Amazon Prime Day Favorites

Christmas in July aka Prime Day! Here’s the deal with prime day…a lot of these items only have a limited amount of stock, and once they sell out there’s no more deals to go around! So grab them while they’re still available! Here are the items we personally use on a regular basis and would recommend buying!

Save on a two pack of blue light blocking glasses – this is a great deal! If you work at a computer/look at your screen all day (hello, everyone!), you need blue light blockers!

My travel makeup case is almost sold out, so hurry! This thing is amazing, especially for travel!

My mattress topper (I have the 3 inch) is part of prime day! This is seriously amazing – took the mattress in our guest room from rock hard to tempurpedic for under $100! Our guests love this!

My blow dryer brush – this thing is seriously amazing and I’ve gotten so many messages from you guys agreeing with me! Dries your hair quickly and looks like you just walked out of DryBar! My hairdresser recommended this to me, def one of my favorite purchases of the year!

I wear these headphones to the gym daily and they are perfect for commuting and/or traveling as well! So comfortable, amazing quality, and I’ve never seen them at a lower price!

Ok, I don’t own this silk pillowcase but woah! Looking at the reviews, I’m going to have to order one! I love my slip cases, but these are so much cheaper and the same thing!

You know I love my Apple watch, I use it to track my workouts daily. Save $150 on this watch while it lasts! I have the 38mm.

Amazing deal on this weighted blanket! We love our weighted blankets – help with anxiety and literally feels like you’re getting a big hug when you’re cuddled up with it!

I love cooking with my Instapot! I’m always throwing weeknight dinners together so last-minute, and this little baby cooks chicken in 20 minutes the same way my crock pot does in 9 hours! Every busy girl who wants to cook needs an instapot in her life!

We both have this robot vacuum and use it daily! Not much explaining needs to be don here – I mean it’s a robot vacuum. What more could you want in life?! Save $145 today!

Save $280 on an iPad pro! This is an amazing deal and surely will sell out quickly! I just got a new iPad (hand-me-down from my husband who got a new one lol), and I love it! So much easier than lugging my computer around when I’m traveling! The new ones are seriously impressive.

I use my blender every single day! We got this as a wedding gift (8 years ago!), and have never had any issues with it! These blenders have a lifetime guarantee because they’re simply the best! If you’ve been considering buying one, now is the time! Save $170!

We’re both obsessed with our RING doorbells – you can see who is at your door before you open it, monitor your home when you’re away, and you can actually talk to people through the app when you’re not even home. It’s amazing!

Here’s the sparkling water machine that Meggan was talking about on stories this morning. This thing is amazing! We drink so much sparkling water, it makes sense to purchase this machine – you’ll never run out! I think muddling fruit in the bottom of a cup then topping with the plain sparkling water would be so good!

Great deal on the Nespresso machine! I love making espresso or iced coffee with these pods – so good and much less than going to Starbucks daily! Here’s an inexpensive frother with good reviews!