1. If you had to choose between buying a pair of golden goose sneakers or the Gucci Princetown mules, which would you pick?
OMG great question…super tough to answer because I love both and wear them all the time! I think if I had to choose it would be Golden Goose (sale!)  because I wear them more often, but that’s probably different for everyone! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either!
Meggan: I think I’d chose the mules! I wear my light pink pair almost everyday and in the winter I wore my fur ones all the time!

 2. Looking for suggestions for my baby shower dress – can’t decide between body-con or flowy maxi!
Love both looks with a bump! Here are a couple options for each – this white bodycon (cute with a denim jacket!), this one in black or cream (only $35!), this dress, this maxi, or this stunning maxi!

3. What books are you currently reading?
I just started All We Ever Wanted. Brooke finished it in 24 hours and said it’s so good!
I need to start Then She Was Gone, Meggan gave it to me when we were headed to Morocco and I still haven’t started it!

4. I always love the recipes you share! What are your go-to weeknight meals when you need to throw something together & don’t have time for a recipe?
Some of my go to non-recipes are the sweet potato bowl, pasta (edamame or chickpea pasta if you want it healthier) with pesto and rotisserie chicken, rotisserie chicken over a salad (with any fruits or veggies you have in your fridge), mayo-less tuna salad, or ‘small plates’ which is something like sliced turkey (or any deli meat you like), hard boiled egg, baby dill pickles, cheese, veggies (sliced cucumbers, carrots, peppers, etc) and fruit – pretty much like a mini charcuterie plate.
Meggan: Taco salads (I do ground turkey, sautéed pepper, olives salsa verde, plantain chips), stir fry with chicken sausage (buy the TJ’s Asian Stir Fry so you don’t have to chop any veggies) with whatever sauce you like, sweet potato bowl, salsa verde chicken over cauli rice (if you have time to put in the crockpot), or cauliflower fried rice with rotisserie chicken.

5. Brooke – What was that show you just binged on Netflix? I forgot to screenshot!
It’s called ‘Dead To Me,’ and it was so good! I’m sad it’s over…but Big Little Lies is coming back in June! Cannot wait for that!

6. Meggan – I just got the Steve Madden hot pink heels you have, but I’m unsure of how to style them. I’m going to LA for Memorial Day weekend and would love some ideas on how to wear them.
For a casual look you can pair them with jeans and a tee (like this) or you could recreate Brooke’s camo pant outfit (here!). If you want to dress them up you could do a bodysuit (love this one and this one) with jeans or a jumpsuit like this one. Have fun!

7. What are some key pieces I should have in my summer wardrobe?
Flat sandals, strappy heel sandals, a hat, a denim or moto jacket (or both), light wash jeans (or white if you prefer), an easy tank, a comfortable dress, and a good pair of sunglasses! These are items you can wear time after time all summer!

8. My friends got me tickets for the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic and have zero clue or inspiration of what to wear. Looking for cute and classy dress/jumpsuit or romper!
Jealous!! We want to go! Some fun options: this floral dress, this jumpsuit, this ruffle dress (both colors are pretty), this romper, or this dress!

9. I have a large wall in my house and I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do with it. It is in our living room and next to our fireplace. Do you girls have any decor suggestions!?
It’s hard to say without seeing the space, but some ideas – a gallery wall, an oversized learning mirror, or a chest with a mirror over it.

10. My SIL is due in November with her first (and the first grand baby!). They live across the country, so I wanted to send her a package of some pregnancy must haves. Any suggestions? I already took some notes from your “Pregnancy Products I Love” post – just wondering if there was anything you received or bought that was extra special!
Comfy jammies, leggings (loved this pair), pregnancy pillow, gift card for a massage, bath soaks, and

11. Living in NYC and moving into a new apartment. Looking for a new storage bed that is still chic. Any suggestions?
Love this one, this IKEA bed, this one (great reviews!), and this one! Not sure of your price point, but this gives you options for every budget! Good luck with your move!

12. I’m going on a city trip with girlfriends in a couple weeks to Toronto – any outfit suggestions that can transition from day to night?
, a band tee with a moto jacket, and sneakers (just change to heels if you want when you go out), a midi bodycon dress (with a jacket and sneakers during the day, and heels at night), or these pants (obsessed) and a bodysuit!

13. Going to Vegas in a few weeks and need some major outfit help! Can you guys link some party dresses and bikinis appropriate for sin city?
Going out options: this romper, this red set, this leopard dress, and this long sleeve dress (loved when Mariana Hewitt wore it). Swimsuits: here (obsesssed!), here, here (love the neon), and here.

14. I bartend on weekends and am required to wear some sort of plain black bottoms and tops (+ comfy shoes obvi!). Any suggestions on how to add more personality to a work dress code? Getting bored in all plain black (my style tends to be a lil more ‘boho’ I guess… i.e.: my fave thing to wear is probably a patterned, flowy maxi dress).
You can add fun accessories to your look! It sounds like you’re required to wear all black, so try adding a fun headband, earrings, or a scarf hair tie.

15. Going to Washington, DC end of June on a school trip with my daughter. We will be doing lots of walking for 4 days, looking for comfortable tennies and backpack suggestions!
Comfortable sneakers: here, here (feels like you’re walking on a cloud – I have them in classic grey), and here. Backpack options: here, here (ash rose is pretty), and here!

16. Looking for casual, non-denim shorts! Something to pair with a tee for errands, playing with kids, etc. Athletic inspired is okay, but not straight up running shorts.
These shorts are so cute and on sale for $23! This pair is so cute and love that they look like a skirt – wear with a plain tank or graphic tee for a fun, casual look! These Madewell shorts look super comfortable and come in six colors! This pair from Nike looks so comfortable and love that they are dressier looking than running shorts, but have the same fabric!

17. I’m going to a wedding in July in Italy and need help finding a dress to wear! The dress code is cocktail. Any suggestions?
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

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