1. Brooke – I think you mentioned at one point (or I may have missed it!) that you were going to do a tutorial of how to use the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer. I’m considering purchasing and would love to see how you do it!
I did record a few videos when I was getting ready the other day, but I feel like I need to re-record it. I think I’ll post it anyway, but I’ll try to do a better one if you guys want! It was hard b/c I was holding my phone and the dryer at the same time so it’s definitely not the best lol!

2. How long were you guys with your husbands before you got married? When/how did you guys decide to move in with each other?
We moved in with each other after 7ish months of dating – probably wouldn’t of moved this fast but I was pregnant haha. And we got married after being together for 3 years (right when my son turned two). 🙂
Brooke: We dated a year before we got engaged, and married 7 months after that! I hated the wedding planning process & scrapped our original wedding plan and ended up planning an entirely different wedding in less than 3 months lol! We moved in together when we moved to California which was 3 months before our wedding. This is our 9th year together, so crazy!

3. What’s your go-to faux leather leggings? I have a fun sparkly top to wear and looking for some leather leggings to go with it.
Brooke: This pair!
 They are seriously amazing! I got a size small, but feel like I could have done a medium, they’re pretty snug and not a lot of stretch.
I love this pair (I seriously wear them like every other day) but want to order the pair Brooke just got too!

4. I’m currently at the stage in life where I feel like all of my friends & boyfriend’s friends, cousins, etc. are getting married. It’s SO much fun to celebrate, but I sometimes feel I’m slipping into quicksand with the accompanying costs. Out of state/international bachelorettes, out of state weddings, showers, bridesmaids dresses, gifts, the list goes on…. I’m sure you two are in the same boat because you are in your late 20s/early 30s. How do you decide what to prioritize and what to say no to? The FOMO is real… but so is the dough $$.
So much yes! It’s definitely getting expensive BUT I love my friends and want to celebrate everything with them so I don’t say no. It will be over soon and then my wallet will catch a break lol. I would say skip the showers and just attend what you can afford. I know my friends would be sad if they knew I was going bankrupt just to attend their stuff!
Brooke: I totally agree, it’s SO expensive to be in/attend a wedding. Especially when there are multiple out-of-state trips to make. I would suggest choosing the events that are most important to definitely go to, and skipping out on the others. I definitely get the FOMO feelings, but at the end of the day you don’t want to be spending all of your $$/going into debt over it all

5. I’m going to Thailand in March and it is so hard to find warm weather clothes right now. Do you have any swimsuits and coverups you’re eying?
Swimsuits: this one, this onethis one, and this one (love it in leopard!). Coverups: this one, this one, and this one! Have fun!

6. Brooke – I know you’ve done FWTFL and are currently doing another round. During your first round, when did you start to see results? I’m about a week in and feel bloated but I do have more energy. Trying not to get frustrated!
They say the first week you can experience tighter feeling clothes/bloating (I remember feeling the same way!), but do not worry! As long as you stick to the plan you will definitely see results. For my first round I didn’t do the workouts and by week 6 I saw major results/fat loss. This before/after photo was 8 weeks different and I had only been adding the workouts in for 2 weeks. Also like Julez said in last weeks comments, weeks 4-6 is really when you start to notice results! She called week 5 the “holy sh*t” week – lol I love that!

7. Meggan wondering what size you got in the Revolve dress you wore to the Chicago wedding 8 months pregnant? I am going to a wedding (also in Chicago) in March and will also be about 7-8 months pregnant. I’m built similar to you when not pregnant. Also can you suggest a few other cute options?
It was this dress and I got a size small – it has a lot of stretch! Also love this one (similar but cuter imo), this one, and this one!

8. I know you both have used Neulash in the past and loved it, but now do you both get lash extensions? Why did you switch? Which is better?
I had to stop using it when I got pregnant so that’s when I got lash extensions. I’m going to start using it again after I’m done breastfeeding (I got this two pack)!
Brooke: Yes, I love Neulash! I had never done lash extensions before, but had them put on for an event because I got lazy with my Neulash and wanted some volume. Once you get them, I think they’re kind of addicting because your lashes always look amazing. However, Neulash works wonders and I will go back to it this summer. I actually just ordered a new tube – I have the stumpiest natural lashes, and it made them grow so long and much thicker than they are naturally! Highly recommend, plus cheaper than getting extensions.

9. Heading to Maui with my 3 year old and 6 month old…stroller recommendations for walking from villa to resort every day or running with the kids? Also any mommy friendly bathing suits recommendations would be amazing!
This is the best double stroller
– it folds easily (you don’t have to remove the seat), and the wheels are amazing! Mom-friendly bathing suits: onetwothree, and four! Have so much fun, Maui is amazing!

10. I’m going to Justin Timberlake concert in a few weeks and would love suggestions for a fun outfit!
Ahhh he’s sooo good in concert – one of my favorites ever! These leggings + this top, this bodysuit + jeans, or this skirt + tee.

11. Looking for locations for my bachelorette and we came across Hilton Head Island in SC and Captiva Island in Florida. Have you been or heard of anything about either of these locations? Any other recommendations for warm weather/beachy destinations?
We haven’t been to either but did a quick Google search and they both look amazing! We also love Miami, San Diego, and Key West.

12. Here’s a fun question: Anyone you love to follow, or get style inspiration from, that has a completely different style than each of you?
Love Laura Willis (fashionbug) – she’s so glam and makes me want to put myself together lol.
Brooke: Same, lol. We were just talking about her the other day and saying although her style is completely different than ours (she’s very fancy/formal), it’s amazing and inspiring! And even though it’s different, I have still purchased several things she’s posted about. Another one I love is Rozalia Russian – also very different style than my own (she is pretty fancy as well), but I always love her looks!

13. Brooke – why did you move back to NY after living in California? My husband and I are thinking about relocating to Carlsbad, CA from NYC. We have a 2 year old son now and city living is hard with kids! We have family in San Diego and on the west coast so it seems like the best decision for us! Any advice!?
We moved for my husband’s job. I really did not want to move, and it took me a long time to adjust to the East Coast, but now I can’t imagine leaving! I will say, if we were to go anywhere else it would probably be back to California – you really can’t beat the weather! If you have family there as well, that’s another bonus! I would do whatever you/your family feels is best for your situation and what will make you happy! Best of luck! xx

14. Currently building a home and it’s so overwhelming! What is one thing you each wish you had in your homes but you don’t?
Heated floors in my bathroom! And a big laundry room with an island for folding (if space allows)! Those are two things I would love to have in my home that I don’t. Also, a huge closet! My closet is a decent size, but the way it’s arranged isn’t great – I would love to redo it at some point.

15. I have a wedding coming up in Feb in Palm Beach. Any fun dress recommendations for that destination? Would love something fun and bright. Thanks!
Love this maxi (like, so much!), this strapless dressthis lace dress, this caramel/orangish dress, and this one in light pink.

16. Brooke – Can you please show us and give instructions on the large diy wall art? Not sure if you finished it but I remember you mentioned it awhile back. Thanks!
Yes, I can definitely share it! I don’t really have any instructions, we just kind of went for it. I got my color inspo from this picture on Pinterest, but just let my kids go to town on the canvas. A lot of geometric shapes, and when I ran out of ideas, I went onto Anthropologie’s site and looked at their abstract pieces to get ideas. I have another piece to do and for that one I can do step-by-step photos in case anyone wants to recreate it for their home!

17. I’d love to see some of your recommendations for a beach work conference I have coming up. I typically wear Black Halo types of dresses, but being in Florida, I’d like to jazz it up. Just need to keep the shoulders covered and the hemlines around the knees. Also, there will be day events outdoors so any modest beach wear recs for that would be appreciated!
This dress is beautiful, love this white onethis one, and this amazing leopard dress. For the sleeveless dresses, we would just wear either a moto jacket/denim jacket, or cardigan over! For any beach events, we would probably just do a one piece with a maxi coverup like this one over it. Have fun, sounds like an amazing spot for a work conference!

18. Do you have a few {moisturizing} make up primers you can recommend? I currently use the Laura Mercier Radiant primer and I feel like I want something that is more moisturizing/nourishing to top my regular moisturizer before applying make up – my skin is so dry this time of year.
I loveeee this Bobbi Brown one – it’s very moisturizing and smells so good. I just wish it was cheaper!
Brooke: My skin is sooo dry (especially in winter), and this is the best primer I’ve ever used! A little goes a loooong way so this will last you a long time!

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