1. What are your go-to Starbucks orders? Does it change from Winter to Summer?
I don’t go to Starbucks a lot, but my favorite drink is a chai latte with almond milk. It’s definitely not the healthiest, but since I don’t have it often it’s fine. I love it hot in winter and iced in summer! Not Starbucks, but I loooove Dunkin iced coffee with a splash of cream (one of the times I’ll cave for dairy). Their iced coffee is SO good, better than Starbucks IMO!
Meggan: I’m boring and just do an iced soy latte. But I actually just tried a skinny cinnamon dolce latte (with one pump, not four) and it was bomb!

2. What are your dream vacations you would love to go on with just your spouse? What about top places you want to vacation WITH your kids?
I want to do a Euro trip with Brooke and our husbands! I’d also like to go to Fiji, Bora Bora and Thailand. With kids I’d like to do Bahamas, Disney, and a dude ranch in like Colorado or Wyoming! Kyle’s family did a dude ranch when they we’re kids and everyone said it was the best vacation ever!
Brooke: Agreed – Eurotrip with the adults! I would also love to go to Bora Bora with my husband and no kids. Places I’d love to go with kids – Bahamas (they would love to swim with the pigs!), and 30A/Rosemary Beach!

3. What are some or all of the items on your bucket list?
Checked off visiting Morocco and riding a camel this year! A few more on my list – learn another language – French, learn to play the piano again, buy a ticket day-of and go on a spontaneous vacation, go to a nude beach (lol!), get another tattoo – after I finish lasering off my current one ;), and start a company!
Meggan: Travel overseas more, get another tattoo (hopefully doing this next month!), ride in a helicopter (we we’re supposed to in Morocco but it got cancelled b/c the king was in town), go Yachting in the Mediterranean (and be on Below Deck lol), learn to surf, and visit every state (just need a few more out east and I’m done!). And yes start a company!

4. I just ordered the Nespresso machine you had linked. Which pods are your favorite to use?
You’ll love it! My favorite pods are any of the yellow/gold ones! I’ve tried all of them, and always go back to those!

5. Just thought of another question that I recently saw on Claudia from The Morning Toast’s insta – if each of your 5 fingers were a drink fountain (like a soda fountain in a fast food restaurant) what 5 drinks would they be?
Apothic, Iced latte, unsweetened iced tea, Miraval, and Diet Coke (from McDonalds though).
Chai latte, Dr. Pepper (with Chick-fil-A ice cubes), Sancerre, Cabernet, and Bubly water – mango.

6. I’m doing a lot of weekend travel this summer and was wondering if you could give a few options for your favorite weekend tote bags/small suite cases?
This one from Barrington is great and holds a lot & love that you can customize it! This small suitcase is great – I use it as a carry-on and is the perfect size for a weekend away!

7. Brooke – My husband and I love your bathroom with the black, white and gold tile and sink. Any way you could link the tile and sink?
Thank you! The vanity is from RH, and this is the tile! I just saw this vanity while I was searching for mine and it’s pretty much identical at a better price!

8. My sisters and I are STRUGGLING for a gift for our mom’s birthday. She’s in her late 50s, yet SUPER fashionable and completely ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. She tends to just buy things when she wants them, making it very difficult to come up with gifts. Any suggestions? (Trying to stay in the $200-300 range).
Something personalized would mean a lot to her! Maybe something with each of your initials like this necklace, I bought my mom this mirror last year and she said it’s one of the best gifts ever – so great for applying makeup…I want one now, or what about an experience like taking her out to a nice dinner, or a spa day – massage, blowout, nails, etc!

9. Looking back are there any old blog posts that make you cringe now? Whether it was the outfit or content written? Sometimes what was cool and trendy then can be embarrassing now!
OMG yes! Lol! But what fun would it be if you didn’t cringe at your old photos/outfits? We can laugh about it.

10. Meggan – Wondering if you could share where you buy Mila’s bows from? I remember an insta story a while back about a big bunch of bows from amazon… were they any good? Where else do you get them? We just had a baby girl (to our surprise! Like you I thought I was having a boy) so now I’m in the market for all the bows!
I love these bows from Amazon and these from Nordstrom! And I get her turbans from Top Knots.

11. I’m on the hunt for a designer bag around $2,000. I would love it to be practical for everyday, so probably a tote or shoulder bag. I’ve had my eye on the Gucci Ophidia Medium tote but wanted to see if you guys had any other favs before pulling the trigger!
My mom has that tote and loves it, it has held up really well also! Some other favorites – this Saint Laurent tote, or this Fendi tote.

12.  I was wondering if you could tell me how tall the both of you are?
Either 5’5 or 5’6…it changes at every doctor appointment lol.
Meggan: 5’4″

13. I’m going on a girls trip to Martha’s Vineyard in July and would love some recommendations for outfits!
This jumpsuit
is super cute, love this casual mini dress, these wedges look comfy and will go with everything, this slouchy sweater for night, this tank with jean shorts, this set is so good, and love this dress!

14. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
OMG this is hard, but probably some sort of noodles – pho or ramen!
Meggan: I agree this is hard but I’m going with tacos!

15. I am going to Mexico in a month and want to grab some staple pieces that are on trend for this summer!! Some outfit ideas would be super helpful!
Some things to pack: these shorts, this romper, this maxi, these sandals, this dress, this hat, this tank, and this set.

16. I heard this question on Ellen once while she was interviewing the cast of Pitch Perfect and I love it for dinner party conversations – what are your “serial killer” traits or in other words, some weird quirks that some people find odd. For example, I LOVE the taste of drinking orange juice after brushing my teeth and I love the fall time change when it gets dark earlier/stays dark in the morning (weird, I know).
Lol love this question! I unpack and organize everything right when I get home from vacation (can’t stand suitcases laying on the floor!) and I prefer yellow Starbursts over pink and red. Also I don’t know if this counts as one but I HATE socks – I hate touching them, looking at them, just being around them in general LOL. I’m being a little dramatic but they seriously give me the creeps.
Brooke: Lolll! I love ketchup on scrambled eggs, pickles with peanut butter, and I sit in my car for at least 5 minutes before I go inside the grocery store, or when I park in the garage before I go in the house lol (unless I’m in a rush). Also – I pick/bite my cuticles, but I’m trying to stop because I hate the way it looks.

17. I live in Des Moines currently but my fiancé and I are getting married in Okoboji at the Waterfront in August of this year! I was wondering if you can help me find a cute rehearsal dress! Something a little summery but yet dressy!
Loooove this onethis one, and this one! Congratulations! xx

18. What is one brand you two would love to collab with?
I would love to collab with some of my favorite home/decor companies – West Elm, World Market, Restoration, Lulu & Georgia to name a few!
Brooke: Yes, home brands would be fun and different for us! I also love ordering from Wayfair, so that would be another great one – I love their range of products and price points. And possibly a wine company?! Dream collab lol!

19. I’m going to a black tie wedding in Miami next month and have no idea what to wear…also the ceremony is on the beach!
This dress is stunning and can’t believe it’s just over $100 – it looks so expensive! Can’t get over this dress, it’s so gorgeous. Another great option would be to check out RTR – this dress is stunning and looks very Miami!

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