1. I don’t know about you ladies, but the night time facial routine can be a struggle. What’s your typical night time face cleaning routine?
I love getting ready for bed at night, is that weird? lol I start with a cleansing balm (this Elemis one and this Colleen Rothschild one are my two favorites), cleanse, eye cream, face cream, and face oil. And I use the GloPro every other night and an exfoliator once a week.
Brooke: I have been SO lazy with my skincare routine since summer hit, I need to get back to it. I use a cleansing balm (same ones Meggan uses) first, then either my Tula cleanser or exfoliator (every other night), and finish with the either Day & Night Cream or the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. That is all I’ve been doing since Memorial Day…I think the exfoliator really keeps everything in check though since I’ve been lazy.

2. I’m going to a wedding in Moab Utah in August. Looking for some ideas for dresses. It will definitely be hot and probably a more casual outdoor vibe.
Love this midi dress, this floral dress, this wrap dress, this yellow dress, and this slip dress.

3. What sunscreen do you both use for yourself and for your kids??
Alba Botanica and Blue Lizard!
Brooke: Same, and I use this from Supergoop for the face! My kids hate putting sunscreen on their faces and this has saved us!

4. I’ve been looking at the MCM Liz tote and wanted to know your opinion on MCM and their monogram print? I haven’t seen a lot of bloggers wearing MCM and was wondering if it’s because it’s not in style? I am a toddler boy mom so I am looking to transfer out of my huge diaper bag and into an everyday durable tote bag and though I’d love a LV neverfull this is more in my price range (and I just love that they’re a little different!).
Not our personal favorite, but you should always purchase what YOU love and not what is trending or someone else’s style. If you love it, get it! A couple similar priced options we love: onetwo (we have and love, you can customize with your initials!), three, and four (love the gray!).

5. Do you ladies ever copy each other? My friends and I are always buying what each other has and loves. I feel like a lot of bloggers copy each other, but you guys always have different stuff than everyone else which I love!
All the time and we don’t care at all! We always laugh when we text each other asking “do you care if I buy your sandals?” – like nope!!

6. Are there any apps your kids can’t live without? We have a cross country flight with kids similar ages & I need to update our bare selection.
I’m no help here since we don’t do iPads!
Brooke: Same, sorry! Maybe try searching the app store for activities by age? If anyone has recommendations leave them in the comments!

7. I loved Meggan’s post Any Easy Way to Style Denim Shorts and was wondering if you could recommend some cute sweatshirts under $50?
Thank you! Some sweatshirts under $50: here, here, here, and here!

8. My sister is getting married in the fall and instructed all her bridesmaids to wear short cocktail dresses in grey. As a girl who is in scrubs our gym clothes all day, I’d be extremely grateful for any suggestions!
Okay not going to lie – hunting down grey cocktail dresses was not easy! But a few options we found are here, here, and here!

9. Brooke – I know you were in Nashville recently. Can you share where you stayed, where you ate, your favorite places, etc? I’m headed there for my bachelorette party this summer!
I really don’t have a ton of recommendations, sorry! I was there for one of my best friend’s wedding & was a bridesmaid, so I didn’t have a ton of free time to explore/try different restaurants. We went out on Broadway and it was super fun, but I’m not sure the names of the places we went…kind of just hopped from place to place. We stayed at Holston House and didn’t love it, but I think we got a bad room. Things were broken and it was super dark, but my friend had a nicer room (if you stay there, ask for a room on a higher floor). I wish we would have stayed at the Thompson or Omni instead!

10. Any tips for moving in with your significant other for the first time?! I’ve never lived with a boyfriend before and am excited, but also worry I’ll miss my “me” time (girly tv shows, face masks,etc.). Also nervous about the constant compromising on meals LOL… I love having the freedom of getting what I want when I want it food-wise 🙂
I watch my girly shows and make my husband watch with me lol! I have to watch sports when they’re on 😉 But in all seriousness, I have some advice. 1. Communication is key. If he’s doing something that’s getting on your nerves (example: not picking up after himself), tell him! Don’t let it bottle up because that can cause resentment or an explosion fight. 2. Be ready to compromise! Dinners, tv, or whatever! I still get plenty of “me” time when my husband is traveling for work, has dinners, or watches games with friends. Just because you live together doesn’t mean you won’t have any alone time. 3. Go in with an open mind. He’s going to do things that are different than you do but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It was actually pretty easy for Kyle and I transitioning living together because we’re extremely laid back but we definitely had/have expectations from each other. Good luck!
Brooke: I I agree! Communication is keeeyyy. Plan things with your friends during the week if you can (dinners, drinks, workouts, etc) so you’re not just sitting at your place with him every night. I feel like a lot of couples do that when they first move in together, and I think it’s important to maintain your own life/friendships outside of just him. Find shows that you both like to watch together, and if he doesn’t want to watch your girly shows, watch them when he’s not home. My husband is not a picky eater, so I don’t have the best advice there because he always eats what I make or order, but hopefully you can find things you both like to eat, maybe try cooking together! One thing I think is important to decide upfront is who is responsible for what (like cleaning, dishes, etc), because little things like that can turn into resentment or a dumb fight like Meggan mentioned. I also get enough “me” time for the same reasons Meggan said, so I never feel smothered (something I can’t handle lol). Good luck! xx

11. Any wedding anniversary ideas (gifts or things to do)? My husband and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary this month, trying to think of something different 🙂
A close weekend getaway or a staycation! We did a staycation in the city for Father’s Day, and it was so fun! At first, was kind of regretting the plan and just wanted to sleep in my own bed, but we ended up having so much fun!

12. Any cute phone cases you either have or love?
We both have personalized cases from The Daily Edited! A few others that we love are here, here, here, here, and here. So many good ones right now!

13. I currently purchased this reclaimed wood bed from Pottery Barn but the matching dresser was out of my budget. I love both of your home decor styles and was wondering if you had any suggestions on a dresser that would look good with this bed? I’m hoping to keep it under $650.
Love that bed! A few dresser options: here, here, and here!

14. Do you have ideas for a small (in size) gift for a first time mom-to-be? I’m going on a trip with my three lifetime best friends this summer – it’s the only time we’ll get to all be together before baby arrives. Want to throw a mini baby shower and have the friends go in on a gift that she doesn’t have to worry about lugging in a suitcase back home. But also still want it to be sweet/meaningful or practical!
A nice piece of jewelry! Since it’s a group gift, this would be great for everyone to go in on together. Not sure if you know the name of the baby yet, but love this necklace (could do last name initial if not sure of the baby’s name), this necklace (would be cute since you’re going with 3 of your lifetime BFFs), or this bracelet – currently 50% off!

15. Need a dress for my baby shower! Will be about 22 weeks. Any recommendations or good places to shop?
ASOS and H&M have cute maternity dresses! Some pretty options: this lace one, this white maxi, this floral one, or this mini dress.

16. I’m obsessed with everything from Ganni! I have a dress and a blouse and I wear them all the time, the quality is so good. Brooke, I know you have a few Ganni pieces too. I have a giftcard to Nordstrom, and I saw they now carry the brand! Can you ladies help me pick out your favorite pieces?
Obsessing over this jacket, this floral dress, this black dress (a good staple!), this hoodie, and this mesh wrap dress.

17. I am getting married in September and need some fresh ideas for gifts for my bridal party! I have 7 girls standing, and seeing as it feels like we’re all in/attending weddings monthly I am wanting to get them something different than the staple ‘robe and insulated wine tumbler’. Ideally I’d like to keep it around $50 a girl but am open to options!
I feel like bridesmaid gifts are hard because you want to get something that everyone will like but don’t want to be basic lol. But a few other ideas we came up with are slippers, zodiac trinket dishes, monogrammed clear pouches, a dainty necklace, this Herbivore trio (the body polish is amazing), a candle, a succulent in a cute planter (although that might be hard to get home if some girls are traveling), and bath salts.

18. Ok so I’m 33 years old and celebrating my bachelorette party in MIA, leaving in 2 weeks, and CANNOT find any “club” “party” dresses that are mature enough for my age yet sexy enough to club it up! Any suggestions where to shop or even better brands/pieces you’d recommend?!!
Ugh yes the struggle is real – I just went to Miami for a bach party and had the same problem. A lot of the dresses I ordered were too short or too long! Some dresses that could work for you: here, here, here (I love deep v’s!), and here.

19. Did ya’ll get push presents? If so, what were they?
Cartier love ring for Cam and Tiffany tag necklace for Mila. I didn’t ask for or expect anything – he did a great job!
Brooke: Tiffany earrings with Sophia, and a Maya Brenner initial necklace with Avery. Same, I did not ask for or expect anything so these were fun surprises!

20. Could you do a fall/winter trends outlook before the Nordstrom sale? I feel like everyone goes nuts during the sale but it would be good to know what you ladies will be on the outlook for and wearing regardless.
We tend to buy staples during the Nordstrom sale – mostly coats, boots, sweaters, and beauty products!

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