1. Every year I take a bday trip in March. Last two years was Tulum..any ideas on where to go this year? I’m having a tough time! Somewhere tropical!
Turks & Caicos (stay on Grace Bay!), Cabo, Bermuda, or the Cayman Islands!

2. Can you actually make a living blogging? No offense! Just clueless and I’ve heard different things from different people!
Definitely, no offense taken! This industry is pretty new/mysterious and although we are going on year six, it seems like everyone and their mother is a “blogger/influencer” now, so we get it! There are people who blog and make $0, and there are people who blog and make tens of millions. It really is all over the place. “Influencer Marketing” was an estimated $2 Billion industry in 2017 and expected to reach $10 Billion by 2020. So there is certainly money to be made, and there is room for everyone! We personally make a living blogging, as well as many of our friends we have met through blogging but it didn’t happen overnight. We both worked at our corporate jobs until year 3 of Somewhere, Lately, which is when we were able to leave to focus all of our time on the blog. And for those first 3 years, we still blogged 5-6 times/week, so it definitely takes a lot of time and passion. We’ve shared this article before, but it’s so good and relates to your question so here it is again. A great look at what really goes into running a blog as a business. Hope this answers your question!

3. Brooke – Can you do a roundup of the nude lipsticks that you were recommended? Or the ones you purchased? Maybe an idea for an entire blog post!
Yes! I’m going to do a full blog post on it because I’ve received a lot of requests to share the answers again. That way it will all be in one spot!

4. I love both of your classic styles…so classic and timeless!! Can you share a couple of your favorite pieces or outfits from years past that you think still hold up/you still wear today? Is there anything that you are embarrassed of?
Brooke: OMG all of our best (worst) outfits were lost when we moved our site from Blogger to WordPress but there are still some gems on here (we lost our first full year of posts during the transition). Here is an outfit from two years ago that I would still wear today, and this one from 4 years ago is a hot mess lolll.
Meggan: I’m literally cringing looking back at my old blog posts. How embarrassing is this outfit – I can’t believe I wore that to FW and Brooke let me hahaha. Some outfits I would still wear are all made up of simple basics like this, this and this!

5. My question is a little tricky as I know it “all depends on the person”, but I’m due any day now with my first and super new to everything pregnancy. I have a wedding January 16 and was really hoping to figure out attire before life gets too crazy with a new little one around. Any advice about dresses or in particular what size? I used to be a size 2 pre-pregnancy and just have no idea what’s about to happen about 2-4 weeks after baby’s arrival.
Totally depends on the person, you’re right. But you would probably be okay to go up a size in a dress. We would recommend a dress that is not super form fitting, and grab some Spanx to wear underneath. A few dresses that would be great: this one, this one, and this one.

6. Meggan – What car did you end up with, and do you like it so far? We are looking for a 3-row SUV!
I got a Yukon Denali and love it! I really liked my Q7 but with two car seats we felt too crammed. My husband is 6’5 and was basically sitting in the windshield with the infant seat behind him lol. The Denali has bucket seats which is one thing we really wanted!

7. We’re painting our interior walls Balboa Mist and I have white trim. Wondering if you have any suggestions of paintings/mirrors/decorative wall art! Thanks!
Some pieces we love: this mirror, these shelves, this art, and this art

8. Do you girls have a favorite drug store body exfoliator?
This one!!
Brooke: I loooove this one! Smells amazing too! 

9. I just purchased these adorable red booties by DVF. Do you have any outfit ideas for them?
Obsessed with red booties! Some cute ways to style them: black jeans and a white tee (so simple and cute), jeans and a blazer, a skirt and sweater (perfect for a night out!), or a sweater and ripped jeans.

10. Brooke – Where is your phone case from with your name written on it? And do you like it still?
It’s from t.d.e.
and I love it! They have so many different options – makes the best gift (for yourself or someone else lol).

11. What were your first ‘big’ purchases once your blog turned into your business? Do you remember?
I remember mine perfectly, like it was yesterday! I bought this Proenza bag and loved it! Still love this bag.
Meggan: Mine was this YSL bag!

12. I think you’ve posted about this before but I’m looking for some thoughtful, personal gift ideas for one of my best friend’s baby shower (first baby).
A personalized blanket
, a baby book (love this one and this one), this cute sign for the nursery, or an engraved keepsake box.

13. I’m a mom of three girls (5, almost 3, and 3 months) and went all last summer pregs hence haven’t purchased a new suit in a while!! I’m going to Florida with the family for my birthday next month and need two new ones! Looking for cute, mom friendly suits (i.e can bend over to pick up kids etc) and open to one or two piece suits. Any favorites of yours?!
Some cute options: here, here, here, and here. Have fun in Florida!

14. I just received this Hermés bracelet as an early Xmas gift from my boss (she’s the best!). Any suggestions for cute watch I can style it with (under $300)?
Wow, what an amazing gift! A few watches that would look great with it: one, two, three, four, and five (this one is $395, but had to included it because it’s such an amazing deal and worth the extra $95 in our opinion!).

Leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx