10 Beauty Products To Get Your Skin Through Winter

Winter is loooonnng, you know? It seems to be dragging on and sadly we have several months left lol. These super cold, dry months are especially hard on our skin, so we’ve been relying heavily on some of our favorite products to get us through the season. Today, we’re sharing 10 products to get your skin through winter (successfully)!

Honestly, I got this lip mask after Brooke posted about it on IG stories. I had been eyeing it for awhile and her review of it made me pull the trigger. My husband has been using it too and agrees it’s very moisturizing. Perfect for repairing dry and damaged lips!

I’ve raved about this Jet Lag mask so many times, I feel like a broken record. But it’s super hydrating and a product I can’t live without. Just read the reviews if you need any convincing 😉 I want to order their new R+R mask too – it exfoliates and hydrates!

This watermelon mask is another great product to help combat dry skin. I use this at the end of my skincare routine to lock in all my products and to add moisture. Bonus that it smells like watermelon jolly ranchers!!

Anything that Beautybio makes is truly gold (hello, Glopro!). I’ve been using this lotion since the December and my skin has transformed. It’s a thick body butter but doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy/oily. Even though it’s the dead of winter, my skin feels SO quenched! If you have dimples or tigers stripes you want to get rid of, it’s recommended to use the Glopro then immediately apply this lotion.

These tan drops are amazing for a natural tan (an essential for me during winter)! I’ve been using them on my face and I can’t believe how well they work! I originally went to Sephora looking for the Tan-Luxe face drops, but they were sold out! A sales associate urged me to try these and said she preferred them over Tan Luxe (plus they are $20 cheaper!). Love that they are a ‘Clean Product’ at Sephora because I have such sensitive skin – these do not affect me at all! They give the perfect, healthy glow! My friend at the gym asked me if I went somewhere warm over the weekend because I showed up with a tan face ;). I will definitely be re-buying these as soon as I run out. I use them at night with my moisturizer (just mix two drops in with your nightly moisturizer). 

When I asked for moisturizing mask suggestions on instastories, this one from GlamGlow and Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask were the top two recommendations, so I had to try both! Happy to report I love both of them – perfect for dry, winter skin!

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you probably know that I struggle with chronically chapped lips, year-round! They are always worse in the winter. These are my two ‘holy grail’ products! I have honestly tried ev-er-y-thing, and these are the only products I’ve found that actually heal lips instead of just covering them in wax! I use the Laneige lip mask (OMG just seeing they now released a vanilla flavor, in my cart!) at night before bed, and Rosebud around the clock! Rosebud is my OG favorite – plus it’s only $7, so you really cannot go wrong with it! There are tons of variations of Rosebud, but the blue tin is hands-down the best version!

I’m not sure why…but whenever winter rolls around, I get super lazy at night and never want to take my makeup off/wash my face. But, it’s a ‘must’ in skincare 101, so I force myself to. I recently bought these makeup remover wipes at Sephora and I loooove them! They are great for sensitive skin and easily take off any and all makeup at night. Even if I do nothing else, at least I won’t be sleeping in my makeup! 

Under eyes get so dry in the winter, so a good eye cream is a must! I love this Copper Peptides Eye Serum from Drunk Elephant. It’s lightweight but super hydrating! I don’t like a sticky eye cream, and unfortunately so many are like that, but not this one! 

I’ve only used this night recovery cream a few times, but it is so great! First impression: I would highly recommend! Especially for winter skin. Again, I have sensitive skin and this does not negatively affect me at all! Super hydrating!

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