1. I really want a Chanel bag, but my budget is $2,500-$3,000 max. What are my options, if any?
You would have to visit a store to see all of their options! But in terms of buying online, we found some great options: one, two, three, and four (just a bit over $3k).

2. Meggan – I also have a newborn and a 2.5 year old boy – how do you manage both at the same time? Particularly when you’re feeding Mila. Any ideas for what to do with the toddler besides giving them the iPad or TV time?
I’m not going to lie I’ve had a lot of help so far – my mom stayed with us for two weeks and my husband has been home from work. But some things Cam likes to do while I’m busy with Mila is listen to books on CD, draw on his chalk board, these activity pads (no mess!), Legos, or play with his cars. He plays on his own really well which is nice!

3. Bracelet recommendations that can be investment pieces and under $600?
Love this one from Gigi Clozeau (real gold), this one from Zoe Chico (gold + diamonds), and this one from Kismet – so cute! Love all of these so much

4. I know you both work from home/don’t have traditional 9-5 jobs, but do you either of you have tips on how to “leave work at work” in regard to your personal time and husbands? Lately I’ve been struggling with work stress and am having a harder time than usual managing it. I know partners are there to support, but feel like my work stress is bleeding into our otherwise great relationship and it’s becoming negative. Tips welcome!
This is a huge struggle for us because we really never feel like we “leave work,” even if we are out of our offices because we are constantly answering DM’s or checking emails and texting back and forth about work stuff – deadlines, posts, etc. But if you are able to truly leave it at work, just try to make a rule to not talk about work at home/with your partner. Set a boundary for yourself, and try to find someone else you could talk to work stuff about – a family member or a good friend? We totally get both sides, sometimes you need to vent/talk about what is stressing you out, but at the same time it’s not fun to always talk about work. Setting boundaries and expectations will definitely help! Good luck, and try not to stress (we know, easier said than done)! xx

5. Do you two have a favorite powder or foundation? I have oily skin and I’m looking to try new products.
My favorite foundation is the GA luminous silk and  this oil-control mattifying spray. I’m obsessed with the spray – it works so well and keeps your makeup in place all day/night.
Brooke: I love the luminous silk also, but may not be the best for oily skin as it is quite dewey. Lately I have been using and loving Too Faced Born This Way! It has amazing, full coverage and is a little more matte. This is a great matte powder, I bought it on a whim and love it! Use it to set your foundation/concealer.

6. My sister is throwing me and baby girl a French Marketplace themed baby shower in January. I’ll be 35 weeks and live on the east coast so temps will likely be in the 30’s. Any recommendations on winter dresses, either maternity or something that will work with a late third tri bump?
This maxi sweater dress would look cute with a bump (can do fun accessories), love this red one, this off-the-shoulder dress is cute, and this one is pretty too!

7. I also live in the NYC area and am having a really hard time shooting photos for IG outside with the temps being so low.  Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated (and warm) to keep shooting outside? Also for your indoor photos and IG stories, can you share what lighting/equipment you use when shooting?
Uhg, I feel you girl! It’s miserable. Truthfully, I’m not motivated to shoot outside, but we have a lot of deadlines that need to be met so it’s forcing me to get out and shoot. The best advice I have is to take your photos as fast as you can and wear a warm coat over your outfit you’re planning to shoot. Just take it off quick to snap a few pics, then put it back on to warm up (or go inside a car/coffee shop if you can). Winter is really hard, I totally get it! Another idea – create outfits around outerwear/warm outfits that aren’t super uncomfortable to shoot in! I don’t shoot a lot inside, but when I do I just use natural light, I don’t have any special equipment. Good luck, and stay warm! xx

8. Love both of your interior design styles! What is one decorating faux pas (or pet peeve) you see? Something big or small!
This is really small, but when I see candles as decoration that have never been lit. If you have candles as decoration, light the wicks! Even if only for 5 minutes to get the wicks black. A designer once told me unlit candles are the equivalent of a sofa covered in plastic lol! I don’t think it’s that extreme ;), but it’s an easy fix!
Meggan: Brooke pointed that out to me last year and now I always make sure my wicks are black lol! One small thing that bugs me is when pictures/art are too small or big for the wall space!

9. I love the holidays for a lot of reasons, but sometimes also find that it brings about stress and unresolved family issues to the surface. How do you two unwind during the holidays and find time for self care and relaxation?
We always do a girls day and leave the kids at home with the guys (my SILs and MIL). We either do massages, mani’s + pedi’s, lunch (with wine, duh!), and shopping. So fun and a good way to unwind!
Brooke: Yes to what Meggan said! We try to plan events/outings so nobody gets stir crazy because that’s when the arguments/attitudes can start to come out ;). I think getting out of the house (even just going on a walk) is key! And if any drama arises, just steer clear and leave the room.

10. My boyfriend and I live in DFW and were looking for ideas for dinner & drinks for our two year anniversary that’s coming up. Any restaurant/bar recommendations? Willing to go a little pricey!
Some of my favorites are Gemma, Uchi, Up On Knox, and Fearing’s. I haven’t been yet but want to go Flora Street Cafe so bad!

11. I am doing Xmas at my boyfriend’s family’s house this year. We’ve been dating for almost 4 years but I’m still not tight with his family (don’t ask lol). He has 2 brothers and a sister + his parents that I have to figure out gifts for. Any ideas?
For his brothers, check out our gift guide for him under $150, and for his sister you could check out this gift guideor this one. For his parents – a nice candle, a serving platter/cheese board, or bottle of wine (if they like wine) would be nice!

12. What are a couple of nicer items that are on your Christmas list? Looking for ideas for my mom and sisters and also myself!
I had a hard time thinking of ideas this year! The only things I really asked for are these Gucci loafers and this essential oil diffuser.
Brooke: I would love another GC bracelet, a teddy coat (love this one from Max Mara but that’s out of the budget, maybe something similar), an easy-to-wear watch (just found this Fendi watch on sale for over 50% off, love it!), and some new candles for my home. A few of my favorites are this onethis one, and this one. I would also love to get a facial/gift certificate as a gift!

13. What are a couple outfits for casual Christmas day? Looking for something festive but not too overdressed for lounging!
I just bought this sweater in red (it’s sooo cute in person, better than it looks online), would be so cute for Christmas and you could wear it with leggings or jeans. This one is fun too! Also love this sweater dress, and this red sweater is so cute and just under $50!

14. Brooke – Any dupes/other options for the Cartier Love bracelet? Looking for something under $500. Thanks!
There are tons of dupes/options out there – this onethis one, and this one are all great options.

15. I’m looking for the perfect cream, cozy sweater. I don’t mind splurging if it’s that amazing and will be my favorite sweater for years to come!
Love this one, this one (can’t go wrong with cashmere), and this one!

16. Do you have any recommendations for black cross body purses under $200?
A few options under $200: herehere, here (a little over!), and here!

17. Any cute tops / bodysuit / jumpsuit ideas for a girls weekend?! Looking for something fancy for dinner, drinks and dancing!
Love this jumpsuit, this bodysuit, this blouse, and this bodysuit (in red!).

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