Get The Look: My Dining Room Shelves

You asked for it, so we’ll deliver! ;) More home content coming to you on the blog, stories and our main IG feed! Thanks for all of your super sweet messages, we really appreciate it! Today, I’m sharing a “get the look” post for my dining room shelves – one of my most frequently asked questions. Many of the items on the shelves were purchased at random home boutiques and antique stores in NYC, but I did find a few of the exact items below (I noted which items are exactly what I have), and a lot of very similar items as well so you can easily get the look in your home! The étagère is from Wisteria, and I saw it just went on sale…for 50% off! Lucky you, I’ll be over here crying lol!

disc | large Diptyque candle (exact) | Diptyque candle | Tom Ford book
Chanel book | match stick holder | horns | calligraphy brush | glass dome
sand timer | coral | black dough bowl (exact) | turtle shell | small white vase (exact)
Gypset Living book | Gypset Travel book | marble triangle bookends (exact)

More decor pieces I love for shelves…