1. What wallets are you girls currently using? I’m looking to get a new one – either Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or YSL? any recommendations or any reliable sites to get them for less?
I have this Gucci one and love it! I’ve always really liked this one too.
Brooke: I use this YSL card case and love it b/c it’s bigger than a normal card case and holds a lot, but small enough to fit in any of my bags.

2. Can you suggest cute blue light blocking glasses?
We linked the pairs we have on this post + a few other cute ones!

3. What are some of your New Years resolutions?
When I was at the spa I overhead a lady saying that every year she picks a word to focus on instead of making resolutions which I thought was a great idea. So I’m stealing it and I’m going to focus on balance – work/home, family/me-time, kids/husband, etc. I also want to get organized and STAY organized! Everything from emails, the house, schedules, work! I’m planning on going through all our drawers, closets, office, attic, etc. and making lots of trips to The Container Store ;) I’m also thinking about reading this book, has anyone read it?
Brooke: I have a few: 1. Better time management (I bought this cube & this planner to help me with this one). 2. Meal prep & cook more – Pinterest is full of ideas. 3. Less screen time. I think this one will be most challenging given our job ;), but the amount of screen time I’ve been seeing on my iPhone is slightly depressing.

4. I received the YSL Loulou velvet bag you both have for Christmas and I am OBSESSED. Any tips and tricks on caring for a velvet bag?
Love that bag, such a good one! I don’t have many tips, I just try to be careful to not spill/get it wet, store in a dust bag, and it has held up really well.
Meggan: I just got it too, it’s so good!! I would just recommend storing it in the dust bag when you’re not using it – that way it won’t get scratched and you know it’s safe!

5. If you could pick only one beauty product to use in 2019 what would it be and why.
This was tough to pick just one but I’d say the GloPRO! My skin has really changed for the better since I started using it. I have a blog post about it here!
Brooke: Yes to the GloPro, but I’ll choose a different one – this retinol night oil. Retinol increases collagen production and cell turnover, and is always one of the top recommendations by dermatologists. I love this retinol oil because it feels great on the skin, it works & smells really good as well.

6. Looking for a cute pair of black women’s combat boots under $100. Thanks for your help!
Some cute pairs: here, here (a little over $100 but so good!), and here!

7. Cute gifts for an engagement?
Nice, stemless wine glasses – I’ve had these for 7 years and still love them! Love this marble wine holder/vase – so pretty! This print is so fun, especially if they’re from different places! This would make a great gift.

8. Do you have any experience with or can recommend some sites/services that sell your clothes for you?
We haven’t used it but have heard good things about threadUP!

9. I am really wanting to get a Henri Bendel bag before they go out of business :( Do either of you have any HB bags? Are there any you would recommend?
I have this tote and would definitely recommend it! I mostly use it for traveling and the quality is amazing and I love how sturdy it is.
Brooke: I love Meggan’s tote! Also love this one if you’re looking for a more structured bag – it’s so pretty!

10. Can you talk about the sizing for the Levi 501 jeans? I want a pair so bad!
The thing about Levi’s is that they can even run differently from pair to pair, but I always go up one size in the 501’s because there is no stretch!

11. I’m getting married next month and struggling to find an outfit for my rehearsal dinner. It doesn’t need to be a dress, I just want it to be fun and a little different. I’d love some ideas!
Loving this jumpsuit, this set is amaazing but expensive (ugh!), this velvet dress is pretty, obsessed with this white wrap dress and this long sleeve dress.

12. Ultimate mom handbag?! I need a new one!
If you like totes we would definitely recommend this one from Leatherology! Some other good ones are here, here, and here!

13. I’m headed to Hawaii for a trip with my boyfriend and his family!! Do you have any must-have ideas for clothes and/or accessories for a beach trip?
A few things we would pack are cute coverups (love this one and this one, this hat, these sandalsthis maxi dress, this beach bag, this floral dress, this one piece, this bikini, and these wedges. Have fun! xx

14. I’m looking for black skinny jeans and can’t seem to find a brand I absolutely love (in the past I’ve worn Madewell, Agolde, Joe’s, Citizens). I’m shorter but not quite petite and have a small waist but larger butt, so for instance LOVE Levi’s but they never fit. Any ideas?! I’d be so grateful for some help!
Have you tried Good American? They’re great, especially for your shape!

15. Brooke – your everyday lip color looks perfect! Can you share what it is!?
Thank you! I’ve been using a few different nudes lately that were all recommended by you guys on instagram! So far my favorites are: Hug MeModestyDriftwood, and Pillow Talk. These are the ones I have been wearing lately.

16. I have a couple of black sock booties and love them, but not quite sure how to style them with pants. Can you share some examples (the pant length is always a concern). Also, is it acceptable to wear sock booties with tights if you are rocking a dress or a skirt? I live in Chicago – winter is so cold!! Styling booties in general with pants have always been difficult. Any tips on the length of pant/where it should hit the boot would be helpful!
Love sock booties, but agree the pant length can be an issue! The key is to either wear jeans/pants that have a wider ankle cut so they can go over the boots (like this) or a pair of super skinny jeans that you can easily tuck into the sock boot like this, or that cuts off right above the start of the boots like this.

Have a great weekend! xx