Bedroom Update

A simple, but effective bedroom update is new bedding. We updated ours over the weekend with a new duvet cover, quilt, and shams from Pottery Barn. Good news – everything I bought is on sale! We had totally mismatched bedding that looked pretty terrible, complete with a lipstick-covered quilt thanks to Avery ;). Needless to say, it was definitely time for a change. New bedding  can completely change the vibe of your room. I love a clean look, and almost every bedroom I pin on Pinterest has all-white bedding. I wasn’t sure I wanted to fully commit to white-white, so I decided on flax which I ended up loving! I think white would have looked a little too stark in our room (also would have made our rug look yellow).

Did you know that Pottery Barn sells live eucalyptus? They also have a great faux option that I want to try! As much as I love the real deal, it’s nice to not have to worry about replacing! I pre-ordered this vase for my nightstand, will be so pretty with greens in it!

We have a lot going on with in our bedroom – the patterned rug, bubble sconces, and urchin fixture above our bed, so I knew I wanted to keep the bedding simple and clean. Now that I have everything in place, I want to add a few dark throw pillows and a dark or patterned blanket as well to give it a little more depth, but working with a neutral base makes everything so much easier! I love this pillow (thinking a few of these) and this throw or this one! Also looking for a bench for the end of our bed – love this one and this one

The details on these shams are so pretty! 

I love the diamond pattern on this quilt and the weight is perfect. It’s not too light like a few quilts I’ve tried, it’s a bit heavier but does not sleep hot at all (which is essential for me!). When I make my bed, I like to have the duvet at the foot of the bed – it looks better (IMO) than just a flat/made bed. If you don’t want a heavy duvet, you could fold or drape a blanket/throw at the foot of the bed instead.

Hope you enjoyed this update!

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