30 Questions For My 30th

I turned 30 today!! I’m so grateful for another year around the sun! After my cousin passing last week, it would be shameful to complain about getting older – each day is truly a gift and I’m feeling extra thankful today. I will say, my life is definitely much different than how I expected. I thought I would just be getting married and thinking about trying for a baby. God clearly had other plans for me 😉 Anyway, I answered 30 questions that were sent in via Instagram for my 30th birthday. Hope you enjoy…xx

How did you meet your husband?
We knew each other from college – he dated a girl in my pledge class! After college, he moved to San Diego and I moved to Chicago. A few years after that he put a FB status up saying he was moving to Chicago so I DM’d him and asked if he needed help looking at neighborhoods or something like that lol. We started texting 24/7 and when he came to look for an apartment one weekend, we went on a date and the rest was history!

What do you love most about Dallas and what do you miss most about Chicago?
What I love the most about Dallas is that we have family here (and the mild winter). I miss so many things about Chicago…my friends, the culture, having everything outside my front door, not needing a car, and deep dish pizza.

Where did you think you’d be in life at 30?
Still living in Chicago and thought I would just be getting married and getting ready to have a kid!

Have you ever been a brunette?
Yes – in high school. My boyfriend broke up with me and I wanted a change (classic). My friend dyed my hair and it looked awful lol. I like myself better as a blonde.

How’d you and Brooke decide to start blogging and how did it become so successful?
We both had our own blogs before we started Somewhere, Lately – I actually started mine because I loved reading hers! Brooke reached out to me and asked if I wanted to team up and I said yes without any hesitation. I think we became successful because we’re consistent, relatable, and really love what we’re doing!

Do you want to have more children?
Yes, 1 more. And if it’s as good as Mila, I’ll have a 4th lol.

Where is your favorite place to stay in Cabo?
Cabo Azul (where we got married).

Were you on birth control when you had your surprise pregnancy?
No. I haven’t been on birth control since high school…I’ve never loved the thought of putting hormones in my body (obviously do what’s best for you).

How do you keep a genuine IG when everything has to be perfectly curated?
I used to be obsessed with trying to keep our IG curated – now I don’t really care and just try to post in the moment pictures!

Do you have any tattoos?
2 – on my wrist and forearm. And I want more 🙂

What do you miss most about Iowa City?
Ugh so many things…Gamma Phi, FAC, tailgating, Marcos grilled cheese, and Kirk Ferentz.

Who’s Warren’s favorite? Your son or daughter?
Hmmm…for now Camden. They’re good buddies. But he loves giving Mila kisses.

What does your husband do that he started his own business?
Kyle recently left a global management consulting firm to start his own advisory firm within the sports industry. His company focuses on career development, executive search, and strategic consulting.

Are you exclusively pumping?
I started off breastfeeding and then around 3ish months she started to refuse the boob so I started exclusively pumping. I’m actually in the process of weaning right now and switching to formula. I had PPD with my son and I think a major factor was exclusively pumping (I did it for 6 months with him) and some of those negative feelings were starting to creep back. I feel guilty but happy mom = happy baby.

Would you want to co-host The Morning Toast?
HELL YES! Can someone tell Claudia and Jackie??? 😉

Favorite ever splurge purchase?
Gucci Dionysus

Are you in The Morning Toast FB group?
Yes. And like 100 subgroups lol.

How do you handle stress?
A few ways: hot lemon water, writing down my to-do lists, working out, baths, and xanex. And I just started taking CBD oil too which works WONDERS. I feel so calm and level headed.

Where is your gold tag necklace from?
Tiffany’s. It was my push present 🙂

I know Brooke does FWTFL, do you do any type of dieting or healthy eating plan?
I do the 80/20 rule – 80% of the time I eat healthy and the other 20% I eat what I want and don’t deprive myself. And I recently started intermittent fasting (3 weeks ago) and already lost the belly fat that was hanging on from my pregnancy!

Do you want to stay in Dallas? Do you think you will?
I love Dallas but don’t see it as our forever home. However, I’m not sure where we will end up!

How did your husband propose?
He proposed while we were visiting Dallas at the arboretum! I thought we were just doing a blog shoot and then he got down on one knee – I was so shocked! My SIL and BIL were hiding in the bushes and took pictures. Then we did a little staycation sans baby 😉

Guilty pleasure?
Reality tv, Cadbury eggs (the addiction is real), and vino. Preferably all three at once.

How do you manage to work out with the kiddos around?
We just built a little gym in our garage so I workout in the AM before they’re up or in the afternoon during nap time! Before we had the home gym I got up at 5:30am to workout.

How tall is Kyle?

Are you and Brooke going to the Reward Style conference?
Yes! I’m so excited for Brooke to come because I was pregnant last year and felt like crap. This year will be much more fun!

How did your baby sleep the first month?
She was up every 3-4 hours but was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks – we got so lucky with her!

How does your hair dresser do your color?
She does balayage and highlights! Usually just partial highlights but once a year will do a full head.

Do you get along with your in-laws?
So much that we live across the street from them!! I feel so lucky that we get along so well because I’ve heard some in-law horror stories lol.

I’ve never seen Meggan spelt with 2 g’s – is there a story behind it?
My mom didn’t name me for two days! And she said there’s no significance on the spelling lol – boring!