1. I love both of your homes so much, but I’m younger than you and on a tight budget. Have you guys had to decorate on a tight budget before? Or have any tips to get the look for less?
Omg yes! Most of my furniture was hand-me-downs and I got a ton from IKEA. I loved doing IKEA hacks – I always got my inspiration on Pinterest!
Brooke: 100% yes! When we were first married/had our first apartment together we were on a super tight budget. We could pay for rent, food, and put a little away for savings, but that was it. All of our furniture was either leftover from college, IKEA, HomeGoods, or DIY/Craigslist. We couldn’t afford a decent sized coffee table, so I bought four IKEA Lack side tables and pushed them together to look like a big coffee table. I DIY’d everything – side table, refinished chairs I found on Craigslist, a chalkboard, etc. I really wanted wallpaper on my bookshelf, but couldn’t afford wallpaper so bought wrapping paper and papered the shelves. I still love all of these ideas for decorating on a budget! There’s a great blog called Copy Cat Chic – she finds home pieces/dupes for less!

2. My fiancé and I will be taking our engagement photos in Seattle on the beach in August- do you have any outfit suggestions? Thanks!
Love this simple dress, this romper, this midi dress, and this jumpsuit. And honestly, basic jeans and a tee would be super cute too!

3. If you could take one thing from each other’s closet right now what would it be?
Her shoes! Her Chanel boots, Givenchy boots, pink Gucci mules, red YSL boots…I could go on and on! She also has the best hat collection & always picks out the best ones. 
Her entire handbag collection lol. Or her leopard Ganni dress – it’s so cute and such a staple!

4. Favorite place to shop for your husbands?
Todd Snyder (his fav store in NYC), Nordstrom, Billy Reid, Vuori, Rag & Bone, and J.Crew.
Brooke: J. Crew, Zara, Ralph Lauren, and Nordstrom. 

5. Do you heave tips on finding and sticking with your personal style? I’m in the “out of college, working, young married, pre-kids” stage and trying to establish a wardrobe I love. I get suckered into a good sale/deal or liking a trend on someone else and end up with things I don’t love or a style that’s not cohesive or truly ME.
Brooke: It took me a long time to figure this out. I really feel like I just found “my style” last year. I would try to wear everything that was on trend, and it just didn’t feel like me. There are still trends I love and will try for fun, but I don’t feel pressured to wear every trend if it’s not my style (or buying something that’s not my style just b/c it’s on sale). Find the pieces in your closet that make you feel your best, and find out what they all have in common. Go from there! Similar colors, silhouettes, etc. Wear what makes you comfortable and happy!
Meggan: I used to be the same way – my outfits were all over the place and I didn’t feel like I had a style that was ME. I was going to suggest exactly what Brooke said about going through your closet. I think it would be helpful to pick out a few things that you don’t like/doesn’t feel like you know what to avoid buying!

6. What shows are you currently watching?
Everything on Bravo (obviously), Dead To Me, and my husband and I are on season 4 of Power! Brooke suggested Power to us and it’s sooo good!! We’ve been putting the kids to bed early so we can get 2-3 episodes in lol. And I need to catch up on Big Little Lies!
Brooke: Also everything on Bravo, Christina On The Coast (HGTV), and Big Little Lies. Dead To Me was soooo good!

7. What is your favorite thing about each other? Do you have plans to see each other soon? Love when you guys are together!
Meggan is fun, easy going/always up for anything, driven, and we just have a great time whenever we are together. We can sit around and do nothing/just talk, or we can go out and get wild 😉 and have just as much fun doing either. Yes! We will be together next month!
Meggan: Aw love this question! Something I love about Brooke is how caring she is – she always listens to my problems and gives advice. She’s truly a great friend! And yess can’t to see her next month!!

8. I am way more comfortable in black, grey, white & navy blue. But I have been trying to incorporate fun prints and colors into my wardrobe – while on a budget. I keep hearing & seeing online that Zara has great colors, for a reasonable price. However, I get overwhelmed by prints / colors! Do you have any favorites for the summer from their site? Would love your opinion!
Their sale just started so perfect timing! Love this blazer, this dress, this blouse, and this tee.

9. Meggan – when did your anxiety start? Was it less intense at the beginning?
It started when I was in college but wasn’t bad like it is now! I can’t really pinpoint when it got worse but I remember having a few panic attacks when I lived in Chicago.

10. I’d love if you could share the process when you wanted to move and if you’d prefer the city, etc. What would you say are things to look for? Did you renovate a lot or did you look for something that was move in ready with minor updates?
Our process was pretty simple – basically wanting to get into a home instead of a small apartment because I was pregnant with baby number 2 and we wanted a yard/home. I would love to be in the city again, and we always go back and forth with the idea so we will see. We gutted our first house in the burbs and redid everything, and when we moved into our current house we redid a few of the bathrooms, refinished the floors, and painted, but nothing was gutted.
Meggan: Our process was simple too! We left Chicago/city life because we wanted to be close to family (which is why we moved to Dallas). We didn’t do much to our first house except paint and add light fixtures. Our current house we renovated the master bath, laundry room, office, toy room, and powder room. I’d love to redo the kitchen but I don’t think we’ll end up doing it.

11. Dress suggestions for summer black tie wedding in Chicago?
Love RTR for black tie – this dress, this dress, and this dress are all stunning!

12. I recently bought denim overalls and the AE Tomgirl short overall and am struggling what to wear with them. Most of what I’ve seen are tight tops underneath but I hardly wear anything tight. Any suggestions for looser fit tops without looking big or sloppy?
If you don’t want to wear a tight top, go with a fun band or graphic tee! Some options we love: one, two, three, and four!

13. Ladies, just wondering if you’re still planning on the handbag reviews and the DIY art? Brooke can we see the piece that is already done? I purchased some extra large canvas but I need real life inspiration.
I shared it on stories (saved on “home II” highlight), but I don’t have a tutorial for that one because we kind of just went for it! I want to do another so I can definitely remember to take pics for a blog post/how-to. And let us know which handbags you guys want to see reviewed! You can see my Goyard review here.

14. Favorite designer crossbody with a more casual look/feel?
Love this Saint Laurent, this Givenchy, and this Gucci tote.

15. My husband and I are traveling to Madrid, the Algarve, & Lisbon this August- any suggestions on casual day to night outfits or some transitional pieces that can be worn throughout the trip both in a beach town and in the city?
This jumpsuit
 (can be worn with sandals during the day or heels at night!), this dress, this tank, these shorts, this maxi, and this bodysuit (perfect staple!).

16. I’m going on my honeymoon in Hawaii and was wanting some cute outfit inspiration!
Aw so fun! Some cute things to pack: this eyelet dress, this jumpsuit, these heels, this maxi dress, this romper (I have it in yellow – really cute in person!), this ruffle dress, this skirt (with a simple bodysuit), and this tank (cute with jean shorts).

17. One of my best friends has her bachelorette coming up in Vegas and need some suggestions for going out outfits…not looking for bodycon dresses as we’re not 21 anymore but still fun and sexy!!
Love this bodysuit, this dress, this jumpsuit, and this dress!

18. I have a wedding in Banff Canada on August 1st. The invite says “formal.” I need dress advice…looking to spend under $300.
Love this dress, this one, this one, and this one!

19. Brooke – I know you have a Peloton. Meggan, I can’t remember if you do. Do you know any comparison between that and the FlyWheel Bike?
I have never ridden the FlyWheel so I can’t compare them, but I love my Peloton! Even though it hasn’t been used much lately lol, it’s amazing!

20. Do you guys have cars with TVs in them for your kids? How did you decide yes or no? I’m debating!
No, we don’t. My kids begged for it, but I feel like once we would have given it to them they wouldn’t be able to ride in a car without it or without whining about it. No thanks lol!
Meggan: We had them in my last car but never turned them on! Camden would ask sometimes and we told him they were broken lol.

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