1. Brooke – I am redoing a kitchen and wondered if you would mind sharing your brass hardware and kitchen sink faucet info with me, and if you have the info on your light hardwood floors. Also do either of you have any suggestions on inexpensive patio furniture? I think one of you may have shared something from world market not too long ago.
Our hardware is from Schoolhouse Electric, and here is another great option that is more budget-friendly (we had this in our old house and it looks identical!). Our faucet in the kitchen is not brass, but I ordered this one for the office and it’s really good!

2. What plants do you guys have in your homes? Are they real, faux, or both?
Mine are all real – fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, a cactus, and one that I have no clue what it’s called but you only water it every 3 months and it’s easy to not kill lol.
Brooke: I have both real and fake! I would prefer all real, but a couple of our rooms don’t get enough light to keep them alive, I’ve tried :(. I have a fiddle leaf fig, a rosemary tree, moss, and I’m looking for another tree right now. Loving olive trees, this one looks like a great faux option! Should I order it and let you know? The price is amazing if it’s a good one.

3. Could y’all do a round up of your favorite perfumes?!
I’m kind of obsessed with perfume lol, and have so many favorites. My current rotation is: B. Balenciaga, , Rose 31, Santal 33 (unisex & the one I’ve been using the  most lately), Egyptian Skin Oil, and I just got a few new scents to try from Scentbird!
Meggan: I wear Skylar Capri daily (love that it’s chemical free) and Chloe has been my go-to for years.

4. I’m wondering how you all decide what accessories to invest in? I’ve been saving up for a long time and am torn between getting a Cartier love bracelet or Chanel reissue. Any suggestions given that between you two you’ve got the bracelet and Chanel bag?
We invest in bags, shoes, coats, and jewelry. Before deciding to splurge on an item, we usually ask ourselves if we will love it a year from now (answer must be ‘yes’), and is this something we could easily sell or pass down to our girls one day? You should get which item you love the most! First, decide if those are pieces you really want to spend your saved money on. If they are, pick your favorite! They are two different categories so it’s hard to say which one we would recommend – do you love jewelry? Or bags? Honestly, can’t go wrong with either!

5. Meggan – you said you were on the hunt for patio furniture. Have you found anything? Have you come across any affordable sets?
Yes! Some patio furniture that I’ve booked-marked are here, here, here, here, and here. Also loving this umbrella and this fire pit.

6. What are some good spring nail polish colors you love for an at home mani? Also, what are your favorite nail primers and topcoats?
We rarely do at home mani’s but some of our favorite colors are OPI Funny Bunny, CND Romantique, Essie Urban Jungle, OPI Coconuts Over OPI, Essie Fiji, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, OPI Big Apple Red, and Essie Topless And Barefoot.

7. Looking for some cute (affordable) suits for spring break and would love your suggestions!
Love this suit, this one piece, this bikini, and so many amazing (and affordable!) options here.

8. What made you both decide to move? I recently moved too, and want to furnish the whole house at once, but obviously that’s not possible (we are on one income) so how has it been for you? Any tips with moving and furnishing a house?
We wanted to move to a more kid-friendly neighborhood with good schools/more of a neighborhood feel. We chose our last home/neighborhood blindly (bad idea lol), and it was not good for kids. Our street was super hilly & winding with a double yellow line, and 95% of the people in our neighborhood were over 60. We sold our home fully furnished, so we had to buy everything new but we didn’t do it all at once either. We’ve been in our new house for over a year now and we are still working on getting it done/furnished, so don’t stress out! It takes time for sure. We determined which things we had to have right away, and those were the pieces we ordered immediately (sofa, counter stools, beds, etc). The next phase of ordering was more accessories – coffee tables, rugs, nightstands, etc.
Meggan: We moved because we needed more space, mainly bedrooms! My tips for furnishing a house is to not rush it and measure everything. I had to return so many things I really liked because I was hoping it would look good somewhere in the house – never worked lol. And returning furniture is such a pain!

9. Since you both sometimes sell items of your own on shop somewhere lately, have you ever considered selling any of your kids clothes?! Specifically you Meggan, if you still have any items from when Cam was a baby/toddler?! Figured I would just ask in general though because I am sure plenty of your readers would be interested in girl clothes as well!
I haven’t thought about it, I always donate my girls’ clothes. But if anyone would be interested in them, I would consider selling the pieces that aren’t ruined by the time they’re done with it lol!
Meggan: I save his clothes for my future children but maybe someday when I’m done having kids!

10. Recommendations for what to wear to a summer black tie wedding? Ideally under $150.
Love this dress, this dress, and this dress. We would also suggest checking out Rent The Runway – so many good options!

11. I am having my first baby any day now & wondering if you guys have any cute ways you’ve seen or done for asking someone to be a godmother? Or is that not even a thing anymore lol.
Hmm we’ve never heard of that lol but we think it would be special to ask the while she’s holding your baby for the first time! And you could keep it simple with a card and flowers.

12. I just got engaged and were beginning to compile a list of things we want on our registry. Is there anything that is a must have or any advice you might have? We need a lot for our home but I want to make sure we put our must haves along with some of our wants! It’s overwhelming lol.
Brooke: We didn’t really register for a lot, so I might not have the best advice! But I will say the things we still use every day (or so) from our wedding gifts (7 years later) are: our dishes (50% off!), silverware, and stemless wine glasses. I think nice bath towels are also a great thing to register for! We didn’t, but ended up buying these towels a couple years ago and love them.
Meggan: We mainly registered for kitchen supplies because we finally had a house with a real kitchen (and storage). Dishes, pots and pans, silverware (gold and silver), baking sheets, knife set, food processor, KitchenAide mixer, wine glasses, barware, and storage containers/bowls are all things I registered for that I use a lot! This registry list is super helpful!

13. Headed to Victoria, BC, at the end of April and looking for a decent jacket that will keep me warm enough, but also something that isn’t a winter jacket— I guess transitional winter to spring? We will be outside quite a bit and the weather could be in the 40s, always a chance it could be rainy and windy as well. I do have a moto jacket, so in the market for something other than that— preferably easy to layer with :).
This trench coat
( it’s waterproof!), love this hooded raincoat in all 3 colors, and love this one in blue! A few more options here, here, and here (on sale, love this one!).

14. Can you please suggest nice but not too expensive gowns to wear for my cousins reception in June?
Some cute options: here, here, here, and here!

15. I’m graduating from law school in May and am having the hardest time finding a dress— I HATED my undergraduate graduation dress, it was literally a funeral dress, so I’m trying to be more proactive this time! It has to be mini just so it doesn’t dangle out below the giant gowns we wear over.
This one is so fun and different, also love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

16. I am taking a girl’s trip to New Orleans soon and wondering cute and casual day outfits to wear?! The weather is around 70s!
This dress is a warm-weather staple because you can wear it anywhere, dress it up or down, and it’s on sale! Did we mention it comes in 8 colors?! This dress is so pretty and looks like New Orleans! Easy to wear during the day with sandals or sneakers. These are our favorite denim cutoffs – pair them with a graphic tee or a plain tee and sneakers/sandals.

17. I was hoping you all could help with my wedding shoes! I’m looking for a pair of heels that are gorgeous and as much as I would love a designer pair, it’s just not in the wedding budget! I was hoping to spend less than $250! I wasn’t sure if y’all had any suggestions?!
Found some great designer options on sale under $250! Love these Rachel Zoe heels in white or blush, these pumps, these (so fun for ‘something blue!’), and these – looove the pearls!

18. What type of fake plant would you suggest to liven up a modern front room?
Love this olive tree and this fiddle leaf fig plant! Both great prices for fake plants!

19. I have been debating getting the Hermes Oran Sandal in gold or the studded ones in naturel. I like that the studded ones are a little different and less people have them. Brooke, I know you have the studded ones, but curious if you think the studded sandals are more of a fad to only last a season or two and if it would be safer to go with the classic/original style.
I think the classic, gold pair is definitely a safer option. I love the studs, but I think they could be a pair you get tired of/go out of style.

20. Going to the Bahamas with some girlfriends next month. Have a suggestions for swimsuits and outfits that transition easily from daytime to going out?
Swimsuit options: here (love the tortoiseshell rings), here, here, and here. Clothes to pack: this romper (love it in green!), this maxi (could be a coverup or worn out to dinner), this caftan, this dress, and this set.

Leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx