The Best Motivational/Self-Help Books (According To You!)

I shared on IG stories yesterday that I love motivational/self-help books, and wanted to hear your favorites. I had so many responses, and a lot of you asking to share the answers as well. I’m rounding up the top recommendations for this post! If you have one that isn’t included, please leave it in the comments below so everyone can see your suggestion…I’m including the books that were mentioned 3+ times.

Best Motivational/Self-Help Books:
The Untethered Soul

You Can Heal Your Life
Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life
Girl, Wash Your Face
You Are A Badass
The Power of Now
5 Second Rule
The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu*k
The Universe Has Your Back
Big Magic
Unfu*k Yourself 

Daring Greatly 
Power of Vulnerability 
Confidence Code
The Power Of Habit
For Women Only (great if you’re married)
Crucial Conversations
Make Your Bed

The Secret
Take Control of Your Life
Present Over Perfect 
Year of Yes
Smart Women Finish Rich
Tell Me More 
The Happiness Project 
The Alchemist 
H3 Leadership: Be Humble, Stay Hungry, Always Hustle 

Let us know your favorites! Also – would love to know why/how it helped you! xx