3 Tips to Keep White Bedding White + Bright

With summer just a few weeks away, it’s officially time to stash away the heavy duvets and shams in place of lighter options. Back in February, I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to commit to a full white on white look in the bedroom, but the warmer weather definitely has me in the mood. There’s something about crisp whites mixed with neutrals that feel perfectly appropriate for summer. As much as I love the fresh, clean vibes, I’ve always found it so hard to keep anything white pearly and bright (especially with a dog and kids lol). But I’ve learned some tricks while updating the home these last few months and wanted to share my tried-and-true secrets for white bedding.

1. Invest in quality brands and fabric

Investing in quality brands and fabric is completely worth it when it comes to classic white designs. I love the Yves Delorme collection at Bloomingdales because their bedding feels so soft and luxurious – it makes it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. I picked out these sheets and pillowcases, which are made from cotton, making them less prone to staining – unlike polyester blends that trap sweat and oils. The colored piping along the edges is a nice accent that add a premium feel to the bedroom.

This duvet is perfect because it’s also made from cotton and is light enough to sleep under at night. You can also just skip the duvet and opt for a neutral throw to create depth in an all white bed.

2. Remove all traces of makeup before getting in bed

This goes without saying as removing makeup is crucial for beautiful skin – but it’s also great for the white sheets. Also, avoid applying makeup on the bed because fall outs and accidents are prone to happen. It’s never easy trying to remove makeup stains from anything white. But if you must, be sure to keep an effective stain remover on hand.

3. Launder right

White sheets aren’t very forgiving and show the slightest stains. And they almost always turn yellow over time due to the shedding of dead skin, body oils, and sweat. Fortunately, reversing that tinge is possible with the right laundering. Aim to wash your white sheets once a week and duvet twice a month – if possible. Be sure to separate your whites from other colors and add a whitening booster (not bleach) to every other load. We’re a fan of lemon, vinegar, baking soda, OxiClean, or Tide Bright and Whites Rescue. If you need to revive white sheets you’ve had for a while, try soaking them with hot water and vinegar for an hour prior to washing.

How do you keep your white sheets nice and bright?

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