Brazilian Blowout Before & After

My hairstylist has always told me I have the perfect hair for a Brazilian blowout – it’s super thick, texturized, and frizzy (as you can see lol). I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I’m grateful it’s thick and has body but I hatttte washing/styling it because it takes forever. And I’m VERY envious of the girls that can get out of the shower and just let it air dry – mine takes over a day to fully dry and I seriously look like a poodle! Anyway, I decided to finally try the Brazilian Blowout for the summer because I want to cut down on drying time (can take 30-45 mins). Here are all the details:
+ it lasts 10-12 weeks
+ your hair will be smooth, shiny, frizz-free, and won’t lose volume
+ it’s safe for color treated hair
+ prices vary but it can cost anywhere from $250-$400+
+ limit hair washing to make it last (this won’t be a problem for me since I only wash 1-2 times a week)
+ avoid salt water & chlorine to make it last longer
+ my hairstylist is Ana at Muse The Salon

(my hair looks like straw in the before pictures b/c she used a clarifying shampoo which stripped my hair – it doesn’t normally look that dry!).

I had a lot of messages on IG about why I would want to get rid of my curls? I love my curls but just need a break from them! It’s been so humid in Dallas that right when I step out the door, I have to throw my hair in a bun. So I’m hoping this will help! xx