you’re not tempted by the ones out of your price range).

I love the classic monogram! This one would make a great gift for husbands/boyfriends. 

I went to visit my friend in her cute(st) New England town last weekend, and loved using my LV Keepall I found on eBay – it’s the perfect overnight bag. It would also be perfect as a carry-on because it can hold a lot, but it’s not too oversized. The next size up would be great as well b/c it has more space, but still works as a carry-on. This definitely won’t be the last time I purchase a bag on eBay! I love the fact that authenticity is guaranteed, and I can easily return if I’m not happy. A few bags I’m loving: this Chanel (drooling over this color combo!), this Celine, and this Louis Vuitton.

…more bags I’m loving from eBay

Thank you to eBay for partnering on this post!