1. Favorite ‘healthy’ Starbucks orders?
London fog latte with almond milk & 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla, almond milk latte w/cinnamon dolce (I usually do sugar free), almond milk latte with sugar free vanilla, and the healthy pink drink: venti passion tango iced tea (unsweetened) with no added water, 2-3 pumps of sugar free vanilla, stevia, and a splash of almond milk. I know sugar free isn’t ‘healthy,’ but I cut out Diet Coke so feel like it’s kind of a trade off lol. *Update – just tried a version of a chai latte I saw on the MacroBarista – order a chai latte (iced) with almond milk, 1 pump chai, 2 pumps SF vanilla! It was so good!
Meggan: I was going to say all the same ones – I only try new drinks that Brooke finds lol.

2. I’m new around here and would love to know a bit more about you guys and your family. How many kids do you each have and what are their ages/names? How long have you both been married?
Brooke: Aww welcome! I have two girls – Sophia (6) and Avery (just turned 4). We’ve been married for 7 years.
Meggan: Camden turns 4 next week and Mila is just about 7 months. Kyle and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary this weekend! 

3. What 5 items (not including bags) have been in your closet (and in use) for the longest?
Meggan: These jeans, these Current/Elliot tanks + tees, this denim jacket, these camo leggings, and Golden Goose sneakers.
Brooke: This Current/Elliot tee (in black, white, and gray), this IRO jacket (contemplated for years before finally purchasing during a sale, and now I wear it at least once/week), this Burberry trench, Golden Goose sneakers, and these black Madewell jeans.

4. What do you guys use for your hair when doing your face routine!? Looking everywhere for a cute but functional headband and struggling.
A spa headband like this one! Cute & functional!

5. Can you recommend a everyday bag in black or brown around $300-500 dollar mark?
Obsessed with this tote and it comes in black and brown, this bag, this bag (have it, love it), and this one (although it’s $595).

6. Meggan – question for you :) mom life update on how things are going with two kiddos!? We have a 3.5 year old and I had a similar experience as you did with Camden with him. (I used to find so much comfort in reading your monthly mom updates so thank you for those!). I’m still scared to even think of #2 (swear I have PTSD from first time parenthood & probably undiagnosed PPA) but I also really want our little guy to have siblings. How did you come around to the idea of baby number two? What have you done differently to help things this time around?
It’s so much easier this time around – I actually wrote a post about it here. I was sooo worried because like you, I had PTSD from Cam (sad but true ha)! I knew I wanted more kids but kept putting it off and finally just said lets try it. But seriously, Mila is the complete opposite and I feel like I’m way more relaxed now. Good luck mama!

7. Super random! Do either of your husbands snore? And/or are there any things you do to help you sleep? Ever tried CBD anything? I am the worlds lightest sleeper even with fans/white noise so curious if you guys use any sleep aids!
Luckily only if he is sick! I cannot handle snoring, because I’m such a light sleeper like you! I use white noise every night (Rain Rain app), and my naturopath gave me these drops but I ran out, so now I’m currently taking these goop melatonin chews.
Meggan: You could definitely try CBD oil – I take it for anxiety but know a lot of people take it for sleep! This Calm drink helps too!

8. I’ve read several books you’ve recommended in the past. Any new book recommendations?
I’ve been slacking but some books on my summer reading list are: Summerland, Where’d You Go Bernadette, The Rumor, and How Could She.
I just ordered this book, not my typical read, but I heard the author on a podcast and can’t wait to read it! All about not letting the outside world control you personal happiness.

9. Wondering if you have any recommendations for cute sneakers for traveling? Heading to Japan in a few months and there will be tons of walking. Looking for something I can wear with jeans/skirts/sun dresses.
We usually travel with our Golden Goose sneakers, these Tretorn sneakers are super comfy (true to size), and love this pair as well (great reviews, and on sale!).

10. Do you guys ever full pressure to constantly spend money on clothing, shoes, etc? If you do what have you guys done to combat the pressure and feel like you don’t have to constantly spend money? I love following bloggers, but I feel pressure to constantly keep buying things.
Yes and no. It’s probably a bit different for us, because it literally is our job to share new pieces each season/as they are released and we really love fashion (obviously lol), so it’s fun for us as well. We’ve both said we would probably not buy as much if we weren’t doing this for a living, but we don’t necessarily feel pressured to buy things (we just know that it comes with the territory). Without purchasing new items, we would not be able to continue making this our living – so while not a typical feeling of pressure, there is that pressure. If you’re feeling pressured, but don’t want to keep buying things/not happy with the way you’re feeling, we would suggest trying out a capsule wardrobe! We do like to see what everyone else is buying, but don’t feel like we have to have it, too. Or just start unfollowing anyone who is making you feel unhappy/pressured! Hope that helps! xx

11. I’m going to Italy in June. Any causal dresses or rompers you would recommend?
Looove this one, this dress, this dress (obsessed w/the pink!), and this dress. Okay, want to order all of these now lol!

12. Brooke – I remember you saying you don’t like wearing shorts. I’m not a big fan either, and wanted to see if you’ve found any pairs you will wear & recommend?
I only own one pair of shorts and they’re this pair! A couple other pairs I would consider wearing: here (not for everyone, but I actually love these!), and here.

13. I live in SF (which is great!) but often our Summers are actually colder than our Autumns, particularly in the evenings. Layers are KEY, and I’ve been on the hunt for some neutral-colored, relatively inexpensive (ideally $30 or under) lightweight scarves but haven’t had much luck. Would love some good recs!
Love this scarf, this one, this one, and this one! These are all around the $30 price point.

14. Any tips on making new friends when moving to a new city?
See if you have any friends-of-friends that live there, BumbleBFF, joining a group/organization, and friends from work, join a local FB group (for example I’m in “The Dallas Toasters” and it’s all girls in Dallas that listen to The Morning Toast podcast and they’re always planning get togethers!) – at least to start!

15. My husband is taking me to Napa for the first time for my 30th birthday in August and I have no idea what to pack!
Some cute options: this dress, this jumpsuit, this dress (love it with the belt), and this dress!

16. How old are both of you ladies? 
Brooke: I’m 31! Woah, feels weird to type that…in my head I’m still 26. ;)
Meggan: 30 and I agree with what Brooke said lol.

17. Looking for dress suggestions for my bridal shower in August.
Love this dress, this one, this one is stunning for a more formal shower, love the simplicity of this dress – so chic, and obsessed with this one!

18. My boyfriend and I are going to the French Riviera for vacation (first trip together) in August. Do you have any recommendations for outfits? Mostly sightseeing, going to the beach, and going to dinner. I basically live in dresses so would love some maxi recommendations!
We would pack this wrap dress, this romper, this dress, these slides, this hat, this maxi, this cover-up, this dress (so cute!) and this jumpsuit!

19. I’ll be baptizing my daughter this summer. I would love you dress ideas (for me lol)!
This dress
is gorgeous, love this one, the puff sleeves on this dress are gorgeous, love this one for a different look (you can wear a jacket or cardigan over for the church, and leave the skirt buttoned), and this one is stunning but a splurge!

20. Just curious if you have thoughts on the Tory Burch Miller sandals? I have been rocking mine for the past 3 summers and either need some replacements or new styles. I have heard other bloggers on IG stating they wouldn’t be caught in flip flops which made me wonder if the Millers seen have seen their day in the sun?
They’re not our personal style, but they look super cute on other girls/bloggers we see wearing them! If you’re open to something new – we love these slides, this strappy pair (on sale!), or this pair (woah, obsessed!)!

Email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or leave them below! xx