Can You Link That?

Did you guys get the Dior friendship bracelets? If so, link please! 
Yes – we bought them in Morocco! Here’s the link.

Brooke – Can you link your sectional and ottoman? If custom, can you provide dupes? 
They are both to the trade from Lee Industires, but this sectional is basically identical, and here is a great dupe for the ottoman.

Can you guys link that gold beaded bracelet you are always wearing?
London Bracelet.
Also – we have a coupon code SOMEWHERELATELY will get you 10% off your entire order at Miranda Frye!

Brooke – Can you link those sparkly Golden Goose? I can’t find them anywhere.
Sparkly Golden Goose

Meggan – Can you link that neon green sweater? Also, what size?
Neon green sweater
– size small.

Brooke – Can you link those jelly sandals again? I think they were designer and like 60% off?
Jelly sandals – yes 60% off!

Meggan – Can you link your new Gucci bag?
Gucci bag

Brooke – Can you link your diffuser?
(so good I bought 2)!

Meggan – Can you link those pink wine glasses?
Pink wine glasses

Brooke – Can you link those pearl sandals from your closet tour on stories?
Pearl slides
(black and blush, true to size).

Can you link the baseball hat you’ve both been wearing?
Baseball hat

Can you link the pink dresses you wore in the desert?
Both are on yesterday’s post.

Brooke – Can you link the dupe to your family room rug again? I forgot to save it! 
Rug dupe