1. How do you guys organize your mail/bills? I am looking for a chic, organized way that doesn’t junk up my kitchen!
I’m in the same boat, we get so much mail and I can’t handle it just sitting on the counter! I just bought this organizer from Target, I love the brass! It’s only $11 and will keep everything (somewhat) organized. I try to open everything every third day so it doesn’t pile up.
Meggan: I have this acrylic organizer and I keep it in a cabinet – I like to keep everything hidden!

2. If you were to choose between the Gucci Princetown loafer, or the Torchon signature belt, which one would you go with?
Loafers for sure – I wear mine daily! I am loving this belt though, so cool!!
Brooke: I agree with Meggan, go with the loafers!

3. I always seem to have a hard time choosing between black or brown. For example I love this floppy fedora type hat that I’d like for fall, but Idk if it’s my clothes that I already have or what but I seriously stall when it comes to choosing which color, especially when purchasing accessories (shoes also) what do I need to do (I can’t buy both) because I really annoy myself with this!
We would recommend going through your closet and looking at what colors you have the most of. Honestly, black and brown both go with everything so we would say to pick which one is your favorite!

4. Do you ladies have regular date nights with your husbands? Favorite date night ideas? We always try new restaurants, but would love different ideas.
We usually just go get drinks and dinner but have also done cooking classes and love those! And in Chicago I loved going to movies in the park!
Yes! Same, we love going to new restaurants so that’s what we usually do. We also love to go on double dates with our friends, and I love the idea of a cooking class! A picnic could be fun, too!

5. I always follow your links to great summer maxi dresses although I just gave birth to my first baby Emilia three weeks ago. I have yet to master the gracefulness of breastfeeding lol and I am looking for some nursing friendly summer casual dress options. Some of the actual “nursing” maxi dresses are very matronly and I’d love to avoid feeling extra frumpy in those if possible!
Congratulations! Some non-frumpy, nursing friendly options: onetwo, and three.

6. Are there any outfits/pieces that you see people wearing that you wouldn’t wear yourself? Not necessarily a trend, just something you can’t get on board with?
Denim skirts. I loved them in 7th grade, but not a fan anymore!
Meggan: Short overalls – I like the regular/long pairs but not into the short ones.

7. I hope you’re able to help on an outfit “dilemma” I’m having on an upcoming “glamping” trip in South Michigan! I’m stuck on what outfits to bring for the weekend. We’ll be doing a mix of raspberry picking, sunset sail, dinner in a blueberry field, drinking wine by the fire, etc. all I know is I want to wear a fun hat (that’s relatively) affordable. Any ideas on how to practical but a cute “glamper”?
Omg that sounds so fun! A few cute things we would pack are this dress (perfect for dinner), these shorts, this cami, this jumpsuit (in floral), this henley (for nights around the fire), these sandals, this hat, and this romper!

8. Brooke – Can you link your exact ottoman and sectional? I know you’ve mentioned before, but I couldn’t find it.
Yes, both are from Lee Industries. Here is the sectional, and here’s the ottoman!

9. I am looking for shorts recommendations! I have soooo many high-waisted pairs, so I am looking for something different. 🙂
Some shorts we’re loving: here, here, here (see them on Meggan here), and here!

10. Did you guys ever have long hair? If so, do you regret cutting it?
Brooke: Yes, my hair used to be really long (see it here lol) until a couple years ago, and I do not regret cutting it at all. I love having shorter hair!
Meggan: I love the look of short hair so I tried it once and regretted it. Not because it looked bad but because it was so much maintenance compared to long hair. My hair is really thick so I had to style it everyday and I missed being able to throw it in a top knot!

11. I just booked a family photo session outdoors in Chicago next Friday and need outfit advice for both myself and my husband!
We would keep it really simple and stick to neutral colors! Here, here, here, and here are all great inspiration!

12. I believe it’s Brooke’s bedroom that has the black nightstands? Where are those from?
They’re from Noir furniture – find them here. Here’s another similar option!

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