Recent Amazon Favorites

Clear Lipstick Lids – These clear lipstick lids are perfect for Mac lipsticks. I have so many and I hate that I never know which color I’m grabbing. These are amazing!

Kid’s Golden Goose Dupes – I ordered these for both of my girls, seriously how cute! They have so many different color options.

Portable Charger – This portable charger is such a lifesaver for me! It’s small enough to fit in my mini bags (unlike a lot of portable chargers), and charges my phone so fast when I’m on the go!

Waffle Maker – This is my first time having a waffle maker and I’m obsessed! I’ve been making F-Factor waffles and this makes them perfectly!

Time Cube – This timer cube is amazing for the office (or anywhere!). It helps me so much with time management and it looks better than a traditional timer.

Velvet Hangers – I love these velvet hangers because clothes stay on them super well and do not slip off. Plus they look pretty in the closet!

Yeti Mug – My love for this mug is obvious if you follow us on IG. I use it every single morning, but be sure you are taking the black rubber piece off the lid to clean it, or else mold could build-up.

Cool Mist Humidifier – I always run this cool mist humidifier in the winter – it’s great for your dry, winter skin and health!

Tote Bag Organizer – I love this organizer for my totes! There’s nothing worse than the black hole that toes become, and this will keep all of your totes totally organized.

Elderberry Gummies – I forgot to buy these before Christmas, then a major virus hit our house and I totally regretted it! These are so great for your immune system. I also love the syrup version!

CALM – This is a natural magnesium and calcium supplement that helps reduce stress. We love this stuff, but check with your doctor to be sure it will work for you!

Smoothie Body Butter – This smells sooooo good, I could sit there and sniff it for hours lol! Plus it feels so good on dry skin, love this body butter!

Memory Foam Mattress Topper – We bought this for our guest bedroom and it’s like we bought a new bed! This memory foam is seriously amazing, our bed went from rock hard to the comfiest, cloud mattress I’ve ever felt!

No-show, No-slip Socks – These were one of the best-selling items we shared in 2018 and for good reason! These are absolutely the best no-show socks in the world! This is what I wear with my Golden Goose and they are perfect.

Stainless Steel Straws – We love these straws – they come with a cleaning brush and they’re easy to use/clean!

Amazon Favorites