1. Best sunscreen to wear with makeup? Specifically if you need a sunscreen touchup with makeup already on.
For under makeup we like Farmacy, Supergoop, and Obagi. This spray is perfect for when you need a touchup – it sets your makeup into place, helps control oil and shine, and it’s SPF 50! We are always trying new ones so we will let you know if we find more we love. Any suggestions?

2. What are your tips for being spray tanned before you’re around water? I’ve heard some people getting spray tans before vacation but I always wondered b/c I use self tanner in the summer and then can’t get in the water (which is fine). Does the sand wear the tan?
It’s the same with spray tans – you want to avoid hot tubs, pools and long baths to make it last longer. I got one before Cabo and just didn’t really get in the water the first couple days. I’m not sure about the sand but I would think as long as your not like rolling around in it, it will be fine lol!

3. I just bought this anthro pillow I’ve been lusting after for years! I want a cream or light grey quilt/comforter (not a duvet cover) with shams, but the anthro bedding is just SO expensive. Can you suggest some affordable alternatives?
This is a great option and it comes in cream or gray! Also has matching shams and/or euros you can purchase. Also love this quilt, and this one!

4. Could you guys recommend a nice black leather jacket? I’ve been looking at All Saints but there are so many choices I’m overwhelmed!
Yes, love this All Saints jacket! This one is a splurge, but I wear it at least 2 times/week. And some great designer options on sale: one, two, three.

5. Meggan – what size do you wear in the Allsaints leather jacket? Also, I just purchased and have worn once and noticed some discoloration. Did that happen with yours?
I wear a size 4. And noo that didn’t happen to mine – mine still looks great and I’ve worn it A LOT. I would definitely take it back to the store!

6. I’m headed to Cabo for Memorial Day weekend and was wondering if you had any swim/night out outfit recos?!
Some fun things to pack: this suit, this coverup, this dress, this romper, this dress, this bikini, and this jumpsuit.

7. What Size do you wear in the Gucci slippers with the fur??
Meggan is a size 7 and has the 37. Brooke is a size 7.5 – 8 and wears the 37.5, the 38 fit too, but the sales associate said they would stretch and I did not want them to be too big/clunky. We think they’re pretty true to size even though people say they run small.

8. I’m going to Thailand in June (highs are in the 90s, lows are in the 80s) and I’ve read that in order to enter the temples you have to dress “conservative” (knees and shoulders have to be covered). I’m having the hardest time finding an outfit that will look good in photos, weather appropriate and follow the temple guidelines. Looking for some help!
You could bring a shawl/pashmina to throw on when you enter the temples – that’s what a lot of people do in areas that shoulders require covering. So with that, any midi or maxi will be fine and you’ll stay cool and look cute in pics ;)! Some favorites – this one, this one, and this one! Have so much fun!

9. My friend graduated dental hygiene school and is having a graduation party. I’m lost on what to get her because she doesn’t like jewelry. Any ideas?
A candle, wine glasses with a bottle of her favorite wine, or a cozy new robe!

10. Would love if you guys did a post on some casual/cool/SL work appropriate outfits…winter was all sweaters and jeans but I’m already stuck for spring and summer!!
Cool workwear pieces: these pants, this blouse, this white textured blazer, this dress, this skirt, and this blouse.

11. Was wondering if you have any refs for something to wear over a dress for when it gets cold. It’s an outdoor summer wedding in the Bay Area. So cooler weather in general.
We love wearing a moto jacket over dresses! If that’s not your style though, you could always grab a pashmina or scarf.

12. I am going back home to Cleveland Memorial Day weekend for my grandparents 70th anniversary party.  The party is going to be outside along the lake and I was hoping you could suggest some outfits to wear. Thank you!
Oh my gosh that is so sweet, congratulations to them! Some dresses we love: this white one, this one (obsessed!), this one, and this one.

13. Can you guys share or do a jewelry details blog post? I’m always wondering where your everyday jewelry is from when I see it on instastories!
Yes! This is on our list of posts to put up, we will definitely do this!

Please leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx