1. What do you use to take your photos? Any tips on photo taking and editing for new bloggers?
Both of us use the Canon 6D with the 24-105mm lens and also have a 50mm lens we will shoot with from time to time. A 50mm lens is a great lens for any camera – the price is low, and the photo quality is great! We shoot in manual mode, and it definitely takes some trial and error to figure out what style of photos you prefer. If you want to use a filter/preset, find one that works with your skin tone/hair, and the overall vibe you want! We use Lightroom to edit our pictures and it takes some time to learn! Play with the exposure, shadows, highlight, color, etc.

2. What are some fun toddler activities?
We love to go to the library! It’s free and they have amazing activities for kids (check your local library, I bet they have a lot!). We do story time, arts & crafts, and just go there to play/read books. We also like to get outside and play – ride scooters and bikes, go to the park, and play with Louie ;). Inside activities – playdoh, coloring, necklace/bracelet making, and perler beads.
Meggan: To get out of the house we like the children’s museum, the aquarium, the park, splash pads, Gymboree classes, or music class! At home we do a lot of arts & crafts – my son loooves to paint, color, and do Play-Doh.

3. Postpartum hair loss and excessive use of dry shampoo has my hair looking so flat and greasy. I’ve been using collagen and the charcoal shampoo, which helps, but I think I need something stronger! Do you have any recommendations for a good hair mask or treatment to help remove buildup?
Two products I like that help remove buildup are this apple cider vinegar scalp scrub and this acv hair rinse.
Brooke: I agree with Meggan – those are the additional two items I would recommend. My hair dresser also told me this one is amazing as well.

4. How long did it take for you blog to really take off?
Not sure what you consider “taking off,” but after about a year we felt good about the blog – we had a great community and we were continuing to have fun with it, but it didn’t become a profitable business until year 3. That’s when we were both able to quit our jobs and focus 100% on the blog! We dreamed of it becoming a “real job” when we started, but that was never our main goal – we were doing it for fun!

5. Any favorite Christmas decor? Looking for neutral decorations that are pretty and not tacky!
Some holiday decor we’re loving – this wreaththese mercury globes (on sale! put these lights inside!), this garland, this advent calendar, and these stockings.

6. Do you both want more kids in the future?
Yes – most likely one more!

7. Do either of you ladies have any recommendations for things to do in the Phoenix area? Going for a long weekend with a girlfriend to relax and getaway!
 Check out Kierland Commons and Scottsdale Quarter – both are super fun to walk around, and have tons of good shopping & restaurants. Hiking Pinnacle Peak is so pretty, and not too difficult. 
I haven’t been in awhile but in Scottsdale I really liked Diego Pops, Farm and Craft, and The Montauk for food. For hiking I like Squaw Peak and Camelback mountain.

8. I would love to know more about your favorite high end designer bags. I have the Givenchy Antigona and I don’t love it. Thinking about going for a Gucci GG Marmont since it can be used as a crossbody (#momlife). What are some of your favorite and least favorite purchases and why.
I probably use my Antigona the least because of what you said, #momlife. I need a shoulder strap or crossbody! The bags I love the most are my Hermés Evelyne bag, this Gucci bag, and the Celine Nano.
Hmm…this is a good question! I rarely sell my bags, but I did end up selling my Antigona because it just wasn’t practical for me like you said, and I never used it! But, I still love the look of that bag. I think my favorite would be my black Boy bag (this one) or this Gucci bag. Both are classic and I feel like I’ll carry them forever (then give them to my girls!). One I regret buying is the Boy bag in taupe. I might sell it because I never use it.

9. Have you always been a reader? I always think adult readers stem from childhood!
No! When I was in high school/college I hated reading. I loved it as a child, but I didn’t really get back into reading until a couple years ago. Now I love it! I think I just wasn’t reading the right books in my younger years, a good book is key ;).
Meggan: I didn’t read as much as I do now when I was younger but I’ve always liked it!

10. What are some good jewelry holders that don’t conceal your jewelry? I don’t like boxes with compartments because if I don’t see it I won’t wear it.
Brooke: This one
 is great for necklaces and bracelets, and this is great for earrings.
Meggan: I’m the same way! I have one from Target but it’s no longer available – it’s similar to this one and this one. These ring holders are super cute too!

11. I know you did a roundup of your favorite dresses a bit ago – have you ever done one for winter weddings? I have a wedding in Chicago on 12/15 and would love some ideas, no budget but want to be festive – tis the season!
Love this knotted dressthis velvet dress, this gown (the color is amazing!), this sparkle dress, and this lace one.

12. Do you guys use hyaluronic acid in your skin care regime? I’ve heard amazing things, but I’m concerned I’m using too many products!
I was using this one from SkinCeuticals for awhile and loved it! Thank you for reminding me I need to reorder lol.
Brooke: I use and love the same one, but also need to reorder ha! It’s really so great.

13. Are you ladies going to do a gift guide for children? Stumped what to get my nieces, ages 1-9. They have everything but obviously still want to get them gifts! Help!
Yes we’re going to do one! In the meantime, you can check out the one we made last year here if you want 🙂

Meggan – What do you plan on wearing home from the hospital?
I have no idea – I should probably finish packing my bag! Most likely just leggings and a comfy sweater!

14. I am going to be in my friend’s wedding in March and need a navy dress. All of our dresses will be different, but the same color. It can be short or long. I’m having the hardest time finding something. Can you offer some help?
Honestly, SMYMM has the best options for bridesmaid dresses! They have tons of navy options hereThis one is our personal favorite b/c it’s super comfortable and flattering!

15. Best fall shoes for bell bottom jeans or wide legged jeans/jumpsuits?
Boots like this pair or this pair are best with flares! We think a pointed toe is the most flattering with a flare leg.

16. My boyfriend invited me home for Christmas with him this year to Wisconsin…I’m from the South though and don’t have a winter wardrobe that would keep me from freezing there! Haha. I’ll be meeting most of his family for the first time and want to make a good impression, so a good coat is a must so I can survive the cold, but don’t want anything too fancy that I couldn’t have a snowball fight in if the opportunity arises 🙂 Would love your suggestions (mainly for coats, layering options, and good boots/booties that are waterproof)!
I just ordered this puffer coat! My friend has it, and said it’s warm + currently 40% off! This sweater is so pretty & this thermal would be great to layer with, and a couple boot options here and here.

17. I have this dress for an event I’m going to. I am looking for some cute accessories (jewelry, shoes) to spice it up. Would love your thoughts!
Love how simple it is! For heels we like this pair, this pair, or this pair. Fun jewelry: these tassel earrings, this ringthese triple hoop earrings, and this necklace.

18. We are heading to Puerto Rico over New Years Eve this year. Looking for something tropical (maybe) and fun to wear, it’s my husband and 14 year old, so no crazy night, but non-the-less still NYE! Also, suggestions for cover-ups!
For NYE – love this jumpsuit, this dress, or this romper. A few coverups: this midi dressthis tunic (so cute!), this sarong, and this pom pom dress.

19. I’m looking for a dress to wear to my son’s baptism and luncheon we’ll be hosting afterwards, but I need it to be nursing-friendly without looking like a maternity/nursing dress! This will be mid-December in Chicago, so needs to also be weather appropriate and preferably $150 or less.
This sweater dress
is super cute, this dress and this dress are simple but could be dressed up easily, and this wrap dress is cute too!

20. Looking to purchase my first luxe purse! Should I go with the Chloe Mini Marcie or Gucci Mini Marmont Camera Bag?
My personal choice would be the Gucci – so cute!
Brooke: I would do the Gucci one, and I also love this one and it’s about the same price!

21. Any nursing friendly dressier holiday dresses or top suggestions under $100?
Love this velvet wrap dressthis dressthis one (so fun!), and this velvet bodysuit – love!

22. Looking for a fun, festive outfit to wear for Thanksgiving, any ideas? Comfy, but cute!
We would do leggings (love this pair and this pair) with an oversized sweater like this one or this cardigan (with a tank or tee under)!

23. Brooke – Did you ever finish your own art? How did it turn out? Tutorial?
Yes we did! I should have filmed/taken photos during the process so I could post a tutorial, but I didn’t. 🙁 I would just go for it! I did a lot of geometric shapes, and added some charcoal scribbles here and there (and let my kids go to town!), and love the way it turned out! If you want to try it, but think you’re not artistic, just check out art on pinterest to get inspiration. It can be so simple – one of my favorite artists, Cy Twombly’s pieces sell for millions and they are beyond simple! I’m planning to do at least one more piece for our home, so if you’re interested in a tutorial let me know and I can take step-by-step photos so you guys can recreate it!

25. I need help finding products to reduce two things: cellulite and dark under eye circles!
I just ordered this tool for cellulite (can’t wait to try it!), and I love this cream for dark circles. I also know when I drink a ton of water, my dark circles aren’t as dark!
I would try dry brushing – it’s supposed to help with cellulite! I got a dry brush this summer but haven’t been good about using it, oops. And totally agree about drinking water – not only do my eyes look better but my whole face in general. I really want to do the water challenge again because my skin looked and felt so great last time we did it!

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