New Elemis Favorites & A Coupon Code

Happy Wednesday everyone! First, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who reached out or commented after Monday’s post. It meant so much, and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. We’re all in this together, so thank you! Moving on to today’s topic…skincare!

If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you know that Elemis is one of our all-time favorite skincare lines. I have tried almost every single product on their best-sellers page either in a sample size, or as a product I use in my regular skincare routine, and I truthfully love them all (obviously get why they are the best-sellers).  Some of our holy-grail/OG favorites are: the Cleansing Balm, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Eye Masks, Pro-Collagen Marine Oil, and Superfood Facial Oil. Their oils are definitely my favorite facial oils of any I’ve ever used.

A few weeks ago, I went to an event in NYC to explore their new Superfood Squad: The Mist, Berry Mask, Veggie Mask, and Exfoliator. I knew right away I was going to be living for the mist and the exfoliator, and they are my two favorites out of the new products!

The mist is a 4-in-1 mist that can be used as a toner, primer, setting spray, or refresher spray. I’ve been using it to set my makeup and  as a toner, and I love it. I love a good facial exfoliator, but so many that I’ve tried have ended up irritating my skin because they’re too harsh for my face, but this one is great for my sensitive skin! It’s full of antioxidants (great for your skin), and the exfoliating beads do not create rips/tears in the skin like a lot of facial exfoliators – beware! Since I’ve been using the tan drops on my face, I exfoliate every other night to keep my skin fresh/hydrated and avoid product (tan) build-up & clogged pores.

^Setting my makeup with the Superfood Kefir Tea Mist

I like to use both masks at one time, and that was something I took away from the event in NYC – they called it ‘multi-masking,’ yes please! The Berry Mask is great for balancing and mattifying the T-Zone, and the Veggie Mask smooths and brightens skin – so I apply this everywhere but my T-Zone, while the Berry Mask is covering my T-Zone.

Elemis has generously offered you guys 15% off your entire order with the code: 15SUPERFOOD. Elemis products hardly ever go on sale, so this is the perfect time to restock, or try some new products! Again, my favorites are listed at the top of this post and I would also highly recommend the new Superfood Squad if you’re looking to try something new! Let me know if you have any questions! xx

My Elemis Favorites:

Thank you to Elemis for partnering on this post!