5 Summer Skincare + Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Not wearing SPF on your face + lips. This is definitely the most important summer skincare mistake to avoid! If you ask any dermatologist or esthetician what their #1 skincare tip is, they will certainly say wear sunscreen! Most of us probably learned this later than we wish we would have (at least I did!), but it’s never too late! Everyone should be wearing sunscreen daily…especially in the summer! My esthetician just told me SPF on your lips is just as important because you can get sun damage around the edges of your lips which is very aging!

Wearing too many layers on your face. Summer heat and humidity are no bueno for a full face of makeup – we’ve all been there. If I’m going to be out in the sun, I always wear a hat and use either sunscreen, foundation with SPF, or both! I have been using (and loving) the No Makeup Foundation Serum with SPF 20 by Perricone Md that I picked up at Ulta. I cannot handle a heavy/thick foundation for summer days, and I love that this serum is lightweight and buildable. I have a code for you guys as well, you can get $15 off any $60 Perricone Md purchase with code RSPERRICONE3. I wear shade Beige. My skin is extremely sensitive to sunscreen and products containing SPF, so I’m really excited to have found a foundation w/SPF that doesn’t break me out!

Using too much product. You’re probably wasting a lot more money than you think on skincare products. This guide is a great reference for proper amounts.

Not using a primer. I cannot do my makeup without using primer – my makeup will be melting away by the end of the day or in patches all over my face! Anyone else? There are several primers I love, and I’m currently using No Makeup Instant Blur from Perricone Md. It feels like silk on your skin and does a great job at blurring imperfections. Silky, blurring primers are my personal favorite!

Not double cleansing. Double cleansing (aka cleansing with an oil or balm first, then following up with cleanser) is so important, especially in the summer months when you’re outside, wearing sunscreen, and exposing your skin to things like the pool or beach. Double cleansing allows you to lift dirt and grime first, and then wash it away second. I don’t double cleanse every night because sometimes I’m just lazy, but I always notice a big difference in the clarity of my skin when I am consistent with it.

A good primer is key for me! I loooove this one – goes on silky smooth and has a blurring effect.

This lightweight foundation serum with SPF 20 is a game changer for me since my skin is extremely sensitive to products containing SPF. I love it and wear shade beige. Get $15 off any $60 Perricone Md purchase with code RSPERRICONE3. I love both of these products so much, I want to check out their bronzer and blush – the liquid formulas are perfect for dewy summer makeup! I have applied the foundation serum with an oval makeup brush (in these photos) and this beauty sponge, and after using both, I prefer using the beauty sponge! Funny story – I bought this sponge on accident when I was at Ulta. I thought it was a regular size, but it’s huge…however, I ended up loving it even more because it can apply foundation so much faster! It’s on sale for $5.99 and I’m stocking up since it’s so hard to find a sponge with a good texture! A couple other things I picked up recently and have been loving: this nude lipstick (as if I needed another lol) in S’Sexy – perfect if you like more of a brown-tone nude like me, and this vitamin C eye cream.

Thank you to Ulta for partnering on this post!