10 Hair Products We Swear By In Our House

It’s safe to say we have a ton of hair products in my house ;). We have three girls with three different types of hair, so we are always buying and trying new products to find the best fit for each of our hair types. My hair used to be very curly like Sophia’s until I had kids (which totally changed my hair). Now I have wavy hair that gets frizzy easily, and since I color it often, I’m always trying to combat damage. Sophia has 3B curls which I’m used to since that’s how my hair was from middle school on. Avery has 4B/4C curls which definitely took some time for me to figure out since Sophia’s hair was totally different. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, and took them both to a curly hair salon to figure out the best products/methods for each of their hair. I use the L.O.C method on both of them after the shower: this leave-in conditioner (our favorite & very budget friendly), oil, and curl cream. I buy most of my hair products online, and Walmart carries so much of what we all use (plus free shipping on orders over $35).

Meggan swears by this hair mask, and I finally bought it and am obsessed. Since going lighter, my hair is definitely more damaged and this helps to hydrate and repair the damage! I also use this mask on the girls’ hair.

This oil has been a staple in my hair drawer forever, definitely an OG product! I use this on all 3 of us.

Cantu is one of my favorite budget-friendly lines for the girls. I love the way it works and it’s super affordable! We have the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in.

Devacurl is definitely more expensive, but an amazing shampoo for curly hair! I also love all of their products, and Walmart has a great selection.

I rely on dry shampoo more than I should ;), so I don’t love to spend a lot on it. This is hands-down my favorite affordable dry shampoo.

To get my lived-in curls, I straighten the ends with this ultra thin flat iron. I love how thin it is because it doesn’t grab more hair than I want, just the very ends!

We use a wide-tooth comb, Denman brush, and a Wet Brush for the girls (I also use the Wet Brush on my own hair).

The hair products we use and love…

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