1. Wondering if you guys had any creative ideas on what to do with wedding photos. I have been just sitting on my digital album for 10 months. Did you frame any for your home? If so can you share the look or any examples you have seen? Did you give any as gifts to family members? Or are you just on team coffee table book? The photographer gives you so many images, how do you narrow down, preserve, and look back at those memories?
I did a gallery wall with these frames in my living room and my photographer made a coffee table book for us! I also printed pictures from our wedding week and wedding and put them in album – not creative but they will be fun to look back on!
Brooke: We did the exact same thing! Printed some for a gallery wall and made a coffee table book so we could easily see all the photos. I’ve tried a few different companies for coffee table photo books, and Apple Books are the best IMO!

2. I have been breaking out like crazy recently (more than likely from all the Halloween candy 😪) but the acne has been so far stubborn. I’ve tried so many different products! Any tips on getting rid of them?
The struggle is real! Try cutting dairy to see if that helps (if only for a short time). Products that have worked for us in the past: these pads (on sale!), this mask, these probiotics, and we’ve heard amazing things about this acne clearing gel (use SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off!). I (Meggan) have been having the same issue lately (also prob from the candy lol!) and I’ve been using this spot treatment as well and love it!

3. Looking for fun Friendsgiving & Thanksgiving outfits! Any ideas?
This sweater dress
paired with these booties, this cozy sweater with these faux leather leggingsthis paisley dress and OTK boots (love this pair!), or this skirt with this sweater!

4. What are your favorite duffle bags/carry-ons? Do you prefer a suitcase carry-on or duffle bag?
I prefer wheels since my hands are usually full with Camden but I use both – either this Calpak roller bag or my LV Keepall!
Brooke: I use my LV Keepall and a roller suitcase (if I’m not checking a suitcase). I also have & use this duffle bag – love that it’s customizable and the quality is amazing! A great gift idea for the holidays! The price tag is quite a bit better than the LV as well (under $300!).

5. Brooke – Your skin has been looking AMAZING lately and I know you mentioned struggling with hormonal acne in the past. Mine has been out of control lately so wondering if you could share any products, changes you’ve made, etc. that have helped.
Thank you so much! Uhg, I totally understand how you feel – it’s so so frustrating! The #1 thing that has changed my skin is cutting dairy. I’m not perfect and still have it from time to time, but for the  most part I am dairy-free. I thought it would be so hard, but now I hardly think of it. I swear, it’s life-changing for your skin! You can see my before/after with cutting dairy on this post, and the ‘before’ was on a good day – my acne was actually much worse! *Tip: If you cut dairy, be sure to say you have a dairy allergy when you’re at a restaurant! They will cook everything in olive oil instead of butter. The products I used that really helped when I were struggling are the pads and mask linked in Question 2! They’re both really great and I would highly recommend them! The TULA products weren’t out yet when I was struggling with hormonal acne, but I would definitely recommend those as well! I hope this helps! I know how you feel – not fun :(. I (try to) never fall asleep with makeup on, and double cleanse every night (cleansing balm + washcloth first, cleanser second), and take much better care of my skin than I used to now that I’m getting older. Also, once you get your acne cleared up, start using the GloPro – this will help so much with any scarring and keeping your skin producing more collagen!

6. I got one of my girlfriends for secret Santa this year. She just moved into her first apartment and i would love to get her something for that. I’d like to avoid just a typical candle and stay under $50. I’d love any suggestions!
Love this wine chiller (could put her fav bottle of wine in it too!), a Barefoot Dream blanket (they feel like butter), this planter, these coasters, or this cheese board (this would look pretty on a vanity too!).

7. Nordstrom Holiday Party is coming up! It’s a fun event but also great rewards for shopping! What do you think the best things to buy during the holiday party are?
Always save your splurges for high rewards/points days! It’s free money! Here’s what we are loving: this bag, this coat, the GloPro, this tote, these boots, this bag (OMG!), and this scarf.

8. Looking for some stylish black booties with a heel for winter. Any suggestions?
Loving this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair. All on sale!

9. I LOVE long sister sweater cardigans. I work in an office and love them for layers. Now that it’s winter in the Midwest, I struggle what coats to wear with them! Most of my coats are longer…covering my bum. But then a good portion of my cardigan sticks out. Any recommendations?
A few long coats we love: this one, this one, this one, and this one!

10. I have a Christmas party, rehearsal dinner and wedding coming up and am needing some inexpensive winter dresses to wear. Any suggestions?
A few dress options are here, here, here, and here. These two jumpsuits (here & here) are cute options too!

11. I would love a gift guide for pre-teen/teen girls. I am stumped on what to get my nieces, both 13 years old!
We can definitely do a gift guide for tweens/teens! Good idea!

12. I have a wedding in Dubai in December and have a beautiful rose gold sequined gown! I also have this beautiful dark tan YSL clutch that I am not sure will go with it. That being said, I need help with accessories; earrings, shoes and clutch. I know Dubai is pretty extravagant so I would like to dress the part!
Wow, that sounds amazing! Since your gown is sequined, we would stick to one piece of statement jewelry – earrings! We’re loving this pair, this pair, and this pair (so chic! love the stars)!

13. Trying to put my Christmas list together. I want a pair of luxe shoes for work/grad school. Any recommendations? (Was thinking of Ferragamo or Chanel flats).
The Chanel ballet flats are our favorite in that style of any designer! So classic and cute! Definitely go with those! Ferragamo’s are nice…but they’re not Chanel ;).

14. I recently purchased this leopard print skirt and am looking for styling ideas.  I was thinking a cool graphic tee, cute sweater and some booties to go with it. Hope you can help a sister out!
Love that skirt, so cute! And we’re on the same page – this band tee, this moto jacket (worn or draped), and these sock booties would be sooooo ‘cool girl chic’! This sweater or this bodysuit would also be super cute under a moto for a little more polished look.

15. I wanted to ask for your advice on joggers for petites. I’m 5’ and love the style, but you can’t get them shortened so it makes it a little difficult. I have a 2 year old and a new born, so it’s hard to get out of the house right now to try stuff on.
Found some petite joggers for you! One, two (a set!), and three – these aren’t petite but I have them and roll the bottom and it’s cute! They could also be hemmed.

16. Do y’all know of any good designer or designer dupe handbags under $500?? Nothing too small or too big, something for everyday carry.
Some bags under $500 we love are this Mansur Gavriel crossbody, this Valentino (maybe too small though, but had to include b/c such a good deal!), this is a great tote and on major sale (has a Goyard look), and love this tote and this bag as well!

17. I’m graduating from college in about four weeks and was wondering if you have any dress recommendations? I’m unsure what to pick since it’s the winter, but I still want to look nice! I would prefer some sort of sleeve and nothing too short.
Some dresses that would be perfect: one, two, and three. Congratulations! xx

18. I’m traveling to Orlando, FL to visit family for Christmas and then spending a few days in Miami with my husband and 15 month old daughter. Since we’ll have our daughter with us we won’t be going out other than to dinner. Any outfit ideas?
This jumpsuit
is pretty, love this maxi dress, this dress, and this one! Have fun!

19. Any suggestions for cute work totes under $100?
A few options under $100 – this one from Gap, this reversible one (it has amazing reviews!), this one from Anthro, and this one from Ann Taylor (a little over $100 but looks good!).

20. I just started a new job where I can work from home – any suggestions on desks that work for small spaces?
Amazing! This one, this onethis one, and this one would all work in a small space!

21. Have you found any no-show socks that don’t show with Golden Goose sneakers? 
Yes! These are the best no-show socks ever!

22. Brooke – Can you link that black puffer jacket that was on sale again? I thought I screenshotted, but I can’t find it now! I think it was like 40 or 50% off!
Yes – it’s this coat! Currently 40% off and true to size (I got XS, should have done small). Super warm, cute and comfy! You can see it on here.

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