1. Can you guys give an example of a trend you like, but wouldn’t spend the $$ on for the designer version? And what you would purchase instead? Like dupes/cheaper options?
Brooke: The Shrimps bags. I love them & think they are so fun, but I don’t plan to spend $700 on that trend. Some alternatives I love – this one (perfect dupe for $79!), this one for $49, and loooove this rainbow one for $48!
Meggan: I was a hater on dad sneakers but ended up caving and got this pair. My friend told me they look like her dads mowing shoes lolll – at least she’s honest right? The Balenciaga ones are super cool but wouldn’t spend the money on this trend. Comparable to the wedge sneakers…I used to want the Isabel Marant ones sooo bad and now I’m glad I didn’t waste my money lol.

2. How do you decide what pieces to splurge on and what to save on?
The things I will splurge on without getting buyer’s remorse are coats, bags & shoes. Other things I will invest in: denim, sunglasses, and great basics I will wear time after time. I save on trendy pieces that I know I’ll only wear a few times.
Meggan: Same here! I used to be bad about impulse purchases but now when I’m splurging I make sure it’s something I will love for years!

3. How do you know when you’re ready to have a baby? I know there’s never the “right” time so my hubs and I are getting ready to start “not NOT trying”. I am such a planner- is there anything I should do to help me prep with this next chapter?
There’s never really a “right” time, or we have never felt that way at least. Life is always busy, you never know what lies ahead, and you just kind of have to roll with it! On the flip side (since you are a planner and currently don’t have kids) we would say be sure you’re ready with certain things like – you’ve done all the travel you had hoped to until this point with just you and your hubby, and you’re ready to “settle down” and move on to the  next chapter in your life because once you have a baby, there’s no turning back ;).

4. Current favorite daily moisturizer outside of the Kopari one?
One of the perks of our job is we get to try a lot of beauty products! Some of our tried-and-true favorites are this day and night cream, this pro-collagen cream, and this sheer renewal cream.

5. Meggan – going to paint my bathroom cabinets and was curious if you remembered the gray you painted yours?
Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.

6. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for under eye patches that help with bags.
Our favorite eye patches are these from Elemis, these PTR ones, and these from BeautyBio. We love to stick them in the fridge for an added cooling benefit! I (Meggan) have these sitting in my cabinet but haven’t tried them yet – but the name is fitting! Also, hydrate – lots of water.

7. I was curious which St. Tropez self tanner you liked better? I’m super pale and I’m going on a cruise this weekend! Help!
Definitely this one! No streaks and you don’t have to sleep in it! The best part is you only have to leave it on for 3 hours maximum. I’ve tried the dark version and it was not as good! The color was darker, but it was kind of streaky and when the tan started to fade, it came off in patches (you know, like a bad spray tan) instead of just gradually fading like the express foam I linked.

8. What are some of your fave little black dresses? I would love to have a good go-to option for any occasion. I’ve been stuck last minute too many times!
This one is my favorite (PS – French sizing. A splurge, but I’ve worn it over 10 times in the past year – price per wear)! Some other great options are this one, this one, and this one!

9. I’m going to a March wedding in Chicago – do you have any recommendations on dresses? Somewhat fancy, but nothing super formal. Thank you!
A few options: here (obsessed!), here, here, and here!

10. Getting ready to decorate our baby’s room and curious if you have links to your rocker/glider and the dresser/changing table in Mila’s room? Or where you got them?
Our glider is old from Land of Nod but this one and this one are cute/look comfy! This is her dresser and I just swapped the knobs out.

11. Where do you shop for your kids clothes? Looking for my daughter who is a year and a half. Any outfit recommendations for spring pictures in Iowa?
All over really, my top places are probably H&M, Zara, Gap, Old Navy, Crewcuts, Nordstrom Rack & Nordstrom.
Meggan: All the same places + Target!

12. I need some advice – I am going to purchase a new pair of designer flats for spring/summer (#momlife) and am deciding between the Gucci Princetown mules in black (I already have the brixton loafers in red and wear them all the time) and the Hermes oran sandal in gold (camel).  My style is a bit more edgy and in the summer tends to go more boho. I love the idea of the oran sandals but can’t decide if they are my style/will get as much use out of them.
If you already love the loafer style, go with the Princetowns! You can wear them (pretty much) year-round, whereas the Oran sandals you can really only wear in summer! We love both, but if you feel like the loafers are more your style, go with those!

13. I love both of your home decor styles! could you both please share your dining rooms and dining table/chair sources?
Meggan: Dining table
, bench, and my chairs are no longer available but these are similar!
Brooke: We ordered our table and chairs through the trade, and can’t find them online – sorry!  But table is from Century Furniture and the chairs are Maison 55 (just found identical chair but different fabric). West Elm made the perfect dupe, and I also love this chair from WM – stunning, love the color! This table is similar to mine and beautiful (just saw it in person!).

14. Can you guys share some outfit recommendations for celebrating St. Patricks day in Chicago?! Thank you!
Casual, especially if you’re going to the bars! Nothing like green beer spilled on your favorite shoes ;). We would do a pair of sneakers (or boots that are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean), with jeans and a cute graphic tee or sweatshirt/moto jacket combo. Love this tee, this tee, this sweatshirt (use code Brooke10 to get 10% off!), and this moto jacket!

15. I’m looking for a good black bootie with a little heel (not too much, still want it to be comfortable). Preferably leather or something that could potentially get wet because it rains all the time in Nashville (fun fact: we get more rain than Seattle!), and I don’t want them to get ruined the first time I step outside.
Some black booties with a little heel we love: one, two (perfect Acne Studios dupe!), three, and four!

16. I am going to be 7 months pregnant with my first when I have a baby shower and also will be taking maternity pics around the same time (outside, desert landscape, wanting a flowy/long dress). Do you have recommendations for outfits for both of these occasions?
This dress is gorg, love this lace one, this white one is pretty, and this one is cute too.

 17. A couple denim questions for you. I’m in between a size 24 and 25 (24 in Madewell/Jcrew/One Teaspoon/AG- so I guess most things) but am gonna buy both these Citizen jeans and the Agolde jean shorts everyone raves about. How do both of these brands run in your opinions? I’ve never bought either and I definitely don’t want the jean shorts to be too small – I think you guys mentioned something about this a while ago but I can’t remember which way you said to go!
It totally depends on your body type, because they fit us differently too! For the AGolde shorts, Meggan went down one size and Brooke took her normal size. Some of you have written in saying you could even have gone up a size, so it’s so hard to say without knowing body type/how you like your shorts to fit (but a 24 is tiny, so you could probably size down)! In our experience Citizens of Humanity runs true to size!

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