Where to Buy Pre-Owned Luxury Handbags

If you’ve ever felt like you’re completely shopped out on everything this season – or that the trends of the moment just leave you wanting something else, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect vintage or pre-owned piece that is no longer in production. We personally think it’s always a good idea and really fun to keep an eye out for a good throwback find, and love to browse eBay for a great deal on something classic or cool.

One of the best areas to invest in is your handbag collection. Every good handbag collection is built from a mix of trendy and classic elements, and high-end purses tend to be quality crafted and made to last. They’re a pretty great item to buy pre-owned, especially when you consider the price point difference and percentage you save compared to buying brand new. When it comes to designer things, we understand wanting the confidence that what you’re buying is real. Even pre-owned, a rare or timeless quilted Chanel or Gucci canvas bag is still a considerable financial decision and no one wants to fall in love with a fake! With eBay’s Authenticate program, you can shop with confidence that what you’re looking for is verified by a team of experts to be genuine and exactly what it says it is. Having already done the legwork, you don’t have to worry that what you’re looking at can be a counterfeit.

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Bags are one thing we aren’t afraid to splurge on because they hold their value well (especially if you’re buying a pre-owned bag)! eBay happens to have one of the best selections and assortment of handbags just by the breadth of vintage luxury vendors represented on their site. Just a quick browse on the front page and we’re already eyeing a red patent Louis Vuitton tote. Not only are there really great deals on eBay, but you’ll find unique, beautiful pieces you wouldn’t otherwise see if you just limited yourself to what’s new at a traditional department store.

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Even if you’re not buying vintage, you can still score a hefty discount on an It-bag of the moment, which makes it totally worth it. Do you guys buy anything pre-owned? What are your favorite things to buy vintage?

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