Can You Link That?

Today kicks off a new series for 2019 called “Can You Link That?” which is in reference to the most frequently asked questions we get on IG stories every week or so! We get a lot of repeat questions and try to link them all on stories, but the problem is they expire in 24 hours which leaves people requesting links long after the stories are gone. This way the answers will always be in one place, and easy to reference :). Hope this will help! xx

Meggan – can you link the rug in Mila’s nursery?
Mila’s rug

Brooke – can you link the pillows on your sectional? Also, your sectional?
 (20% off with code: HORIZON). Sectional was custom from Lee Industries, but this is the best dupe I’ve seen (in natural color)!

Meggan – can you link that sherpa teddy jacket you had  on at the farmer’s market? Also, size?Teddy coat, size XS.

Brooke – can you link the leopard dress? Also, size?
Leopard dress
, size 36.

Meggan – can you link that leopard fuzzy baby blanket?
Baby blanket
, also love this one!

Brooke – can you link that 2019 planner?
2019 planner
. Also here.

Meggan – can you link your firewood holder?
Firewood holder

Brooke – can you link that taupe sweatshirt you were wearing in the car? It said “Balanced.”
Balanced Life Sweatshirt
– use code: Brooke10 for 10% off! This is also where my tiger sweatshirt is from. Code is good for entire site/order.

Can you guys link the leather tote you both have with your initials on it? Is the quality good?
Leather tote
. YES!

Brooke – can you link your tea kettle with the dragon on it?
Tea kettle

Meggan – can you link your fuzzy robe?
Fuzzy robe

Brooke – can you link that gold and beaded bracelet you wear?

Meggan – can you link that black fuzzy/teddy coat? Size?
Black teddy coat
, size XS.

Can you link that?