Summer Beauty Favorites from YSL

Now that summer is here, I have my makeup routine down to 5 minutes. I hate wearing a ton of makeup in the summer because I feel like it’s just melting off my face. Let me know if you want a separate post on my 5-min makeup routine/products, I can post next week if you’re into it!

I picked up a few new products at Bloomingdale’s last month, and I’m sharing my favorites from YSL with you today. Perfect time to shop at Bloomingdale’s because they’re having a Buy More, Save More event – up to 30% off! I’ve used this mascara before, but I forgot just how good it is! I have lash extensions (they’re addicting), and during the day I leave my lower lashes naked, but if we’re going out, I feel like I need mascara on my bottom lashes. The brush on this wand is amazing for both upper and lower lashes because the shape easily contours to your eye. This mascara is not clumpy at all, and it goes on so easily and really lengthens lashes. If you’re looking for a new mascara, I would highly recommend it! I have it in black, but it also comes in brown and purple (which is actually so pretty on!).

You’ve probably seen this shimmer stick highlighter on our stories by now, because I am ob-sessssssed! I’m not a fan of super reflective highlight that looks like tin foil on your face (know what I mean lol?), we’ve all seen it on instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shimmer, but I want it to look somewhat natural and not like I just smeared metallic paint on my face. If you’re like me, this is the product for you! This is a bold statement, but this is probably my favorite beauty product I’ve purchased so far this year. It’s super easy to use – I apply it directly to my face after my foundation & concealer, and blend it with a damp beauty sponge. It looks amazing, especially when the light hits it, and I loved all of the colors! I ended up going with shade 3 because I felt like it looked the most natural on my skintone (5 was too dark for me, but 1-3 were great). If you want dewy, glowing summer skin, you need this shimmer stick! Check out the reviews – I totally agree with the first one, “Very natural looking, but still beaming.”

The last product I picked up was a new lipstick. I know, shocker lol ;). I love lipstick, and am always hunting for the perfect nudes. I wanted a pinkier nude for summer since most of mine are more on the brown side, and fell in love with this one in shade 10 – Beige Tribute. It is so good. Pinky nudes are hard for me, because I can end up looking like Snooki on season 1 of Jersey Shore if I’m not careful lol. I think it’s the pigment in my lips/skin tone combo, but this one is perfection! I love how they show the color on different skintones in the photos, and this one looks equally amazing on all of them. I think we just discovered the best all-around nude for everyone! I also love the formula of this lipstick, it doesn’t have a taste or scent, and goes on perfectly smooth – yes please! I just added this gloss in shade 2 to my cart – so pretty!

If you’re looking for a new primer, please buy this one! I mentioned it last week in #coffeetalk, it’s next on my primer list. I couldn’t justify the purchase because I have two that are fairly new, so I want to finish those first, but this one is definitely my next primer purchase. It feels like silk on your skin & blurs imperfections so well!

More YSL cult favorites…

Thank you to Bloomingdale’s for partnering on this post!