1. Do either of you get anxiety when traveling without your babies? If so, any tips on handling it so you can still enjoy your time away.
Definitely! The buildup of leaving is the worst but once I’ve arrived at my destination I feel a lot better. I just tell myself they’re in good hands and it’s good to have some alone/me time. We FaceTime and my husband (or whoever is watching them) always sends lots of pictures!
Brooke: Yes, same! I hate leaving my kids. The day we left for Morocco I was sobbing putting Sophia on the bus! Lol, such a mess. But like Meggan, once I’m at the airport and on my way I’m fine! I think you just have to remember they are in great hands, and it’s important for you to have some time for yourself as well! Truly, the only time moms really get off is if/when you’re traveling without your kids. So while it can be hard, try to enjoy it! Soon enough you’ll be back home 😉

2. I was wondering what blow dryer y’all use? I have super thick hair like y’all and was considering buying the Dyson dryer as I’ve heard great things about it! Not sure if it’s worth the splurge though. Would love to hear your thoughts about it or if you recommend another dryer!
My hairdresser uses the Dyson on me – I think it works well but not worth the price imo. I think you can find just as good for cheaper $$. I use this one and like it!
Brooke: I use a Chi one, but need a new one becuase mine is sooo slow! I also looove this dryer brush for only $59! It’s like getting a blowout!

3. Can you guys recommend some cute sweatsuit, hoodie/matching sweatpants options?
EllAndEmm has some super cute options – these joggers with this sweatshirt (I have size small in both), and we have a discount code: SL10. A couple others we love: these blush sweatpants with the matching hoodie (extra 50% off sale!), and these sweats with this sweatshirt – this set is buttery soft! I have it in dark gray.

4. Meggan, do you have any recommendations on what area of a Dallas to stay in? My husband and I are traveling there this fall with our son who will then be 18 months. We are thinking of staying in an Airbnb vs a hotel, but just looking for the best part of town to stay in and also any recommendations of things to do/places to eat while there!
Uptown, Knox/Henderson, or Lower Greenville! Things to do: Klyde Warren Park (food trucks, splash pad, play area, etc), the Aquarium, Children’s Museum, and Katy Trail are some things we like do to as a family! Restaurants: The Henry, Pie Tap Pizza, Toulouse, Meso Mayo, The Porch, HG Supply (go to the rooftop for a drink), and Sixty Vines.

5. Absolutely LOVE all your recs and am dying to know if you have any suggestions for **comfortable** (v important) and cute sneakers for traveling? I’m heading to Europe this July and will be doing lots of walking.
We just got this pair of adidas (see them on here) and love them – so comfy and great for lots of walking. Some other favorites are these Allbirds (like walking on a cloud!), these Nikes, and these Nikes.

6. Can you do a roundup of the best leopard animal print midi skirts? I have been on the hunt, and haven’t found “the one”
Love this one, this one (see it on Brooke here), this one, and this one (so cute and only $45!).

7. Brooke – what dog boot camp did you send your dog to in the tri-state area? I live in CT and am considering it.
We sent him to QK Kennels and cannot recommend it enough! They have shuttle for all of New England which is super convenient if/when your dog goes to bootcamp. When you pick them up, you attend for a 2 hour training session which is super helpful.

8. Just curious what your laundry style is? Are you girls a dry clean only, hang dry everything or put it in the dryer type?
I dry clean anything I want to stay looking brand new (worth it) like sweaters and dresses, and anything that is ‘dry clean only.’ I wash all of my clothes on cold, and hang them to dry, and I dry the least amount of clothing I can because my dryer really ruins my clothes! I feel like I need a new one that has a gentler dryer cycle. Any suggestions? It has to be front load b/c we have cabinet doors.
Meggan: My laundry style is pretty much the same! I used to wash/dry ALL my clothes and would ruin everything – lesson learned!

9. What do you guys think about mixing couches? I purchased a grey microfiber sectional, but need to fill the room more with a couch or love seat and there isn’t an exact match. Would you recommend going with another color, but same material?
You can totally mix/match furniture fabrics! We actually think it looks better that way! We would probably do a different color and a different material!

10. I have my sisters graduation coming up and am needed a dress/jumpsuit/ set. Something cute to wear and am having the worst luck finding anything! Wanting to keep it around $100, if you have any suggestions!
Some options we like are this lace dress, this yellow jumpsuit, this button dress, and this cropped jumpsuit.

11. I was wondering if you have any favorite pieces from Free People for spring/summer or even staple items? I have a bunch of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket but have no idea what to buy! Any suggestions?
We actually just raided Free People together before we left for Morocco! We got: this dress, this tee, this skirt, this bandana scrunchie, this dress, this sweater (we got it in bight lime but the tan is good too), this skirt, this bucket bag, and this dress. And loving this sweater set (just added to my cart!), this maxi dress, and this bikini.

12. I know you are both super into Collagen Peptides and I saw Kourtney Kardashian/Poosh is partnering up with the brand on two new products! Would you ladies ever test them out and do a blog post on it? I would be super interested knowing that you turned me onto the original product!
We will definitely look into it, stay tuned!

13. Can you both break down the layer and how you make your beds and link the items is possible or like items.
Oh gosh we need new bedding SOOO bad!! Our situation is actually embarrassing lol.
Brooke: I have the bedding from this post! And also, now I have my blanket I bought in Morocco at the end of the bed!

14. Even though I live in California, I am still so excited for all things summer. I am 5’4” and would love to try the long floral dress trend but a lot of times they just look ridiculous. Would love if you could recommend some of your favorites. Also, would love some cute white tops for summer in all prices ranges. Loving the white on white look but having trouble finding tops I love. Oh and I should mention I am probably one of your older followers (40) so I won’t be looking for anything too risqué.
40 is not old 😉 White tops: here, here, here, and here! And floral dresses we love: this one, this one, this one, and this one. We get our dresses hemmed sometimes because we have the same issue!

15. Do either of you have tips for keeping white tops clean? I really want a white blazer but know my makeup will inevitably get all over the collar.
The dry cleaner will be able to help you there ;). It’s a pain and more expensive, but it will keep your white blazer looking crisp and white!

16. I’m going to Miami for Memorial Day weekend, any recommendations for day/night outfits?!

This jumpsuit is so gorgeous! This is a great maxi coverup (I have it) and it’s only $58! Obsessed with this maxi romper (thought it was a dress!), and this mini dress is sooo cute and flirty!

17. I’m attending Aspen Food & Wine Fest in June and I’m trying to pre-plan/shop for my outfits. A. I’ve never been to an event like this so I don’t know what to expect in attire and B. I just want to have 3-4 pre-planned outfits to keep it easy. Any suggestions?
So fun!! We’ve never been either but would pack things like this romper, this dress, white jeans, this jumpsuit, a moto jacket or jean jacket, this white mini dress, this fedora, and this button dress.

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