Staying Healthy In The New Year

Both of us are striving to be have a healthy new year. Health & fitness are always on our list of priorities, but it’s sometimes hard to stick to those goals. We have been compensated by QVC to share a few easy ways we are staying healthy this year. As always, all opinions are our own!

I’ve wanted all black sneakers for awhile now and fell in looove these Pumas. Not only are they lightweight and comfy, but super stylish! I’ve worn them to the gym (the few times Ive been postpartum lol – I’m still getting back in the groove!) and running errands – the perfect sneaker!

We both got this under desk elliptical and it is seriously amazing! We sit so much during the work day, this is such a great way to add activity/workouts to days you otherwise can’t fit them in! This would be great for a small space as well like an apartment! After 20 minutes, our legs are on fire, this is not a gimmick! It works! Even better, it’s on sale right now!

sneakers | water bottle | cubii elliptical

These are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve worn in a long time! I honestly couldn’t believe how comfy they were the first time I put them on! I love an all black look, and these sneaks are perfect for that (plus, they’re under $100)! I haven’t worked out in them yet, but I wear them every day for school drop offs and to run errands. They are true to size.

They are so easy to slip on and off which is one thing I love in a sneaker!

Probiotics are so great for you, but I always forget to take mine! I put these Probiotic Lemon Melt Sticks in my gym bag and take them on the go. Honestly…they taste like a lemon cake, the flavor is amazing and I love that you just pour it in your mouth (like a Pixy Stick!) and it melts. It tastes like a treat, but delivers over 10 billion CFU of good bacteria along with eight strains of probiotics and two prebiotics!

sneakers (true to size) | probiotic melts

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