My Newborn & Postpartum Must-Haves

Now that Mila is a few weeks old I wanted to share a few of my favorite products we’ve been using. I used a lot of these with Camden and luckily Mila likes them too!

Halo Bassinet – Mila sleeps in this next to our bed. I like it because it’s sturdy, moves easily (it swivels), I can see her through the mesh siding, she’s flat on her back, and the side collapses (makes it easy grabbing her for late night feedings).

Gowns – These are so much easier for quick diaper changing! My favorites are from Spearmint Love and Lou Lou and Company – they’re definitely a little pricey but the material is beyond soft.

Angelcare Bath – I like this bath because your baby grows into it and it’s easy to keep clean!

Swaddles – My favorite places for cute swaddles are Loulou Lollipop, NordstromSpearmint, and Lou Lou and Company.

4moms mamaRoo – I like that there’s so many motion and sound options! My only knock on it is that it’s heavy so it’s not easy to move around.

Nuna Mixx Stroller – I got this stroller when I had Camden and I really have no complaints! There’s plenty of storage underneath, it turns/steers on a dime, folds easily, and I love the travel system. I have this organizer attached to it.

Love To Dream Swaddle Up – We used the regular velcro swaddles the first few nights she was home but she tried to get her arms out every time. With these she can sleep naturally with her arms up and loves it. She’s been sleeping 4 hours stretches so no complaints here!

Moses Basket – I keep this in my office so she has somewhere to lay while I get work done. It’s not really a “must-have” but it’s easy to move around and super cute for pictures 😉 I got mine from Design Dua but it’s sold out – there’s tons of options on Etsy (here) and Amazon (here).

Nuna Pippa Car Seat – This is one highest rated car seats for safety, lightweight (for a carseat lol), and has a dream shade. I highly recommend it!

Baby Bling Bows – My sister-in-law gave me all my nieces bows and most of them are the brand Baby Bling! They stay on really well and come in every color!

Dr. Browns Bottles – I used these for Cam too. There’s a ton of parts which can be a pain to clean but they’re supposed to help reduce gas, spit-up, and burping.

And here are my postpartum must-haves: Tucks cooling pads (put them in the fridge!), sitz bath soakDermoplast, nipple cream, this robe, these bras, and a giant water bottle! Don’t forget to take care of yourself 🙂

Please let me know what other baby related posts you want to see!