1. I remember one of you mentioning a specific fabric you like for couches that is easy to clean. Do you remember which fabric you were talking about?
That is Crypton fabric – it’s just a high performance fabric and I’ve had a great experience with it so far! If a sofa you want isn’t available in Crypton, another great options is any performance fabric made of polyester (easy to clean)!

2. Out of all your bags that you have…you can only keep one. Which one and why?
My Hermes Evelyne! My husband surprised me with it out of nowhere – I had no idea he even knew I loved the bag (gotta give Brooke some credit for that lol)! But also because it’s timeless and I love the size and color.
Brooke: My black Chanel boy in the old medium size. It’s classic, it can be dressed up or down, and it goes with everything! Plus, it holds it’s value so well (it’s selling for more used than I paid new).

3. I’m overwhelmed with all the different skincare products, between retinol, toners, masks, peels, facial tanning oils, etc. I find it hard to fit them all in during a single week! Do you guys have a set schedule you follow each week in terms of how many times a week you do a peel/mask, fake tanning, etc?
I hear you! I struggle with this as well, but my goal is to find a routine that works all the products in within the week. Right now, it’s more just random lol. This is a great blog post idea! I’ll work on it ;).
I don’t really follow a schedule but I forget to use things if I don’t see them. I keep my everyday/night skincare on a tray on the countertop along with my Glopro and tan drops so I don’t skip out on those. For face masks I just try to remember to do them 1-2 times a week and will take one or two out and set them on the counter so I remember! I also keep one of my exfoliating masks in the shower and do that once a week.

4. We purchased a new home and are in the thick of it – trying to decide on finish colors, I am very into the gold and blacks, but my husband thinks the chrome finishes will last longer and be timeless. Please help!!
 We just switched all of our hardware from silver to matte black and also have brushed brass finishes in the house – so I say go for it 😉
Brooke: I agree with Meggan! We switched all of the hardware in our old home from (dated) brass to matte black and I loved it. It’s not a huge hit to the bank account, but it makes a big difference! Plus, you can always change them down the road if you want since it’s not something that is permanent.

5. How do you guys know each other? And what made you guys start the blog together?
We wrote a blog post all about it, you can read here!

6. Do you guys have any ’employees / team members’ or do you do everything on your own? I have recently heard of some bloggers having ‘teams / employees’ and am curious as to what that would look like and if you guys have or have thought about it.
No, but we need one honestly lol. It’s getting hard to manage everything by ourselves, but it does help that there are two of us! We did hire an assistant, but she has not really started yet…we need to coordinate our schedules to get her trained/up to speed on everything! We are also looking for someone who is well-versed in graphic design/photoshop, let us know if that’s you!

7. What sunscreen do you both use on a daily basis? I have tried so many and they either leave me feeling greasy/oily or cause me to break out. I’ve resorted to just using a primer with sunscreen in it. Any that you love that works well under your makeup?
I have a few that I really like, but this one (I get the tinted) is my absolute favorite! I have super sensitive skin and it works so well.
Meggan: This sunscreen
feels like a makeup primer – I love it! This one is another great option too.

8. Meggan – what area of Dallas do you live in? Is there an area you recommend?
I live in Preston Hollow but I also love the M streets, Uptown, Lower Greenville, Knox-Henderson, Highland Park, and Oak Lawn.

9. I love an all black on black look. Can you share your favorite sweaters and shirts to pair with leggings for during the winter season?
Same here! Love this one (so warm and cozy!), this one, this one, this one (feels like butter!), and this one.

10. Wondering what you all did for your little’s first birthdays?! Did you do it big or do an intimate celebration? Starting to plan and feeling overwhelmed already!
We did intimate! I always imagined a cute Pinterest-like party but realized I’m just not that mom lol! We kept it simple with a couple balloons and cake with close friends and family.
Brooke: Same, lol. They’re so cute and fun to look at, but I feel like huge first birthday parties are more for the parents than the kid…yeah? Maybe it would be different if we lived near all of our family though, then  I could see it turning into a bigger party!

11. Thinking forward to summer time! Have either of you done laser hair removal? If so if not, any thoughts on it?
I haven’t but want to do it (especially for the bikini line)! My SIL does it and says it’s life changing lol.
Brooke: No, but I want to also! I’d love to laser off everything below the neck lol!

12. Taking a trip to San Diego the first weekend in March. I have no idea what the style is like in SoCal. Any outfit ideas?
It’s pretty casual but depends on what your plans are! We would pack things like these jeans, this tee, this dress, this bodysuit (would be cute with jeans and a moto jacket for dinner), this jumpsuit (can be dressed up or down), this top, and this jacket.

13. I have a Revolve credit from Christmas, and I am looking to put the credit towards something fun and practicable for summer/spring around $100. Ideally I would love if the piece can be used for work, play, and some vacations coming up.
So many cute things right now! Love this romper, this maxi dress, this top, this hat, these shorts (I live in these) and this set.

14. Can you do a roundup of the best white pants (work and sweatpants)?
For work – this pair, this pair, and this pair. Sweatpants – love this pair, this pair (actually super light gray but LOVE), and this pair!

15. I am going on a girls trip to Houston, TX in early March to visit a friend and we are attending the annual rodeo! Looking for a western inspired outfit to wear without being full blown cowgirl, if that makes sense!
Definitely makes sense! Some western inspired pieces we’re loving are these shorts, this belt, this top, these boots, this romperthis bandana, these booties, and this dress (would be so cute belted + cowboy boots!).

16. I’m 13 weeks pregnant with my first and am so lost when it comes to starting to think about a registry, do you have or could you do a post on favorite baby products/items that helped make your life easier with babies/young kids?
It’s definitely overwhelming because there’s SO many options but don’t stress! I linked some of my newborn must-haves on this post. And few other things I like are this nose sucker, this sound machine (and this portable one), these onesies, this nursing cover, this bottle drying rack, and this wrap.

17. Going to New York in about a month we have plans for Barbuto, Sugarfish and Balthazar. Are there any other can’t miss food spots in your opinion? Are there any iconic NY spots you think are worth it (Polo Bar, new RH cafe, Tavern on the Green etc.?) or are they kind of tourist traps. Can’t wait to stuff my face.
Honestly, I didn’t love Balthazar and don’t really get what all the hype is about (sorry!). Upland has a similar feel but more contemporary, and was a much more enjoyable experience IMO! The food is also excellent! Polo Bar is one of my favorites and not touristy at all (probably b/c you can’t even walk in/sit at the bar without a reservation). RH Cafe is stunning and you should definitely go for brunch or even just a drink! I have never been to Tavern On The Green, but have heard it’s very touristy. I love Nobu downtown, Cecconi’s Dumbo, Nomo Kitchen at Nomo Soho (for a drink or lunch, this is where we were last week at the bar – lots of Q’s about it), BondSt (amazing sushi), Salinas (romance), L’Artusi, Buddakan, and Locanda Verde. Have a blast! xx

18. My baby shower is coming up in March and I’m due at the end of the April with a baby boy! Any cute dress ideas for the baby shower? I am short, and petite and am having a hard time finding anything that is flattering for my growing bump! Any suggestions would be great!
A few options: here, here, here, and here!

19. Going to NYC in February and while my outerwear game is strong in coats and jackets, my shoe game is a little weak. I’m on the hunt for a black bootie (maybe with a little block heel) to wear with my black Moncler puffer that will be comfortable enough to run all over the city in but still look the part.
Obsessed with this pair, these boots are great, these are almost sold out but LOVE, I have this pair and they’re super comfy, and love the studs on this pair.

20. I’m going to a London Fashion Week event in 2 weeks and have no idea what to wear! My friend owns a jewelry line and I’m invited as her guest. The weather will most likely be similar to NY so definitely need something pretty warm but still chic and preferably black.
All black definitely! These coated jeans are amazing, but run super small! I ordered my regular 26 and could barely fit my legs in and they were not even close to buttoning, so I re-ordered a size 27 and 28 to decide between…but the coating is the best I’ve ever seen! For tops – love this one, this one, and this one! Any of these would be super chic, just depends on your mood/the look you’re going for! Obviously you’ll throw a coat on over any of these looks – a long black coat would be perfect!

21. Which Cartier Love ring do you both have? The thicker band or the wedding band?
We both have the wedding band in yellow gold.

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