1. How often in a given day are you two in contact with each other? Do you check in before you post IG stories? How do you know who responds to what or posts when? Same for #coffeetalk, do you split the questions and then swap and answer the others?
We are pretty much texting all day/night long…seriously lol ;). Since we’re not physically working in the same space, it’s like we are in the office together – asking questions about contracts, posts, calendar, deadlines etc. Luckily, we’re both very easy going and have full trust in one another (we’ve heard some partnership horror stories), and we’re pretty much always on the same page when it comes to posting/types of posts, etc. No, we don’t check in before posting IG stories, but a lot of times we ask each other’s opinion before posting the next photo to our IG feed. We have a content calendar planned out so we know who is posting when for the most part. For #coffeetalk we kind of just pick and choose what to answer, and it always evens out but we don’t have a specific method as to who answers what questions. Again, we’re lucky that both of us are easy-going…it just makes everything easier (for us anyway!).

2. I need some new book recommendations!! What have you all been reading lately?
We have a BOOKS highlight saved on our instastories, but some of our recent favorites have been: When Life Gives You Lululemons, All We Ever Wanted, Winter in Paradise, and Then She Was Gone.

3. Can you guys please link your favorite beanies?
This Free People one
is an all time fav – we both have it in multiple colors! A few others are here, here, here, and here!

4. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for services for designer handbag restoration? My grandmother recently gave me one of her Louis Vuitton bags but she did not take great care of it. I would love to restore it and put it to use again!
If you live in/around New York, definitely take it to the Leather Spa! If you don’t, we would suggest looking for a shoe repair shop and they could probably help you! Just do your research and look for reviews before you take it somewhere!

5. What are you favorite family traditions this time of year?
We love visiting the city and checking out all of the amazing holiday windows and the tree at Rockefeller Center, ice skating in Central Park, watching Christmas movies at home, decorating our home, and blasting Christmas music in my house/car 24/7 lol.
Meggan: We have a turkey bowl, get our tree and decorate the day after Thanksgiving, fondue on Christmas Eve, get hot chocolate and drive around looking at lights, oh and Elf on the shelf ;)

6. Best holiday party outfit options?
Love this long sleeve dress, this bodysuitthis velvet dress, this skirtthis jumpsuit, and this lace dress.

7. Brooke – I saw that you were recently in Nashville for a bachelorette. Can you provide a recap of your itinerary, including where you stayed, restaurants and bars visited, and activities you did?
I was there for one of my best friend’s wedding (the bachelorette party was the day before), so I really didn’t have a ton of free time since I was in the wedding. We stayed at Holston House, and didn’t love it. The food at the restaurant there was amazing and the location was good, but the room was really dark and small. A lot of people recommended The Thompson and Omni Hotel, and I think next time I would stay at either of those instead. We went out on Broadway for the bachelorette party and it was super fun, there are hundreds of bars with live music which is so great! Sorry I don’t have more recommendations for you, but the majority of the weekend was wedding activities and the actual wedding.

8. Any suggestions for what to get my brother in law for Christmas? I pulled his name for secret Santa and the limit is $100 – could maybe go $25 over! would love your ideas!!
This wallet with his initials would be a great idea (my hubby loved it when we saw it in the store). The quality is amazing and love that you can personalize it. Other ideas our hubbies love: these slippersthese joggers, and this bluetooth speaker.

9. What kind of purse would you wear with a long silver sequin dress?
A small clutch. Love this onethis one, and this one.

10. Can you recommend some good black tights/stockings to wear under skirts and dresses?
This pair is so good – a little more expensive, but worth it! Also love this pairThis pair has good reviews and are a little less expensive.

11. I’m looking for dress suggestions for a wedding in Hawaii?! The bride wants us to wear purple or blue.
Love this dressthis onethis dress, and this one!

12. I’m moving from the city to a much bigger home in the suburbs. Any tips for decorating/using wallpaper and/or rugs and making sure the colors and style flow from room to room? I don’t want the house to all be one color, but I also don’t want it to clash or seem too busy!
Keep the walls, wallpaper, and rugs neutral and add pops of color with art, pillows, and throws. It’s easy to change the look of a room with accessories, especially when you keep the base/larger pieces neutral. Also, before you start buying furniture, decide on a style so the furniture flows well/looks nice together. For example, don’t have one room decorated mid-century modern and the next one farmhouse…try to keep it consistent. Good luck & congrats!

13. I want to order a pair of Golden Goose sneakers from the sale you posted about on insta stories! What are your favorite pairs and how do they run?
They are pretty TTS – Brooke is a 7.5-8 and wears a 38 in GG, and Meggan is a 6.5-7 and wears a 37 in GG. We have friends who buy up one size to wear a thicker sock and to be able to slip in and out of them easier, but we prefer our regular size. Some of our favorites on sale: onetwothree, and four!

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