1. Meggan – can you share your experience with breastfeeding? I am a first time mom and am breastfeeding but was wondering your experience and how long you plan on doing it for? Any tips/tricks etc?
It’s so much easier this time around. Camden was tongue tied (which we didn’t know at first) and had trouble latching. When I got home, I had a lactation nurse come but we were still having issues and I was getting frustrated (and so was he). I ended up exclusively pumping for 6ish months (June-December). It was exhausting and I wanted to quit so many times but stuck it out as long as I could. Mila has been so much easier! She latched right away and I haven’t had any problems. During the day I feed her every three hours and at night I don’t wake to feed so she will go 4 hours. I’ve been pumping once in the morning and get about 10 ounces for my freezer stash. The only tips/advice I have are to drink a ton of water, use nipple cream, and to not stress – it takes time! When I had Camden I thought it looked so easy. You just stick the baby on your boob, it eats, then you’re done – right?! When you actually have to figure out the latch, how to hold, how to sit, etc.

2. What are your favorite fleece-lined leggings currently?
We don’t have any fleece-lined leggings, but these having amazing reviews and are under $20! This pair also looks great and they are on sale for $10! Both have such good reviews!

3. Curious, what’s one thing that is annoying/irritating when working with brands? Any pet peeves?
Hmm…the only thing we can really think of that would be considered a “pet peeve” is when we have a very limited selection of pieces to choose from (aka a line sheet). Or if a brand tries to change our wording/asks us to use verbiage we normally wouldn’t. Luckily, that does not happen often and most brands are usually pretty easy to work with!

4. Designer bags under $1,500? Always love your suggestions!
Some favorites are this onethis one, this one, this one, and this one. Also, there’s SO many designer bags on sale here!

5. Any suggestions for a heat protector or anything to repair damaged hair from straightening? My hair dresser suggested an overnight mask. Have either of you ever used one of those? Any reco’s would be amazing!
 This mask is suuuper hydrating and great for dry hair! I also use this heat spray – it smells so good! I like to use oil on my ends and love Moroccanoil and this one from Sisley (expensive but it’s sooo good and this bottle will last at least 2 years!)
Some products I like are this blow-dry spraythis heat protectant spray, and this hydrating mask!

6. Meggan – can you share how you survive the first few weeks with a newborn? How do you tackle nights? Do you split duties with your hubby? I have a newborn and am struggling! Any advice would be helpful!
Oh gosh, I don’t have the best advice because I just kind of roll with the punches! With Camden I felt isolated, exhausted, and had no clue what I was doing – it’s definitely a huge adjustment. My advice is accept the help when people offer. I always “felt bad” passing off my baby but it really does take a village! Do you have any friends or family that you can lean on? Having someone watch the baby so you can nap or run to the store on your own is always a life saver. We’ve honestly been so lucky with Mila, she’s been a dream (which we deserve because Camden was awful lol). During the night I feed her (every 4 hours), my husband changes her, and she goes right back to sleep. I’m praying she stays this way!! If I’m really tired after the morning feeding (around 7) my husband will take her so I can get another hour or so of sleep which helps a ton. Try to rest when the baby is sleeping…the laundry, dishes, and all that can wait!

7. My husband and I are going to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl at the end of December and I would love some cute ideas for game day apparel! I want it to be cute but practical while lugging around our little people!
I (Meggan) went last year and it was soo cold! I wore an oversized sweater, faux leather leggings, booties, and a scarf. Have you seen all the cute Tailgate apparel – I would definitely get a top from them and wear with jeans or leggings, and converse. So easy and cute!

8. Brooke – do you have a perfume guide listed anywhere? What are your favorites?
I don’t, but someone asked me to do a blog post on this! I looove perfume and I love trying new scents. My current favorites are: this perfume oilthis one from Balenciaga (probably my #1), this one from Diptyque (also love this one), and Sí from GA (on sale!). I’m really picky about perfume, and these are my most-worn! Out of all of them, the Balenciaga and Diptyque scents are the easiest to wear IMO – not too strong, just smell SO good.

9. I’m in search of a new hair dryer! I know my old one is on its last leg 🙂 Do you have any recommendations that don’t totally bust the bank?
Brooke: This is the one I share on instastories this week
. I seriously LOVE this thing. It’s the best $60 I’ve spent on a hair product! I rough dry my hair first so it’s not soaking wet (could also let it air dry a little), then use this blow dry wand on it – it’s like getting a blowout! My hair dresser recommended it to me and it’s so good!
Meggan: I want the one Brooke has!

10. I’m always stumped on the unisex white elephant gifts. Any more would be appreciated!
A Starbucks gift card with a thermal mug (want this one!), stemless wine glasses, a mini bluetooth speaker, or a skincare gift set like this (unisex!).

11. I am looking into getting Botox done (first time ever) and I am a little bit scared as I do not want to look too tight or like I cannot move my face. I know in the past you girls have said you’ve had it done. Can you say approximately how many units did you start with and how often do you do it? You girls definitely look amazing and not like your faces do not move.
I honestly can’t remember how many units I get (and I usually do Dysport which is a little different from Botox)! I would just tell your nurse you don’t want to look frozen!
Brooke: I did Dysport also, so the units are different. I have no idea how many I did, but I felt the same way as you. I was very specific – said I did not want to look frozen, just wanted to reduce the appearance of the fine lines I was noticing. I wanted to be able to still make all expressions and have it as natural as possible. Be upfront! They can always add more in a week or two if you’re not happy, but if you go overboard you’ll have to wait for it to go away on it’s own (3-4 months).

12. I am going to the Bahamas in January for my bachelorette party and staying at Baha Mar. I am looking suggestions for white dresses/jumpsuits/dresses for our nights out.
Some cute white options: this romper, this maxi dress, and this dress – so chic! 

13. I am looking for a cocktail dress for a growing baby bump. Ideally I would like to wear the same dress for my husband’s work holiday party at 15 weeks on 12/13 in San Francisco and my brother’s rehearsal dinner at 20 weeks on 1/18 in Chicago. Do you have any suggestions on good brands or styles that can grow with me? It’s my first so I am at a complete loss and my pre-pregnancy dresses are starting to feel tight!
Definitely get a stretchy, body-con dress! Love this one, this one (I wore it when I was 8 months pregnant for a wedding!), and this one!

14. I’m looking for some large wall art for my office. Any decor ideas? Budget under $300. Looking to cover at least 60×60 and willing to do multiple pieces.
We would check Minted, World Market, Wayfair, and Anthro!

15. Looking for a festive dress for an NYE party, I want it to be super sparkly and extra but don’t want to spend a ton of money since I probably won’t get a lot of wear out of it lol.
SO many good dresses…it’s making me want to actually go out for NYE lol! Love this silver one, this rainbow one, this romper, this grey one, and this gold one.

16. Can you do a round up of some of your favorite winter boots? I’m having a hard time finding something that’s durable but still fashionable for Chicago winters 🙂
I have this pair, and they are great in the snow! Also love this pair and this pair!

17. I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots, and I’m finding that the tops are constantly sliding down, and I’m constantly having to pull them up. Do you have any tips or tricks for how to get them to stay up?
Hmmm I don’t have any issues with mine so I’m not sure. I would bring them to a shoe repair and see if there’s anything they can do!

18. What activities do your kids do? I’m looking for some new ideas for my 5-year-old after school. All we do right now is swim lessons, but she needs more activity!
Camden does swim and art class and we want to start gymnastics!
Sophia does horseback riding, taekwondo, and an arts & crafts class. In the spring she does tennis and swimming as well. She wants to do gymnastics again, but we need to find a free day! She’s my busy one ;). Avery does ballet, story time, and arts & crafts. Swimming in summer also.

19. What are some good stocking stuffers? I’m asking specifically for my sister-in-law (trying to help my brother out)…she’s early 30’s, pregnant with baby number 2, and her style and interests are similar to both of yours.
We just put together our stocking stuffer gift guides!

20. What kind of dogs do you both have?
Brooke has a Mini Australian Labradoodle and Meggan has a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

21. I need help finding something to wear to a winter grad school graduation in Chicago! I’m not finding a lot of options!
What about a nice sweater dress? Love this one, this one, and this one! You could wear them with boots and tights for a warmer option.

22. I just started dating someone a little over a month ago and its going really well! He’s really sweet and thoughtful and I know he will get me a gift without even bringing up the subject. What do I get him for Christmas without being over the top but also being thoughtful?
You could get an experience for the two of you – a cooking class (one of my favorite date night activities!), tickets to a game, concert, or comedy show, etc!

23. Affordable rug recs?? I need a 5 x 7 and a runner. I love the vintage look you both seem to have!
Urban has so many amazing options – I (Meggan) have bought my last 4 rugs from them! Loving this one, this one, this one, and this one.

24. Every year my mom gets my sisters and I PJs for Christmas Eve and this year I really want to get my fiancé some, just so he has something to open and wear with us. Any ideas? He loves joggers!
These pants are great and jogger style (could just get a black tee to go with it – this one is soooo soft), also love this pajama set (red or gray) if you want something super fun/matching for Christmas lol, it’s so cute!

25. I’m starting to notice the winter dryness in my hair and skin – HELP! Any products/masks you’ve tried lately that help keep hair and skin super moisturized and hydrated throughout the snowy season?!
This overnight treatment is our #1 for dry, winter skin! We’ve gone through so many jars of it at this point! Def grab this (and use code: SOMEWHERELATELY to get 20% off and free shipping!). This hydrating mask is great, and this cream is super hydrating for daytime and great under makeup (on sale today!).

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