1. I’ve always loved the Chanel jumbo flap, I have the medium large and recently went to try on the jumbo with gold hardware again, I know for some it looks like an older bag and the price just keeps going up, I was wondering what you ladies thought about this bag, recommend? Theres something I really love about it and its a huge expense for me, so it would be a big present for myself!
Yes, it’s such a classic bag! If you really love it and are in the position to buy it, we say go for it! As you said, the price is only increasing and that increase will not be stopping anytime soon!

2. Brooke – Congrats on your results w/ FWTFL! What time do you go to bed & how much sleep do you aim for each night? I know I make poor food choices when I’m tired. Do you have a new evening/bedtime routine? Honestly, by the time my kids are in bed, all I want is a glass of wine & mindless TV.
Thank you, and I’m the same way. I’m pretty much starting over since I binged on 10 bags of Cadbury eggs lol! Since I stopped drinking caffeine I’ve been going to bed so much earlier – around 9:30-10 and it’s been so nice! I’m a person who really needs 8+ hours a night, or I just feel off the next day, so that’s what I aim for. If my husband is home, we usually watch TV before bed, but if he’s traveling or working late I love to read before bed because I think it helps me sleep better (no screen time before bed). I totally feel you, and a lot of nights I do end up with a glass of wine and reality TV – nothing better ;). Even though FWTFL recommends not having wine, I still have it if I want it. One glass is not going to make or break your results! But, if you want to try cutting it out something that helps me is having a mocktail in a wine glass (sparkling water + muddled fruit).

3. Do you mind sharing an updated morning and evening beauty routine?
Just posted mine here!
Brooke: Loved Meggan’s post, I will share mine in a post next week!

4. I was wondering if you could recommend some packing cubes – I think you mentioned some before…
Yes, love packing cubes! These are so great, also just found this set and this set for a lot less!

5. Could you do a round up of your favorite beach sweaters? I’ve been looking for something maybe open-knit that’s light enough to wear in the day (even though it will be warm) over a swim suit!
Some lightweight sweaters we love for the beach: one, two, three, and four.

6. I love your outfit recommendations for events/going out, but, I always have a hard time finding good basic loungewear. I guess I am just looking for comfortable rompers/2-piece sets to wear when you just want to chill with friends/family or lay around the house. I loved the hot pink two piece lounge set you bought last year (long sleeve and shorts).
I just ordered this camo set (sweatshirt & pants), love! This (shorts & sweatshirt) is the same brand/style as the hot pink one from last year and love the stripes! And this sweatshirt & these pants look sooo soft!

7. If you could choose one new Gucci bag, besides the ones you already own, which one would you currently buy?
I love this one, this one (so good!), and this one! Gahhh so good!
Meggan: I’ve wanted this one forever now – so pretty and my favorite style (love it in green too)!

8. Brooke – Do you do lip injections? I want to get them done, but am nervous. Also, have no idea what kind of filler to get?!
I don’t – I’ve always had fuller lips (used to hate them in middle school), but I’ve thought about it too because my top lip still disappears when I smile lol. I’m just too nervous because I’ve seen so many bad lips injections jobs, and I would not want them to look too full/like duck lips. I feel like I would just regret it. However, my friend gets them done and hers look great (but she said it hurts so bad, another reason that scares me lol!). I can ask her what type of filler she uses, but I think it would also be good to talk with the doctor you plan to go to and they could educate you on different options to see what works best for you.

9. I’ve lived in NYC for years and finally moved to Brooklyn to see what it was all about. While I like it, when I get the chance to ‘escape’ for a weekend here or there outside the city I realize how calm and comfortable it is outside. Do you have areas outside the city you’d recommend to explore/look into to make a move?
If you want a quick(ish) commute into the city, I would look into Westchester County, Nassau County, or in New Jersey (Bergen or Essex County). There are tons of towns to explore in those counties, and depending on where in the city you would need to go, you can definitely find which one works best for you! Good luck!

10. What are a few looks you’d put together for a beach vacation? Think more athleisure, as we will be next to the beach or pool a lot.
This dress with sneakers, this cover up (not atheisure but it’s so good), this tank with leggings, and this sweatshirt.

11. Brooke, I love your sofa pillows but have you seen anything similar to yours that are a little more budget friendly? Thank you!
Yes! Found a lot of great options for less – one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven!

12. Ok, you have a £150 ($200) gift card to spend at Selfridges. What closet staple do you buy? Thinking about the Ganni leopard dress but perhaps maybe the leopard trend is not going to stick around too long.
The Ganni dress
is so good! Leopard is never really “out” of style, and if you love long dresses, go for that! But if you want something that is more of an everyday staple, we love this graphic tee, this scarf (a staple in our closets), these sandals (love!), or a good pair of jeans!

13. I’m headed to Iowa City this weekend, any recommendations of things we must do or places to eat? Thank you in advance!
A lot has changed since I lived there but some of my old favorite spots are Wig & Pen Pizza, Marco’s grilled cheese (it’s a food stand in the Ped Mall), Short’s Burgers, Bluebird Dinner, and Hamburg Inn.

14. My husband and I finally booked our honeymoon to Greece/Europe for late July! We are each taking a carry on and a large bag since we are island hopping and traveling around. Thoughts on how to pack “light” and what to take for a 10 day trip! I’m sweating thinking about it lol
Honestly, on your honeymoon you probably won’t need a ton so that’s good! Swimsuits and coverups don’t take up a lot of space. To pack light, try to bring a few dresses you could wear multiple times like this one and this one. A pair of nude heels that will go with any dressy outfit, and a pair of tan or black flat sandals that will go with any daytime outfit!

15. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in a couple of months. I was thinking of surprising him with a trip but he just surprised me with one for Valentines Day that we are still trying to pick a good weekend for. Any thoughts on gift ideas? We are long distance so I want to plan a fun weekend together!
A few things that have been a hit with our husbands are these loafers, anything from Yeti (cooler, mug, etc.) tickets to a concert, weekender bag, a surprise stay-cation, a Bose speaker, or Golden Goose sneakers.

16. I’m going to NYC in 2 weeks (End of March), and I have only ever been in the summer and I live in Texas! What should I pack for cold spring cute outfits?!
It’s hard to say! I would definitely bring options (and obviously check the weather before your trip lol) because it could either be freezing cold, or it could be really nice spring weather – you never know! Bring things you can layer – I would definitely bring a sweater, a lightweight jacket or trench, tees for layering, jeans, and sneakers! For nighttime, you could do open toe heels (or pumps) and a long sleeve dress (love this, on major sale!) with the same trench.

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