1. I’m in search of a good brightening/glowy face serum. Do you have any recommendations that are available at Sephora?
I use this Volition one and love it – I’ve tried quite a few of their products and they don’t disappoint! Definitely ordering this one next after reading the reviews, they’re high praise.
Brooke: This one is my newest obsession – it’s seriously plumping! I love this Vitamin C serum – amazing for brightening and the price is great! I got this one for Christmas, and I need to start using it because the reviews are amazing!

2. Would you ladies mind sharing a couple of your favorite dresses/jumpsuits for a spring wedding in Dallas?
Love this strapless yellow one, this lace one, this floral jumpsuit, and this lace one (gorggg!).

3. How close are Avery and Camden in age? Similar? I’m a newer follower, so sorry if you’ve answered this before! 
They are only 3 months apart! Avery is 3 months older than Camden. Too bad we don’t live closer, b/c they would love to play together!

4. This is more of a personal question but do either of you get the “drinking blues”? Sometimes I can be so hard on myself for drinking and having a good times with friend and family (which is very annoying)!! Do y’all have any suggestions/tips on getting over the blues? Hopefully I’m not alone with this at times silly struggle!
Yes, for sure! We both do – we always talk about this when we’re together. It’s not a fun feeling, but rest assured it is a real thing. Neuroscientists have found that drinking reduces serotonin and dopamine levels (our body’s natural “feel good” chemicals). The best way to avoid feeling depressed/anxious is to not drink too much – knowing your ‘limit’ is key here. For every drink you have, follow it with a glass of water. You’ll thank yourself the next day! However, if you do have a bit too much (hello, we’ve all been there!), try not to beat yourself up. Eat a big bowl of pasta (or anything loaded with carbs – they boost serotonin levels), and move on with your life! It happens!

5. Meggan – Trying to get back in shape after baby! Any tips?
I’m not going to lie, I’m struggling round two! After Camden it was wayyyy easier! I’ve been drinking tons of water (about a gallon a day), cutting carbs (not completely but trying to avoid them), eating whole foods (lots of veggies and protein), and working out 3-5 times a week. We just did a little home gym in our garage so it’s been easier for me to get workouts in. Also be easy on yourself :) I’ve been bummed because my stomach is just not the same (the skin texture) but need to remember I just grew a baby for 9 months!

6. My coffee talk question is about storing clothes. I’m sure you both have a lot more clothes / shoes than I do- but how do you store them? Do you pack up summer stuff in the winter, etc? My closet is full but I don’t want to throw anything away! Any tips?
Brooke: My closet isn’t big enough to hold all four seasons worth of clothing, so I keep it seasonal. I find it much easier to get dressed that way also! So in a few weeks, I’ll be moving all of my fall/winter stuff to our guest room closet, and all of the summer stuff back in! It’s a process, but it’s what I found works best.
Meggan: I keep it seasonal as well! I store most of my things in containers but keep coats in a hallway closet. I put most of my shoes in bins but put my nice ones back in their boxes so they don’t get scuffed up.

7. Brooke – How is life without caffeine? Still going strong? 
Yes, still going strong and I feel great! My sleep has improved so much, and it has helped my anxiety some. I still get anxious, but I do feel calmer overall. My energy levels are great, and I love that I’m actually tired at night, can fall asleep easily, and stay asleep during the night!

8. What kind of dogs do you both have? How big do they get, temperament, etc? Did you have them professionally trained? They seem so well behaved!
Warren is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and he’s fully grown (I hope) at 100lbs. He’s seriously so sweet and just wants to cuddle 24/7 – we got lucky with him! We hired a trainer to work with him when he was a puppy because his bread is pretty stubborn.
Louie is a mini Australian Labradoodle. He is 30lbs, and fully grown. He doesn’t shed, and he’s very active and friendly. He needs a lot of exercise, is amazing with kids, and (knock on wood) has never chewed anything in our home/furniture. However, he was challenging to train in terms of behavior like jumping on people, digging holes in the yard, running away when it was time to get in the kennel, etc (super easy to potty train though). He is really smart, so he would just bail out (lay down, stop participating) when we were trying to train him. I grew up with Golden Retrievers who were super easy to train/very obedient. He’s not the opposite, but definitely more challenging/stubborn. After working with a trainer at our home, I felt like we were getting nowhere, so we ended up sending him to doggy boot camp lol. It was a 4-week program, and I’m not kidding…he came home a new dog! I didn’t even know these types of programs existed until I saw Landyn talk about it with her dog, and I immediately started researching the tri-state area, and found a great one about 3 hours away. It was honestly the best thing we did – he is now so well behaved!

9. What are some fun beachy gifts to give the girls traveling for my bachelorette? There are quite a few so conscious on the price but also want to give them something fun and memorable that they would love and use!
Custom koozies
! So fun, could def use them on your trip and they can take them home as well!

10. Looking for some midi length dresses for work. Nothing too low cut and they do not have to be formal or ‘business’ like, but also not super casual. Any recommendations?
This one is so pretty, love this one with a blazer or moto, and this is another great (classic!) option. You could wear all of these outside of work as well which is great!

11. I have a few high neck swimsuits and I’m having trouble finding coverups to go with them. I purchased a pair of coverup pants but would love to find some sort of dress or romper that doesn’t look awkward with the high neck swim suit.
Get a sarong! With a high neck, you aren’t going to want something with a neckline, let the swimsuit be the top. You can tie the sarong as high or as low as you want. Love this one and this one!

12. It’s finally starting to warm up in Boston and I couldn’t be more excited!! I’ve been stocking up on midi skirts all winter and am ready to bust them out, bridal showers, mother day, etc…can you guys suggest a few sandal/low heel options for daytime looks?
A few options we like are here, here, here, and here!

13. I’m going to the Taste of Country Music Festival in Windham, NY for my birthday in June and need outfit help. I’m obsessed with both your styles and would love some suggestions!
This floral romper
is perfect and only $20! This top with denim shorts (this is our favorite pair) or jeans, this dress (wear with booties), and and this set are all cute options too!

14. Favorite pairs of Golden Goose sneakers? I said I would never buy them, now I need! Lol
They’re the best ;). Love this pair, this pair, and this pair (classics).

15. Do you have any recommendations for cover-ups/light sweaters for weddings? I have a few late spring / early summer weddings, and I prefer to have something over my shoulders in churches but can’t seem to find anything.
We would probably just grab a pashmina instead of a sweater. Tons of colors to choose from, easy to transport, and throw over your shoulders if you need.

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