1. Wondering what your take is on trying to build a following with blogging? Do you think it’s possible to do so or is the market over saturated? Obviously there are a handful of influencers like the both of you who are doing well, but I have found myself feeling very stuck and frustrated with the Instagram algorithm, limited growth, etc. I have been at it for several years, so I’m not trying to rush the process, just not sure if either of you would have any advice? Trying to focus on the fun/creativity in it, but it gets hard when there’s so much time/effort invested into posts that people don’t see. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Yes we definitely think it’s possible to do so! Some advice we have is be consistent (post regularly or have a schedule so your readers know when to expect content), share what makes you unique/special, work on what’s already working for you, drive traffic through Pinterest (SO much potential there), hire an SEO specialist, and keep engaging with other bloggers and your followers. Also, focus more on your blog instead of Instagram. Your blog is the only thing you own and Insta could be gone some day! We’ve been stuck on Insta too and it’s definitely frustrating but the number doesn’t define you or your blog.

2. I purchased this set during the Shopbop sale and basically haven’t taken it off since! Love it and so cozy. Do you have any other favorite sets or lounge clothes that would recommend? I don’t want to spend too much but I do spend a lot of time in these things ;).
Also love this sweatshirt & these shortsthis hoodie & these shorts (just added to my cart!), and this classic set (a cult favorite).

3. I’m curious about the Calm tea you both (I think) drink! I always screen shot it when you post but have never tried it. Does it really help?
Yes! We love CALM and it works! We like to drink it before bed to help us go to sleep – it’s just a magnesium supplement.

4. I’m looking for a mirror for our wall near the entry way. The wall is quite small so it needs to be long and narrow but not floor length. Have you seen any fun options?
Love this oval one with a shelfthis hexagon one, this geometric set, and this cut out one.

5. Brooke – I know you are a big fan of the Lou and Grey upstate joggers. Can you give an recommendations on how to wear them and not look frumpy?
I love them! I wear them with sneakers, a fitted or graphic tee, and a moto jacket (or denim jacket). I think the jacket helps to make it look more ‘put together.’ Don’t wear anything too baggy on top!

6. Any recommendations for a backpack to bring when traveling/flying in lieu of a tote? I’m looking for something really sleek looking, but can’t seem to find anything! Figured I’d ask you two since I love basically everything you feature on your blog/IG!
Aw thank you! A few backpacks we’d recommend are this one, this one, this one, and this one!

7. Meggan – what are your favorite maternity leggings?
I’ve been living in this faux leather pair, this pair, and the Align leggings from Lululemon (non-maternity).

8. Looking for a red tote or hobo for the holidays. Help!
Love this tote from Mark & Graham, this one from Forever21 (on major sale!), this one from Nordstrom Rack, and this crossbody from Leatherology (not a tote or hobo but so cute!).

9. I’m looking for a black leather jacket somewhere around the $500 price point. I was considering The Arrivals Clo II leather moto, but I’m not sure I want the moto style. I love this one, but two of my really good girlfriends that I hang out with regularly have it so I’d rather find a different one. Would love your suggestions.
I love The Arrivals one!! I recently got this AllSaints one and I’m obsessed with it! It’s super soft and definitely worth the splurge.
Brooke: I love that one from The Arrivals, and I second the AllSaints recommendation – great price point for a super nice leather jacket that will last for years.

10. I’m pregnant with my first baby and I want a pretty but also practical diaper bag! I would love to find one for $200 or less. Any ideas?
Congrats! I have this one (it’s a little over your budget) but it’s very functional and durable. A couple other ones under $200 I like are here (pretty cute!), here, and here. And if you have a tote you love, you can buy one of these inserts for it!

11. Need a good gift guide!! Especially for my man who isn’t into “things” but more of an “experiences” guy. Also a good gift for dads they’re so hard to shop for!
Yes! We will be starting our gift guides next week and will definitely focus on the guys for a couple posts – and will also include experience ideas! xx

12. I’m going on a winter vacation to Deer Valley Utah (and hopefully getting engaged!) and need to make sure all my outfits are on point! Would love some recommendations.
Eeek that’s so exciting! Some cute pieces to pack: this sweater dress (so good with OTK boots), this coat, these boots, this sweater, this jacketthis scarf, this cardigan, OTK bootsthis beanie, and this dress.

13. I’m looking to book a trip to Nashville in January with my hubby for a parents’ weekend away! So excited because we haven’t been away for the weekend since our second baby was born 1+ year ago. Do y’all have any fun Nashville recs…hotels, food, fun things to do?
I’m actually going to Nashville today for the first time! I’m going for a wedding, so not sure how much free time I’ll have, but I’ll be sure to share any recommendations I find. Some hotel recommendations we got were The Thompson, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, The Omni, and Urban Cowboy B&B.
I’ve only been for a bachelorette party so we only did the typical bach activities lol. A cute neighborhood to check out is 12 South – there’s lots of shops and bars/restaurants! Biscuit love was a good brunch spot!

14. I am looking for a new winter coat, and living in Canada it needs to be warm…something I can take the kids for a walk in but also nice enough to wear to brunch! Budget is about $350! Any ideas?
We found a bunch ones with really good reviews – here, here, here, and here!

15. I am in a wedding and I will be 33 weeks pregnant. We get to pick our own dresses, but they have to be navy and full length. I am having a hard time when I will not know how big I will be! I am open to floral/patterns as well!
Love all the Show Me Your Mumu bridesmaid dresses –  this style would probably work with a bump! This one and this one are pretty too! I you go to a bridesmaid dress store they have a bump you can try on with dresses! My friend had to do that and it helped gage what styles looked best.

16. Looking for a personalized gift to give our good friends for their wedding. I was thinking something along the lines of a small framed illustration of their wedding venue but the good ones I’ve found are a bit pricey (or not cheaper but not good quality). Do you have any ideas that are personalized like this that we could give with a gift card?
This Etsy shop
 looks so cute and they have amazing reviews! This shop is another option that could probably customize a print for you as well! Such a cute idea!

17. My MIL wants a garment bag for Christmas but I can’t seem to find a cute one. I want to personalize it with her initials. I am not looking for anything designer but want it to be nice! If you can find one can you please let me know?
This one looks really nice, is totally customizable, and has great reviews! Also love this oneThis one also looks really nice, and you could take it to a local seamstress to have it embroidered!

18. I’m a mom of 2 and need a crossbody bag so I can be hands free. I want something medium size and versatile that will go from work to casual. My budget is $1,500. Any suggestions?
This bag is so cool – love the color combo, this is a classicthis one and this one are so pretty,  and looove this one also (just over $1,500 though).

19. Brooke – I know you said last week that you would be posting a New York roundup, but heading to the city early next week (I go a few times a year for work) and wondering if you have any fun new spots and restaurants you are loving lately?
Upland is my one of my new favorite spots! The food is always so good, and I love the vibe. Be sure to get a reservation because they are always totally booked (even for lunch). Other long-time favorites are BG (at Bergdorf’s), Salinas, Locanda Verde, Rosemary’s, and L’Artusi.

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