1. Can both of you share your favorite Tula products or must haves! I’m revamping my skincare and want to focus on Tula. What’s your coupon code?
My must-haves are the cleanser, overnight cream, brightening eye balm, and these exfoliating pads (makes your skin soo soft!).
Brooke: My must-haves are the cleanser, overnight treatment, day & night cream, and eye balm. Our coupon code is: SOMEWHERELATELY

2. Did you both have weddings? Where were the like? I need inspo!
We had destination wedding in Cabo – I have some pictures on this post!
Brooke: Yes, we had a small destination(ish) wedding. We had just moved from Chicago to California, and decided to have our wedding in California, so all of our fam/friends flew out there for it. I loved having a small wedding and wouldn’t change anything…except maybe the bridesmaid dresses, but it was 2011 ;). You can see some of our photos here.

3. A few questions about blogging: Is it your full time job/do you make a real income? If yes, how long did it take? How long have you been blogging? I see a lot of bloggers saying they work more than 40 hours a week, and it seems like a lot to me (not to be rude!). Is that accurate? Do you have anyone else that works for you?
Yes, it is our full-time job & we make an income. We both worked full-time in the corporate world when we started Somewhere, Lately, and it took almost 3 full years of blogging six days a week before it became a profitable business. Yes, 40 hours (or likely more!) is accurate for anyone who is blogging as a full time job. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t realize. This blog post is still the best explanation for anyone who is curious what all goes into blogging full time. #coffeetalk alone takes us anywhere from 8-10 hours to finish, depending on how many questions we have each week, and that’s only a fraction of our week. It’s a lot more ‘work’ than people may think. Most bloggers just don’t really share the behind-the-scenes/business side as often. When we shared a little behind the scenes of a couple of our spreadsheets we had a handful of messages asking us what we do for work. A few messages like “Wait, I thought you guys blogged full time?” It’s a lot more than snapping a quick pic and posting it online, which is really what it probably seems like. Yes, we have two part-time employees.

4. I would love some bridal shower dress recommendations. It’s a summer shower and I’m the MOH!
Some dresses we’re loving: here, here, here and here!

5. Are you able to split incoming evenly running a business together?
Yes, we split our income evenly!

6. How do you determine the value of a designer handbag? I have a YSL handbag that I’ve never used and I’m wondering if I should just sell it because it feels like wasted money in my closet. I loved it at one point in my life but it’s not my style anymore. How do you guys decide how much to sell something for?
We first look at what the current retail value is, determine the condition it’s in, and price compare on sites like Fashionphile to see what that particular bag in similar condition is selling for. We always sell for less than bags are listed on Fashionphile because we want to give a better deal than you would get elsewhere.  We also consider how much we would pay if we were the one buying it pre-owned, a lot of people tend to think their stuff is worth more than it is 😉 so we just always try to be fair.

7. Would you change having kids young? You both seem so mature for your age!
No, I wouldn’t! I’ve always been an old soul and knew I wanted to have kids young. The only thing I do wish I would have done is travel more before having kids – like to Europe, etc. We’ve been trying to plan a trip to Europe for the last 7 years lol!
Meggan: I didn’t want to start trying for kids until 30+. Obviously it didn’t work out that way but I wouldn’t change it for the world! And I agree with Brooke about traveling!!

8. I’m going on a bachelorette party in Cabo and one night I need a sunset color themed outfit. Any ideas of what to wear?
We found some pretty dresses in sunset colors here (so cute!), here, and here! This one is stunning and on theme but so expensive wahhh!

9. What was the newborn phase like with all four of your children?
The difference is like day and night with each kids. Camden was so colicky – you had to stand up straight and bounce him or he’d immediately start crying! I felt alone (no family nearby and none of my friends had kids) and had PPD. When I found out I was pregnant with Mila I was really excited, but was also scared b/c of my experience with Camden. I wanted to be on top of it so we hired a night nurse and I started anxiety meds about a week before I had her so they would kick in. And then it turned out she was the easiest newborn ever (and still is super easy!). She rarely cried, went right to sleep after feeding her in the middle of the night, and always so happy! It’s crazy how different each kid can be! I wrote a “motherhood round 2 post” if you want to read it!
With Sophia, I was more carefree/less anxious/just in baby bliss mode. It was hard waking up every 2 hours in the beginning, but the beauty of the first child is you get to sleep when they sleep during the day. She started sleeping through the night around 6 weeks, which was a game changer. I had a high risk pregnancy with Avery, and she was born with a couple medical conditions, so it was much more stressful for me the second time around. It was also difficult having a newborn and a 2-year-old (as any mom of 2+ kids knows), because you have to wake up all night, then wake up in the morning to take care of your toddler, and Sophia was not in preschool yet. I honestly feel like that time was such a blur – I was tired, had PPD, we were blogging full-time by that point, and I was still working part-time at my old company…oh yeah, I also developed adult acne during this time. I remember feeling very alone because this was right after we moved out of the city, I had not met anyone yet, and my husband worked 12+ hour days. Once Avery started consistently sleeping longer stretches at night (around 10 weeks), I started to feel like myself again.

10. Does it ever feel weird taking pictures out & about? Are bystanders ever rude about it?
No one is ever rude but sometimes people will stop and stare and it’s sooo awkward!

11. You ladies have the best style and I’m in search for a wedding guest dress for a wedding in the beginning of October in New Jersey. The venue is in a little beach town. Looking to spend no more than $180.
Thank you!! Dress options: here, here, here, and here!

12. I need some Mom style advice. I’ll be traveling at the end of the month to Prague and Warsaw with my 5 week old son and am breastfeeding. What do you guys suggest packing/buying that will be cute for European travel and easy to breastfeed in?
This dress
, this dress, and this dress are all so cute for travel and BF-friendly!

13. My family (husband and baby) are moving from NYC to Dallas and though I’m a little gutted, I’m also excited. We don’t know much about the area so would love any suggestions on great neighborhoods.
Welcome to Dallas! Family friendly neighborhoods are Preston Hollow, M-Streets, Lakewood, Bishop Arts District, Lake Highlands, Highland Park, and University Park.

14. Any good H&M finds lately?
Yes! This leopard bodysuit, this jumpsuit (I wear it all the time!), this neutral dress, this lace cami, this cropped denim jacket, this casual dress, this bikini, and this camo sweater.

15. I  was just looking to see if you guys had any cute ideas to give to parents of the bride/groom for a wedding! I was hoping for something unique but also something that would be useful! In addition, if you have any good recommendations for what to get the groom!
I got my dad some nice drinking glasses (he loves scotch), and my mom a ring (love this one). For the groom – what about a watch, cufflinks, or a tie? Something he could wear during the wedding.

16. What are some easy lunch ideas for the working lady/on the run lady?
No mayo tuna salad, chicken salad, hard boiled eggs, salad kits, deli sliced chicken breast, carrots/celery/cucumbers with hummus, apples with cinnamon or peanut butter, and any fruit really.

17. I’m headed to Vegas in a couple of weeks for a work conference and need help with outfits! We’ll be going out to nice dinners and networking, and hosting happy hours in our suite each night. The last few times I was in Vegas, I was in my early 20’s and I wore tight dresses and skirts – probably not the best idea around colleagues lol. What can I wear that is fun and cute, but also appropriate?
This cocktail dress
, this floral dress, this gold dress, and this jumpsuit if you can do off-the-shoulder.

18. How do you pack for vacations? Do you plan out outfits for events/activities or do you just pack options?
I’m a terrible packer and always underpack or overpack for trips. I never get it right which probably has to do with the fact that I always pack day of lol. But it depends on the vacation…if I have planned activities/dinners/brunches or whatever I’ll try to figure an outfit out for it ahead of time. And everything else I frantically pack and pray for the best hahah.
Brooke: Retweet lol!

19. What are some good stay-at-home mom basics so I look put together even though I’m about to lose my shit lol!
LOL we feel you there. Some good staples are graphic tees (love Junk Food, EllandEmm, and Daydreamer), shorts (love this pair and this pair), a comfy jumpsuit, basic tees (these Madewell ones are great), maxi & midi dresses (here, here, here), jeans, a t-shirt dress, joggers, and a cardigan!

20. What foundation do you use?
Meggan: Giorgio Armani
in 5.25!
Brooke: My favorite is the GA that Meggan linked (I’m shade 5.5), but I also really like this foundation serum (SPF), and this foundation as well.

21. Going to Disneyland with my little fam and can’t wait to experience Starwars Galaxys Edge! What would you wear? It’ll be hot during the day but then it always cools down in the evenings. Any thoughts?
We would probably do a comfortable dress like this one with sneakers (just got these and love them), and bring a denim jacket for when it cools down at night. You’ll want to be comfortable, and nothing too hot! Dresses are the best for hot weather!

22. Did you guys have morning sickness with your pregnancies? If so, any tips? And how long did it last/how often did you have it? I’m six weeks and 😷 already.
Brooke: Yes, so sick with Sophia until 25/30 weeks. I tried everything before finally getting Zofran from my doctor. It was the only thing that helped, but it made me nervous, so I only took it when I was desperate. I was less sick with Avery and relied on Jolly Ranchers, ginger ale, ginger chews, and sea bands to get me through. 
I was so sick during my 1st trimester and some of the 2nd with Mila (wrote about it here). A few things I tried: ginger chews, peppermint oil on wrists, B6, lemon water, ginger tea, small meals, and Zofran. The Zofran wasn’t doing much so I stopped taking it but a bunch of people recommended Dicelgis.

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