Mila’s Birth Story

I had my last appointment on the morning of the 14th and my doctor was shocked that I still hadn’t gone into labor. My due date was the 20th but I was almost completely thinned out, dilated to a 2, and the babies head was extremely low. It seriously hurt to walk – it felt like the baby was going to fall out at any second. He asked if I wanted my membranes striped because it would most likely put me in labor within the next 24 hours so I agreed to it. Some people say it doesn’t hurt but I thought it was SO painful. I seriously almost flew off the table because I was not expecting that pain lol. After my appointment I was mentally preparing myself that I was going to have the baby at any moment. Nothing was happening and I was starting to get bummed.

24 hours passed and still nothing! Kyle and I went on an hour and half walk to see if that would help start contractions. After that I got some things done around the house and ran a couple errands before we went to dinner with both our families. That night I got in bed around 10 to read and started feeling period like cramps. An hour went by and they started to get more intense so I yelled for Kyle so he could help me time them. I did a lot of walking around the house and sat on a medicine ball to speed things up. We headed to the hospital around 2am and all the sudden my contractions started to spread out. Then I was panicking that were going to send us home after an already long night.

After we checked in they hooked me up the monitor to watch my contractions. After 20 minutes the nurse came back in and said I could walk the halls to help the contractions. At that point I was really worried we were going to get sent home. I would of cried since it had already been a long night lol. We walked the halls for 30 minutes and the contractions were getting more painful. And all the sudden I was having extreme pain/pressure on my lower back. The nurse said the baby was probably sunny side up which was causing the back labor. I was in a ton of pain so they admitted us to labor and delivery and I was relieved we didn’t have to go home.

We got to our room and they put my IV in and called for the anesthesiologist right away. The back labor was unbearable so I couldn’t wait for the epidural. I really don’t think the epidural hurts that bad – or maybe I just didn’t care because of the back pain. I suggest not looking at the needle because it’s huge and will just scare you more. After 10 minutes I was pain free and was feeling amazzzing. The nurse checked and I was still only dilated to a 3 – wtf!

Kyle and I slept a little and woke up to our moms and my SIL around 8:30am. They didn’t get any sleep that night either because they were so anxious lol. The doctor came in to check me and my contractions started to spread way out so he gave me a little pitocin to get them going again. He said we would have the baby by the afternoon. About an hour later I felt a ton of pressure so the nurse checked me and I was a 10. The nurses and doctor were prepping for labor and I all the sudden felt so emotional. I started crying – I was nervous to push, couldn’t believe we were about to meet our baby, and finally finding out if it was a boy or girl!

We went around the room and all took our last guesses if it was boy/girl and I started to push. After 5-10 minutes of pushing the head was already out. (I must be lucky because I only pushed for 10 minutes with Cam too!) After the next set of pushes the doctor told me to lean forward and grab the baby. I pulled it out Kourtney Kardashian style – it was crazy!! She came out and Kyle yelled it’s a girl and I started crying again. I was absolutely convinced it was a boy!! They laid her on my chest and I couldn’t believe it – I had the nurse to check again lol. We were between to girl names and after an hour or so of debating, we decided on Mila (pronounced Mee-La)!

She was born at 10:45am on November 16th, weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches long. We’re so in love with her and I’m still shocked I have a baby girl. I always told Kyle I thought I’d be a boy mom! Cam is still warming up to his little sister. He came to the hospital that night to meet her and didn’t show much interest. The first week at home he barley acknowledged her but now he’s given her a couple kisses and took a picture with her last night. Slowly but surely 😉

We love you so much baby girl! xx