1. I ordered a Nurse Jamie facial roller, but honestly haven’t been using it just because I think I don’t know how/ when/ etc. Do you like yours, or see any benefits? When and how do you use it?
I was so good about using it for awhile and then I stopped – so thanks for the reminder! I definitely felt like I saw results when I consistently used it (I think consistency is key).
Brooke: I have not been the best about using mine! I’ve heard it gives great results though, so I need to be better and start using it regularly! Here’s a great tutorial.

2. Brooke – I started the April 8th round of FWTFL! I am genuinely so excited after hearing the success you’ve had! But i’m also so overwhelmed with the information. Everyone says it’s a very doable program and I know once I’m into the swing of things I’ll feel better, but I’m a little confused on the workout portion. I know you said you didn’t do the workouts in the beginning (and still saw great results!), but I already have a workout schedule that I’m wanting to stick to. I see a personal trainer on Tuesday mornings and do a variety of exercises (sprints, weights, cardio, TRX, etc.) and attend a TRX class on Saturday mornings. On other days, I go on runs/walks or go to boxing classes. Do you have any feedback on keeping the same workout schedule I have now? Will I still benefit from the nutrition portion of the program?
Yay, that’s so exciting! I love hearing from you guys when you start. Yes, it’s very doable once you get into it! Truthfully, I think you can keep the workout schedule you have and be perfectly fine! The workouts (as you have been able to see) are mostly weights/cardio, so it sounds similar to what you’re already doing. I think the workouts are a great guide if you’re not sure where to begin/what to do, but I think you can continue with what you’re already doing and see great results!

3. How do you organize your closets?
I hang everything by category and color. So all my cami’s, tanks, tees, long sleeves, blouses, sweaters, etc. all hang together and then within those groups I keep them color coordinated. I put scarfs on hangers, roll my belts and store them on a shelf, have bins with winter accessories (hats, heavy scarfs, etc), and have my jewelry on a dresser (which is inside my closet) on cute stands I found at Target. And I only keep seasonal items out – just put all my winter stuff in storage a couple weeks ago and got out all my summer clothes!
Brooke: I do the same thing with my clothes – organized by category, color, and season (move out my winter stuff during summer, etc). My scarves are in a drawer, along with my belts and sunglasses. I need a storage solution for my jewelry because mine is such a mess. Any suggestions?

4. I’m headed to a wedding in Bordeaux (France) in May. The dress code is cocktail but I’m stumped. I’m not a fan of the ASTR lace overlay dress all over the gram…any suggestions for a more classic dress for the occasion? Hitting the later 20’s has me gearing up for a few more weddings so willing to spend up to $300, but would prefer to stay in the $100-$150 range.
A few we’re loving for spring/summer weddings: this floral one, this yellow one (so good!), this floral one, this blush one, and this draped one.

5. I’m going on my bachelorette weekend in Nashville over Memorial Day weekend and would love some recommendations for white outfits. Some choices to wear during the day and then out at night would be great!
Ahhh that’s going to be SO fun! A few white outfits: this dress (cute for a boozy brunch), this bodysuit (simple but can be dressed up or down!), this mini dress, this jumpsuit, and this dress.

6. My family recently traveled and spent a night at my best friend’s house. I’d like to send something smallish (<$75) as a thank you/hostess gift that is easy to ship and fitting for a busy working mom of 3 littles. Any ideas?
We sound like a broken record, but honestly one of our favorite gifts to give and receive is a nice candle! Something nobody (really) wants to buy for themselves, but loooves to have. We love this one, this one, and this one. Other ideas are a nice bottle of wine with a pretty wine holder.

7. I’m getting married in June and I’m looking for a red or fun floral print dress for my rehearsal dinner. Any ideas? So hard finding summer options right now!
Some pretty floral options for your rehearsal dinner: one, two, three, and four.

8. Can you girls recommend a few cute white TV consoles to go under a 75 inch TV?
A few favorites here, here, and here!

9. My husband and I’s first wedding anniversary is coming up and I need to start looking into a gift! I’d like to do the traditional paper gift but have no idea where to start!
Tickets to a concert, a piece of art for your home (this is cute!), customized stationary for him, or could do a gift certificate (paper!) for a couples massage!

10. I’m going to a music festival on the beach at the end of May and wanted to see if you had any great outfit suggestions. It’s going to be hot and on sand, but I still want to look cute!
Assuming you’ll be wearing a swimsuit – some ideas we love: this skirt, this kimono with cutoff shorts and a swimsuit, this dress, or this neon dress!

11. I am graduating college shortly and am looking for some cute dresses to wear under my robe. My school colors are red and white so kind of looking into a dress that color, but I also love navy. Open to any fun springy colors tho as well, thank you!
This dress is classic and you would wear it all the time, love this polka dot minithis maxi is gorgeous, and this white dress is really pretty!

12. Any suggestion for classy, durable bags that would fit a laptop, breast pumps, notebooks, diapers and a few other little things? I’m a working mom and most of my clients require I travel for work. My 5 month old is exclusively on breast milk so when I go out of town I need to constantly pump at work. I can’t seem to find a bag that does it all and is professional/stylish!
This tote is so great, we both have one and love it! Very spacious, and it has a zipper. So many patterns and prints to choose from and you can customize it with your initials. This tote is another good one and comes in a lot of different colors. Love both of these options!

13. Since you have both made a career out of blogging/influencing, but also have worked in the corporate world for a number of years I have a question. Do you think it’s important to get “real world” experience? Are you happy you both worked outside of blogging before turning it into a business? A lot of bloggers I follow either went right from college to blogging full time or even dropped out of college to blog. Curious to hear your thoughts.
I have mixed thoughts! I think it’s good/important to get real world experience but I also think its sooo cool that some girls are going straight to blogging! That means they’re obviously doing a great job and shows they’re hard working, entrepreneurs!
Brooke: I agree! Personally, I’m glad I had real world experience before blogging. It was fun to be in an office environment with co-workers – blogging as a full-time job can be pretty isolating, so I’m glad I had that experience. I learned things I would not have learned just by blogging (things like cold calling, leading a team, interview skills, etc). While we know everything that goes into running a blog as a business (a lot more than it may seem), I think the corporate world teaches you a lot that blogging cannot.

14. We’re headed to an island in Florida for my bachelorette party next month! Looking for some super fun looks / outfits for during the day on the beach and also for at night. Would love your recommendations! I love white so can’t wait to wear some fun pieces.
Love this little white dress for night, this bikini and this coverup for the beach, this dress, and this dress for daytime/brunch.

15. Do you have any recommendations for a dress for my baby shower this summer, preferably non-maternity. I’ll be 7 months pregnant but I don’t really want to buy maternity dresses if I don’t have to!
Some non-maternity dresses for your shower: this dress is great and comes in so many different colors. You could wear a cardigan or a denim jacket over it with cute sandals. This maxi is gorgeous, and love this floral maxi as well.

16. Going to Napa on a girls trip at the beginning of May, would love some outfit ideas and a good round up of hats for spring / summer (you always have the best ones!).
Five hats we love here, here, here, here, and here!

17. I’m looking for an everyday cross body for the summer, not too big, that would be good for holding my essentials when running errands, taking kids to park etc. I’m hoping to spend $500-ish. Anything come to mind?
Love this bag, this one (we both have and love), this one (just got this for Easter and it’s gorgeous in person!), and this bucket bag. All great options!

18. I’m graduating from law school in May and having the hardest time finding a graduation dress. It’s May in Florida so it will be hot (especially under the big graduation gown) so I’m thinking a white mini dress. Any suggestions?
This one
is simple/cute, love this one, this one is different/fun, and this one is gorg!

19.I have a cousins wedding coming up in June. I’m almost sure it’ll be partially outside…and in Austin, Texas. Summer wedding fun! Haha. Looking for suggestions on a appropriate but fun dress. Any price point. Thanks!
Looove this Zimmermann dress and the open shoulders would make it not so hot! I have this dress & love it – perfect for a summer wedding (I got a size small). This dress is stunning, and so different! Also love this one (more sizes here!).

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