1. What is your favorite shampoo for making your hair feel clean? Even with double cleansing, it feels like there is build up in my hair.
Brooke: I love this charcoal shampoo, this ACV rinse, and this scrub.
Meggan: Those are all my favs too!

2. What are your favorite white jeans for spring and summer?
Love this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair. Getting excited for spring and summer just looking at these!

3. Have you guys ever talked about your specific engagement rings? Would love to know about the stone shape and settings, etc! My boyfriend has been asking for my style preference but I’m having the hardest time. I’ve been to the jewelers to try them on but there are so many different options that I’m so lost. I’m totally worried I’m going to hate whatever I get lol.
My engagement ring is a cushion cut with a pave halo. I wasn’t involved in picking mine out at all, but I definitely pointed out rings I liked when we were dating (way before I had any idea we were even getting engaged lol). I would round up ideas you like on Pinterest and show your favorites to your boyfriend so he has an idea of what you like, and I feel like sometimes it’s better to see rings on someone else to know if you really like the look or not. Good luck, I’m sure you will love whatever you end up with! 😉
Meggan: I have a cushion cut but I’m not sure of the setting (is that something I should know? lol). I didn’t try any rings on, I just showed my husband a couple I liked on Pinterest! If you want some inspo – check out Lauren B Jewelry on insta. So many good rings, I could look at it all day!!

4. What other hats do you guys have and love besides the Janessa Leone ones? Or are those your holy grail hats? I’m looking for a cute one in brown or black.
I love my Janessa Leone hats and I really love Brixton ones too! This one and this one are so cute!
I love Janessa Leone designs, but my hat broke. I would still buy another though, b/c I love them ha! I have this one and love it, and the price is great! This one is on my wishlist, and I love this one too!

5. I love Zimmerman pieces. All so feminine with a cool, boho twist. BUT it’s out of my budget. Can you find some good dupes?
Same, we feel you! At first I thought this dress was Zimmermann – so gorgeous! This one, this one, and this one are great options as well!

6. I’m graduating this May, and my girlfriend and I are thinking about moving to Dallas area, do you have any suggestions on areas we should look into?! Or any thoughts on 22 year olds moving to Dallas? 🙂 the job I’m interviewing for is in Plano.
I think Dallas would be a perfect place to live! I’m not familiar with the Plano or what the commute would be like from downtown, but I like Uptown, Knox-Henderson, the M streets, Bishop Arts District, and Lower Greenville.

7. My husband and I are coming up on our 1st wedding anniversary! Any gift suggestions around $800 or less?
Did you see our V-Day gift guide post yesterday? Lots of good ideas for him! Other ideas – couples massage followed by a nice dinner, a concert or sporting event (for a band or team he loves), or a mini weekend getaway at a nice hotel in your area/somewhere you could road trip to!

8. What are your favorite joggers? What size do you wear in the Lou & Grey?
Size small in Lou & Grey. Also splurged on this pair from Monroe (size small) and found this pair on major sale! These two are currently my most-worn. I love them!

9. I just got invited to a fancy wedding in Colorado this summer whose suggested attire is “Colorado chic”. As I’ve never been to Colorado, I’m lost. Any shop or Rent the Runway suggestions? Help!
Loving this embroidered dressthis velvet dress, this ruffle dress, and this maxi dress.

10. I’m going to a wedding next month in NJ and wanted to see what suggestions you had for a dress. It’s not black tie.
Love this dress with a moto jacket, this one, and this one!

11. Going to San Francisco at the end of February and am looking for an outfit to wear to Napa winery tours. Supposed to be mid to upper 50’s.
Love this dress (with sneakers!), this sweater dress, this top with jeans and a moto, and this poncho.

12. Going to a Vegas in the beginning of April – any outfit suggestions? We are going to a show and nice dinners!
Love this jumpsuit, this dressthis bodysuit (love it with the skirt the model is wearing!), this dress.

13. Do you have recommendations for spring jackets that are nicer than just day to day, like what do I wear to a spring wedding over my dress? Black leather biker jacket feels too harsh and denim jackets aren’t formal enough. Any ideas?
We personally love a cropped/fitted moto jacket over dresses (even dressy ones!), but if that’s not your style here are a few great options. This jacket (less harsh than black), this trench is stunning, and this one is a great option as well!

14. Going to a University of WA basketball game in March! Top suggestions? (school colors are purple and yellow).
Love this tee, this top with jeans, and this long sleeve cropped tee – so cute! We would wear any of these options with jeans and sneakers or booties! xx

15. I would love to turn part of my basement into a home gym. I know both of you have a home gym setup in your basements and would love ideas for equipment, flooring, and design inspiration.
I want to do a full post on this but I’ll link a few of the things we have here: this flooring, this treadmillthese jump boxes, kettlebells, this dip station, and these adjustable dumbbells.

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