1. Meggan – what was your experience with Invisalign like? How long did it take and are you happy with the results?
I honestly hated it but it worked lol. It was a pain having to take them out to eat/drink, I had a slight lisp, and I started clenching my jaw from wearing them. I had them for 4.5 months which wasn’t too bad because some people have to wear them for a year+. I’m actually going to do it on my bottom teeth again because my wisdom tooth came in and shifted one tooth. So annoying ugh but I won’t have to wear it for long because it’s a small fix. So overall, they’re a pain but they definitely work!

2. I want to get into a housewife series but don’t know which one to commit to..!??? I’ve watched a couple seasons of RHONJ. Can you both let me know your favorite?
New York for sure – always so much drama. I feel like NY and Atlanta you can always count on there being good drama (nothing like Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy).
Brooke: I love them all honestly! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite…but if I had to it would be NY or Beverly Hills (but can they please STOP talking about the dog?!). This season is not a good representation of why I love BH lol!

3. I have a bachelorette weekend booked to Cabo and was hoping for outfit ideas! Hoping for good cover up suggestions, hat, and floral outfit for one of the nights, or any other cute suggestions for a night in Cabo (this is my first time there) 🙂
Ahh its the best, you will love it! I’m (Meggan) going next week! Some things to pack: this coverup, this hat, this caftan, this sarong, this hat (in black), and this jumpsuit. And a couple cute floral pieces: here, here, and here!

4. I am heading to Maui in early May for a family vacation. Do you have any suggestions for cute bump-friendly maxi dresses (not too tight) and sandals? I’ll be around 24 weeks and it’s my second so I’m already feeling large lol. Would like to stay below $100 for both.
Some bump friendly maxi dresses here, here (comes in so many colors!), and here! And we just did a post with our favorite sandals here!

5. Can you do a round-up of cute diaper backpacks? I’m on the hunt for a chic yet functional one. Would like to stay under $200.
Love this one (my SIL has it and it’s so cute in person), this one, this one, and this one.

6. Towards the end of May, I’m attending a wedding on yacht on Lake Michigan. Any outfit ideas? I thinking it could still be chilly and possibly windy.
So fun! Some dress options we like are here, here, here, and here!

7. Looking to purchase a new designer bag…was thinking YSL or Gucci. What are your favorite bags around the $2k mark or under?? Can be a different designer if you love it as well!Love both YSL and Gucci, our picks: one, two, three, and four.

8. Heading to Palm Springs in April, I feel like PS has a definite vibe for fashion, wondering if you have some suggestions on pieces to wear?
Some pieces we love for Palm Springs: this dress, this crochet crop top, this bathing suit, and this visor – LOVE!

9. I am looking for suggestions on what to buy my younger sister as a college graduation gift. I’d like to spend around $500 on a gift that is somewhat timeless and meaningful!
Jewelry is our favorite timless/meaningful gift! Lots of great options around $500 – this necklace, this one (love the message!), this bracelet, and these earrings.

10. I was reaching out to see if you had advice on what watch (silver, two-tone?) I can wear with a yellow gold engagement ring? Is mixing metals ok?
Yes! Mixing metals is totally fine! Go with whatever watch is your favorite!

11. I just got a pair of Doc Marten vegan Blaire Sandals. What are some good pieces to wear these with this spring?
Since the sandals are chunky, we would pair them with a midi dress like this, this one, or a tee and a mini jean skirt like this one! Avoid anything too flowy with these sandals.

12. I am the personal attendant in my friend’s wedding this summer, and I am looking for a dress for the wedding. I want to coordinate with the wedding colors, without looking too wannabe bridesmaid. The wedding colors are sage, navy, and blush. The bridesmaids are wearing sage, the men are wearing navy suits, and the bride has a dress with blush undertones. I would love any suggestions for dresses or jumpsuits!
This blush jumpsuit
, this dress, this blush maxi (love), and SMYMM has tons of options in great colors so be sure to check here as well!

13. You guys usually kill it with your holiday gift guides so I was hoping you could give me a few suggestions of what to get a friend for her 30th birthday. I have a lottttt of 30th’s coming up this year and would love to know what to get a friend, what to get a best friend, and what to get a friend of a friend!
Some gifts that we would love to give (or receive) at different price points – this candle with fun matches, a necklace, flowers & a bottle of wine or champagne, a customized phone case (we both have and love), or a spa treatment!

14. I’m getting engaged soon (AHH!) and I’m looking for a pretty white blouse to celebrate in with friends + family for when it happens.
Congratulations! White blouse options – one, two, three, and four!

15. Brooke – I remember seeing on  your instastories Q&A that you don’t wear your engagement ring often, but I forget the reason why?
A few reasons: it’s just more comfortable day-to-day, I feel like a lot of people in the Northeast just wear a band (when I shared this on instastories I had so many of you agree and share stories about your moms and how they never wore/wear their rings either), and I’m having some issues with my setting (comfort and stones falling out) and need to get it reset! I’m thinking about working with Lauren B Jewelry to get it reset, is this process something you guys would be interested in seeing?

16.Y’all do such a great job sharing your life, favorites and telling your readers what works and what doesn’t. I’d love to know how you have any secrets or tips on keeping your family’s scheduled and calendar in order. Do you use a printed one? Share an electronic calendar with your husband? Would love a post on this!
Thank you! We use a combo of paper and electronic (phone/computer) calendars! We could definitely do a post on this if you guys are interested!

17. Favorite wallets??
Meggan: I use this Gucci one and love it! And I use this card case when I carry a smaller purse.
Brooke: I mainly use this card case, but also have the LV Insolite wallet that I need to use more often. My only requirement for a wallet is that it opens up flat (instead of zip-around) because it’s so much easier to access/see everything.

We had a ton of questions because we skipped #coffeetalk last week (oops, we’ve never done that!) so if you don’t see the one you sent it will be on next weeks for sure! xx