1. Meggan- I know you started intermittent fasting, and Brooke- I know you do that as part for FWTFL. I don’t think I’m ready to start FWTFL yet, and I don’t want to tell myself I’m going to if I’m not really going to commit, but I do want to start IF. Can you talk more about that aspect specifically? How many hours do you do? Do you drink anything once your fast starts (wine? 😬). Any tips?
We both do a 16/8 method, meaning we fast for 16 hours/day and have an 8-hour eating window. This post has the info about that (second question). And during your fast, you can’t have wine, but you can have anything under 50 calories total during your fasted state. Save the wine (or anything more than 50 cals) for your eating window! We both do a cup of black coffee in the AM with a scoop of collagen. And lots of water! Hope that’s helpful!

2. Easter/spring wedding dress round-up, please?!
We will do a whole post dedicated to this but a few we’re loving are here, here, here, and here!

3. I see a lot of people cutting/going short with their hair! Would either of you consider going short for spring?! I want to but get nervous!
I probably wouldn’t go super short (I have before, not the best look on me lol), but love the long bob! Not sure how long your hair is now, but you could start with a long bob, and see how you feel!
Meggan: I would love to chop my hair but it’s way too thick and wouldn’t look good!

4. I love hearing about your balance with food. Do you ever get stomach issues when eating so many vegetables? I always feel so bloated!
Yes – when we eat cruciferous veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower (which are known for causing bloat). Always avoid them during vacays when we’re going to be in a suit lol.

5. Are white booties still in? And if so, can you recommend some chic ones? I loveeeeee the Christian Louboutin So Kate ones, but hate the price!
Yes! This pair is a great dupe for the Louboutins! Also love this pair, and this pair!

6. I’m sure this has been addressed at some point….would you mind sharing what app/filter you use on your photos? Do you have a specific preset? I use VSCO, but can’t decide on a good one!
We use Marina McAvoy presets

7. Going on a quick 3-day trip to New York with one of my closest girlfriends next month and it’s my first time there. We both love shopping, cute aesthetic/instagrammable (lol) places or cafes, great food/dessert, and wouldn’t mind squeezing in some sight seeing of course! Can you think of some sort of loose itinerary you recommend? We’re staying in SoHo, Manhattan.
Soho is the most instagrammable neighborhood in NYC (in my opinion lol), so that’s great! It also has some of the best shopping in the city, so that’s another plus. Places to check out – Ladurée (in Soho), While We Were Young (go early), BG (the restaurant at the top of Bergdorf’s – even for tea or a just a cocktail), shopping/window shopping at Bergdorf’s – especially the shoe dept, Central Park is a must if this is your first visit (right next to Bergdorf’s so a two-for-one), the Restoration Hardware restaurant in Meatpacking is so stunning and a must see! Another place that doesn’t take reservations so go early! They also have a bar that is on a different level than the restaurant, but the restaurant is stunning! More of my favorite restaurants: Buddakan (aka the Sex and the City rehearsal dinner spot, but request a table in the library – the restaurant spaces are not created equal), Boucherie, Bond St, Catch, L’Artusi, Locanda Verde, and The Polo Bar. A couple other spots I love for drinks are the Baccarat Hotel (stunnnning, drinks are $$$ but it’s great to stop in, even just for one), and the bar/restaurant at Nomo Soho. Both are super beautiful! Hope that helps, have fun! xx

8. Our first born is now 14 months and I would like to pack up the baby stuff because it might be a few years before the second. Any suggestions on what to keep/toss and how to efficiently/effectively store things?
Honestly, a lot of the stuff we kept stained yellow (from spit up, even though it was clean) after sitting for some time, and we stored in air-tight containers. That was such a bummer and waste of time! We would recommend only keeping the things you absolutely love/know you will use with the next one and donate or sell the rest!

9. I’m looking to update my wardrobe with more classic pieces this year as I turn 32 in June. What are your top staples for spring season? I have the Agolde cutoffs which I love!
A nice moto jacket (year-round), neutral slide sandals, quality tees – these are our favorites, also love these for $19, a trench, simple heels in nude, and an easy dress that you can dress up or down and wear with flats, heels, or sneakers.

10. We are attending my 20 year high school reunion in a few weeks, it’s a more formal venue, like a gala. Any outfit suggestions?
Obsessing over this jumpsuit, this dress, this dress, this one, and this one – such cool details!

11. I bought the Stuart Weitzman OTK lowland boots and I believe the color is sand. What do I wear them with? The contrast is really strong with anything black. I lusted after them for so long and now I’m kinda bummed because I haven’t found a good outfit recipe to wear them with.
Really? Love that color, and feel like it totally looks classic with black! It is a contrast, but a good one! We would probably do black skinny jeans (or dark skinny jeans) with a black top! Probably not what you wanted to hear, but the sand color looks great with black! You could also do a white top with blue jeans, blue jeans and gray top, an all white outfit with the boots. The options are endless, you just have to go for it and try out some different pieces with them!

12. Could you guys share some go-to “maternity wear”? Dresses/maternity options that were your favorite things to wear when pregnant? I know Meggan was seen in a cute/form fitted tank dress, would love any other recommendations/items you felt most comfortable in throughout your pregnancies.
Yes, that was this dress! I have it in a few colors and love it – so soft and stretchy! I honestly pretty much lived in stretchy dresses because it was so hot in Texas all summer. But in the fall for bottoms I loved the Lululemon Align (non-maternity), Spanx maternity leggings, the Splendid joggers, Spanx faux leather leggings, and these AG jeans. The Ingrid & Isabel tanks are great, this sweatshirt (I still wear it all the time), and these tee’s. I bought a lot from the ASOS maternity section and the H&M maternity one – both have cute/affordable pieces!

13. I’m attending a comedy night fundraiser next weekend and need some outfit advice. Nothing too casual or fancy, but I’d like to look put together. No jeans, any recommendations?
Love this dress, this jumpsuit, this skirt, (thinking with a white bodysuit), this dress, and this set is pretty fun!

14. I’m hoping you can help with some suggestions for what to wear to my husband’s awards banquet next month. It’s not as formal as the name can suggest. (Side note – I don’t prefer to wear anything above the knee.)
A few dresses we found: here (so pretty!), here, here, and here.

15. Do you think the Gucci Princetown mules are a trend or will they be around for a few more seasons? I’ve been wearing the Sam Edelman knock-offs and I’m thinking of taking the plunge! Any other investment shoes in that price range that you’d rather spend your money on?
Love them, think they’re here for a while at least! A loafer will always be a classic shoe, whether or not it’s trending at the moment. We both love ours and we say go for it! The only other pair we wear more are our Golden Goose sneakers!

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